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SL Military and MoD Receive High Corruption Ratings

SL Military and MoD Receive High Corruption Ratings

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Sep 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sptm 2013
Th uaity o gisativovsight o dncin 82 countis
“The deee setr is beset bsigifat rrpti. Failre teetiel iestigate deeespedig dermies law-maers’respsibilit t their eletrate tesre that eer ta dllar isspet hestl ad eetiel.Legislatie ersight  deeehas bee egleted r t lg atthe epese  the well-beig itizes.”
Adrew Feistei, rmer Sth AriaMember  Parliamet ad athr  ‘TheShadw Wrld: Iside the Glbal Arms Trade
3Te pinciple tat militay oces sould beunde civilian contol is well accepted by allnations, except militay dictatosips. But inmany counties, te eality is tat succontol is illusoy.Tanspaency Intenational’s Deence andSecuity Pogamme (TI-DSP) as beenwoking wit govenments, deencecompanies, amed oces, civil society, andpolicy-makes to impove anti-couptionstandads in te deence and secuity sectosince 2004. Ou objective is to ensue tatstong, eective mecanisms ae in place ingovenments and companies to peventcouption in deence, and to empowe civilsociety to demand tanspaency andaccountability in tis secto.In Januay 2013 TI-DSP publised teGovenment Deence Anti-Couption Index(GI), ou most extensive eseac so a. TeIndex analyses te vulneabilities o 82govenments to couption isk in deenceand secuity and te complete esults aepublised on a dedicated website.Tee wee 19 questions in te Index tatelated to te ole o paliaments andlegislatues in gting couption in deenceand secuity.Te esults wee socking—two-tids ocounties ae at vey ig isk o couptiondue to poo legislative contols ove deenceand secuity. Wose, 85 pe cent ocounties lack eective legislative scutinyo deence policy.Te ability o te legislatue to olddeence and secuity establisments toaccount is peaps te single mostimpotant anti-couption capability tat anation as. I paliamentay deencecommittees ae not olding te amedoces to account, wo is?Te pupose o tis epot is to gain adeepe undestanding o te eality olegislative ovesigt o deence. Tis studyextacts good pactices wic may beemulated woldwide, to enable cleaimpovement in paliamentay and legislativecontols.
Mak PymanDictoDnc and Scuity PogammTanspancy Intnationa UK Sptm, 2013

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