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Minutes 2008.10.16 Residents' Club Cttee

Minutes 2008.10.16 Residents' Club Cttee

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Connaught Hall is an intercollegiate hall of residence of the University of London. The Residents' Club Committee is composed of five elected and three unelected officers; they run things like the hall bar, common rooms, and fitness room, and organsie social and entertainment activities - in many institutions this would be called the JCR.
Connaught Hall is an intercollegiate hall of residence of the University of London. The Residents' Club Committee is composed of five elected and three unelected officers; they run things like the hall bar, common rooms, and fitness room, and organsie social and entertainment activities - in many institutions this would be called the JCR.

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Published by: Connaught Hall, University of London on Jun 30, 2009
Copyright:Public Domain


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Connaught Hall Residents’ Committee 2008-09
October 2008
7.15 P.M. in the Committee Room
Hawa Abubakar (Senior Member Representative) John Brodholt (Warden)Sophia Borovick (Secretary) Adrian Clark (Vice Warden)Lloyd Butterworth (Sports Officer)Matthew Haywood (Senior Member Representative)Alex Jones (Student Representative)Matthew Maclachlan (Treasurer)Micheal Morrison (Bar Manager)Noah Rainey (President)Dave Whelan (Entertainment Officer)
Committee made a toast to its future with pink gin.
1. Noah said that he would set up a new Connaught Hall group on Facebook.Residents who wish to join this group, will have to be approved by the Group Admin.2a. Noah raised the topic of establishing a ‘spare some time to help other’ scheme whichencourages residents to further interact with each other. This means that residents whohave certain skills or talents (and spare time to offer) would give introductory sessionsto residents who would like to learn these skills or talents. Noah will put up a poster onthe notice board asking residents to give up some of their spare time in order tohelp/teach other residents.2b. The Committee decided to lead by example, hence, Noah will offer introductoryswimming lessons, Matthew will offer introductory magic lessons, Mick will offerintroductory guitar lessons, Dave will offer introductory drawing lessons, Lloyd will offerpersonal training sessions, Sophia will offer introductory conversational French, andAlex Jones will offer essay-writing advice sessions. Matt Haywood and Lloyd offered todo some introductory cricket lessons in the Spring Term.3. Noah briefly raised the matter of establishing clubs within the hall and that these wouldreceive some funding from the Committee. The Committee agreed to discuss this at thenext meeting, when the funds in the Committee account will be confirmed by Matthew.4. Noah raised the point that the bike sheds are full of bikes which haven’t been used foreither several months or years. Noah would like to put a notice asking people whosebikes are in the shed, to put their names on them within the month of the notice being up.Once this period of time is up, Noah would like to cut the chains off the remainingunclaimed bikes so that the Committee can sell some of them to fund the repair of others,and ultimately set up a scheme making it possible for residents to sign out Connaught
Hall’s bikes on a day-to-day basis. The Committee agreed that Noah’s idea should becarried out. It was suggested but not agreed on yet, that residents wishing to sign out abike would have to sign a disclaimer and leave their room key in a locked box atreception as a deposit. Noah also commented that the bike sheds require athorough clean and therefore he will speak to the Bursar about having this done.
5. Matthew said that he will meet with Anjali (2007-2008 Treasurer) during the next weekinorder to understand the Committee’s financial situation and the Bar’s finances. Matthewwill present us with the facts and the figures at next week’s meeting.
6a. Mick and Matthew said that they would like to lower the prices in the Bar in order toattract more residents to drink there, rather than buying their own alcohol to drink intheir rooms, in the garden or elsewhere. The Committee agreed that this would be agood idea but it shall only put this into effect, once it knows its current financial statusand after having discussed the matter with the Warden and Vice-Warden.6b. Mick, Matthew and Sophia suggested that whilst waiting for the lower prices to be putinto effect, the Bar should place an emphasis on selling Mick’s Weekly Specials.7. The Committee also suggested that the Bar should have a Happy Hour (paradox: 7pm-9pm). Implementing a Happy Hour will be further discussed at the next meeting.8. Mick proposed that the Bar should sell bar snacks, as he has had numerous residentsrequesting this. In order to sell bar snacks, the Committee would need the Bursar to setup another direct debit account for the Bar, as the company from whom the drink isbought, does not sell bar snacks. We will discuss this matter further once the Committeeknows its exact financial situation.
9. All those present at the meeting agreed that the residents seemed to enjoy theWelcome Party. The Committee said that it particularly appreciated the pineapple andcheese.10. Dave said the Halloween Party was going ahead on the 31
October 2008 and thatAdrian, the Vice-Warden, was applying for a late licence for that night.11. Dave suggested to host a barbeque on Halloween, as well as the Halloween Party.The Committee agreed to this and it will discuss the amount of meat required for thebarbeque at the next meeting, when Dave proposes what he thinks he requires.12. Dave also suggested that the Committee subsidises the Bar for Halloween in order tobe able to offer residents extremely cheap drinks. Mick, Noah and Lloyd thought thatthis was a good idea but the Committee will only decide upon whether it does this, onceMatthew gives us a financial review of the Committee’s funds.13. Dave said that we required a DJ for the Halloween Party. Mick suggested that we ask
Stuart McColl (a past Connaught Resident) to be the DJ for the night as he was a greatsuccess at the Welcome Party. The Committee agreed to this. Mick will talk to the DJwho will be recompensed for his time with some free drinks at the Bar.14. Dave will look in the Bar and in the Storage Room if there are any Halloweendecorations. Dave will make or buy very cheap Halloween decorations.
15. Lloyd said he’d speak to the Warden about obtaining equipment for the Fitness Room.16. Lloyd told the rest of the Committee that he has put up posters with a schedule of whathe is organising on a weekly basis for the residents. On Tuesdays at 5pm, there will berunning to and around Regent’s Park. On Fridays at 5pm, there will be circuit training inRegent’s Park. On Sundays at 1pm, there will be football in Regent’s Park.17. Lloyd said that he will contact the Sports Officers in other halls about arrangingmatches against them.18. Lloyd also said that he will organise a table-tennis tournament in the near future.Matthew enthusiastically suggested that Lloyd should organise a table-footballtournament. The Committee agreed to both they will further encourage people tosocialise, and it will create a competitive yet friendly atmosphere within the hall.
19. Sophia said that she will enquire into where she can obtain newspaper-theft-preventiondevices, such as those which can be found in hotel lobbies.20a. Sophia asked the Committee which magazines it would like to subscribe to. TheCommittee suggested: The Economist, The New Scientist, Time Out, Private Eye, TheChap, The Beano and Heat.20b. Sophia said that she will put up a notice telling residents which magazines can currentlybe signed out from reception, which magazines the Committee provisionally agreed onplacing at reception this year and asking the residents for their thoughts on the matter.
21. Mick brought up the need for certain things in the Music Room; a lock, an air-conditioning system and air freshener. The current lock on the Music Room door isbroken and needs replacing. Once the lock is replaced, those wishing to use the roomwill have to sign out the key at reception. The Committee agreed to discuss the fundingof an air-conditioning system, for this room, at the next meeting when the balanceavailable in the Committee bank account will be confirmed by Matthew.22. Alex Jones mentioned that residents don’t realise that the Committee has two

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