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Minutes 2008.10.23 Residents' Club Cttee

Minutes 2008.10.23 Residents' Club Cttee

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Connaught Hall is an intercollegiate hall of residence of the University of London. The Residents' Club Committee is composed of five elected and three unelected officers; they run things like the hall bar, common rooms, and fitness room, and organsie social and entertainment activities - in many institutions this would be called the JCR.
Connaught Hall is an intercollegiate hall of residence of the University of London. The Residents' Club Committee is composed of five elected and three unelected officers; they run things like the hall bar, common rooms, and fitness room, and organsie social and entertainment activities - in many institutions this would be called the JCR.

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Published by: Connaught Hall, University of London on Jun 30, 2009
Copyright:Public Domain


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Connaught Hall Residents’ Committee 2008-09
October 2008
7.15 P.M. in the Committee Room
Sophia Borovick (Secretary)Lloyd Butterworth (Sports Officer)Adrian Clark (Vice Warden)Matthew Haywood (Senior Member Representative)Alex Jones (Student Representative) Julia KorningAnjali KuperanChelsea LambertMatthew Maclachlan (Treasurer)Micheal Morrison (Bar Manager)Noah Rainey (President)Dave Whelan (Entertainment Officer)
1. Noah asked people at the meeting to sign up to the ‘spare some time to help others’scheme’. Noah will advertise the scheme to the residents on a poster and via Facebook.2. Noah brought up the matter of how residents would obtain funding from theCommittee.The Committee agreed that clubs with at least 5 members would be able to apply forfunding by making a detailed proposal to the Committee. It was also agreed upon thatNoah would make an announcement at dinner (soon) about the setting up of clubs.3. With reference to last week’s meeting (16/10/08 4.) Noah raised the issue of gettingresidents to put their names on their bikes and cutting the locks off the unclaimed bikes.Adrian told Noah that he would have to email Martin Burchett who works for the Universityof London at Senate House, concerning the matter of liberating the unclaimed bikes.4. Noah mentioned that he and Alex Jones would be starting up a welfare drop-in centre.The drop-in centre will be held on the same day and at the same time every week. Thiswill be a place where residents can seek advice or talk about matters they wish todiscuss in private with Noah or Alex. Noah and Alex will liaise about the day and time.
5. Matthew said that the Committee’s last bank statement (dating from 31/09/08) showsthe account balance as being £6,498.54. This total does not include the Residents’Committee Membership fees (£30/resident), the £304 owed to the Committee from a2007 Christmas Party, the money taken at the bar during the summer, nor the money
taken at the Bar in the past month. Matthew estimates that once this money isdeposited, the funds available to the Committee will be £19,302,54.6. Matthew and Mick will sort through the bar accounts this weekend. Mick suggestedmeeting on Saturday but Matthew said that he would be at sea on Saturday, so theydecided to sort through the Bar accounts on Sunday.
7. Following an email sent by Adrian, the Committee knows that on any night/occasion,the Bar must sell all the drinks it normally sells at the same price.8. Dave and Mick will liaise about drinks for the Halloween Party.9a. The Committee agreed upon there being a pre-barbeque pumpkin-carving event atabout 5pm, a barbeque instead of canteen dinner at about 6pm , a costume fashionshow at about 9pm, as well as the Halloween Party on the 31/10/08. There will be a prizefor the best dressed boy and the best dressed girl. Dave will organise the prizes.9b. The Committee agreed on giving Dave a budget of roughly £150 to spend on organisingthe event. Dave will ask the chef to cook the barbeque for next Friday.
10. Mick said that he thought that the Bar takings weren’t as bad as he had originallythought. Matthew and Mick shall confirm the Bar’s financial situation once they havelooked together at the Bar’s accounts.11. Mick said he’s hoping to have events in the bar on Sunday nights in order to bring inmore people to the Bar. Events will include pub quizzes and open-mic nights.12. The Committee discussed other ways in which the Bar could make money. Adriansuggested a 50%-off-your-first-drink-card but Mick said that it would be problematicwith the till. Sophia suggested a 10-stamps-on-your-card-gets-you-a-free-drink towhich the Committee agreed was a good idea. This matter shall be further discussedat a meeting in the near future.13. Mick suggested buying a coat stand for in the Bar. He said that some residentssuggested the idea to him after having lost their coats/jackets in the bar. The Committeeagreed to the future purchase of a coat stand from a charity shop. It just remains for theCommittee to find a coat stand...
14. At the Committee’s request, Lloyd gave it an inventory of what equipment is currently inthe Fitness Room.x1 Bikex1 Rowing Machinex1 4 Station Multi Gymx1 Mini Trampolinex1 Swiss Ballx1 Skipping Ropex1 Resistance Band
x3 Exercise Matsx7 Barsx1 Free-Standing Dumbbell15. Lloyd told the Committee about how successful his scheduled running, circuit trainingand football sessions had been so far.
16a. With reference to last week’s meeting (16.10.08 - 21.), Sophia told Mick that Adrianand Alex found an electric cooling device for the Music Room, as a temporary solution.16b. Mick said that the Music Room probably needs a de-humidifier, thus he will approachthe Bursar about whether the Hall could purchase one.17. Matthew asked the Committee if it would reimburse him for a pack of envelopes.Meanwhile, Dave and Sophia asked if it would reimburse them for two black and twocolour cartridges each. The Committee agreed to these requests as the supplies arenecessary.18. The state of the garden was brought up. Noah will ask the Bursar about the possibility of mending the canopy area in the garden. Dave will find out how much solar-poweredgarden lights cost.19. Matthew suggested that the Committee should go out to eat together one evening. Thiswill be decided upon at next week’s meeting.20. Noah asked the Committee to come up with a logo/crest for the Residents’ Committee.Adrian said that he would send Noah some design ideas.21. Matthew Haywood suggested that the Committee should get hoodies made for the 2008-2009 residents of the Hall. The Committee agreed to discuss this matter at a later date.22. Noah asked Mick to ask Spaden Elmhirst to have a look at the P.A. System in order toknow which wires the Committee needs to buy for it. The CD section of the P.A. Systemmight need repairing too.
Sunday Afternoon Tea – Sunday 26
October 2008Halloween Party – Friday 31
October 2008
Tuesday 28
October 2008, 7.15p.m. in the Committee Room.

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