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Published by: mohdsolahuddin on Jun 30, 2009
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Automobile Exposures
Automobiles may be a source of potential lossto the business or organization in three ways.
Legal liability arising out of the operation of autos by the organization’s employees.
Losses arising out of injury to employees.
Loss to the organization’s vehicles, whichmay be demolished in a collision, stolen,burned, or otherwise damaged.
Overview of Automobile Coverages
1.Automobile liability coverage2.Medical payments coverage3.Physical damage coverage, comprehensiveand collision4.Uninsured motorists coverage
Vicarious Liability
For the organization, the significant doctrineis
respondeat superior 
, which holds aprincipal responsible for the acts of an agent.
An organization is vicariously responsible for injuries or damage caused by employees or other agents, both when they are operatingthe organization’s vehicles and when theydrive their own cars on company business.

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