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Pediatric Nursing Practice Test 100 Items

Pediatric Nursing Practice Test 100 Items

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Published by romeo rivera

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Published by: romeo rivera on Jun 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pediatric Nursing PracticeTest Part 1
While performing physical assessment of a 12month-old, the nurse notes that the infant’santerior fontanel is still slightly open. Which of thefollowing is the nurse’s most appropriate action?
Notify the physician immediately because there isa problem.b.Perform an intensive neurologic examination.c.Perform an intensive developmental examination.d.Do nothing because this is a normal finding for theage.
When teaching a mother about introducing solidfoods to her child, which of the following indicatesthe earliest age at which this should be done?a.1 monthb.2 monthsc.3 monthsd.4 months3.The infant of a substance-abusing mother is at riskfor developing a sense of which of the following?a.Mistrustb.Shamec.Guiltd.Inferiority
Which of the following toys should thenurse recommend for a 5-month-old?a.A big red balloonb.A teddy bear with button eyesc.A push-pull wooden truckd.A colorful busy box5.The mother of a 2-month-old is concerned thatshe may be spoiling her baby by picking her upwhen she cries. Which of the following would bethe nurse’s best response?
“ Let her cry for a while before picking her up, soyou don’t spoil her”b.“Babies need to be held and cuddled; you won’tspoil her this way”c.“Crying at this age means the baby is hungry; giveher a bottle”d.“If you leave her alone she will learn how to cryherself to sleep”
When assessing an 18-month-old, the nurse notesa characteristic protruding abdomen. Which of thefollowing would explain the rationale for thisfinding?a.Increased food intake owing to age
Underdeveloped abdominal musclesc.Bowlegged postured.Linear growth curve7.If parents keep a toddler dependent in areaswhere he is capable of using skills, the toddle willdevelop a sense of which of the following?a.Mistrustb.Shamec.Guiltd.Inferiority8.Which of the following is an appropriate toy for an18-month-old?a.Multiple-piece puzzle
Miniature carsc.Finger paintsd.Comic book
When teaching parents about the child’s readinessfor toilet training, which of the following signsshould the nurse instruct them to watch for in thetoddler?a.Demonstrates dryness for 4 hoursb.Demonstrates ability to sit and walkc.Has a new sibling for stimulationd.Verbalizes desire to go to the bathroom
When teaching parents about typical toddlereating patterns, which of the following should beincluded?a.Food “jagsb.Preference to eat alonec.Consistent table mannersd.Increase in appetite
Which of the following suggestions should thenurse offer the parents of a 4-year-old boy whoresists going to bed at night?a.Allow him to fall asleep in your room, then movehim to his own bed.”b.“Tell him that you will lock him in his room if hegets out of bed one more time.”c.“Encourage active play at bedtime to tire him outso he will fall asleep faster.”
d.“Read him a story and allow him to play quietly inhis bed until he falls asleep.”12.When providing therapeutic play, which of thefollowing toys would best promote imaginativeplay in a 4-year-old?a.Large blocksb.Dress-up clothesc.Wooden puzzled.Big wheels
Which of the following activities, when voiced bythe parents following a teaching session about thecharacteristics of school-age cognitivedevelopment would indicate the need foradditional teaching?a.Collecting baseball cards and marblesb.Ordering dolls according to sizec.Considering simple problem-solving options
Developing plans for the future14.A hospitalized schoolager states: “I’m not afraid of this place, I’m not afraid of anything.” Thisstatement is most likely an example of which of the following?a.Regressionb.Repressionc.Reaction formationd.Rationalization
After teaching a group of parents about accidentprevention for schoolagers, which of the followingstatements by the group would indicate the needfor more teaching?
“Schoolagers are more active and adventurousthan are younger children.”
“Schoolagers are more susceptible to homehazards than are younger children.”c.“Schoolagers are unable to understand potentialdangers around them.”
“Schoolargers are less subject to parental controlthan are younger children.”16.Which of the following skills is the most significantone learned during the schoolage period?a.Collectingb.Orderingc.Readingd.Sorting
A child age 7 was unable to receive the measles,mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine at therecommended scheduled time. When would thenurse expect to administer MMR vaccine?a.In a month from nowb.In a year from nowc.At age 10d.At age 1318.The adolescent’s inability to develop a sense of who he is and what he can become results in asense of which of the following?a.Shameb.Guiltc.Inferiorityd.Role diffusion19.Which of the following would be most appropriatefor a nurse to use when describing menarche to a13-year-old?a.A female’s first menstruation or menstrual“periods”b.The first year of menstruation or “periodc.The entire menstrual cycle or from one “period” toanotherd.The onset of uterine maturation or peak growth
A 14-year-old boy has acne and according to hisparents, dominates the bathroom by using themirror all the time. Which of the following remarksby the nurse would be least helpful in talking tothe boy and his parents?a.“This is probably the only concern he has abouthis body. So don’t worry about it or the time hespends on it.”b.“Teenagers are anxious about how their peersperceive them. So they spend a lot of timegrooming.”c.A teen may develop a poor self-image whenexperiencing acne. Do you feel this waysometimes?”d.“You appear to be keeping your face well washed.Would you feel comfortable discussing yourcleansing method?”
Which of the following should the nurse suspectwhen noting that a 3-year-old is engaging inexplicit sexual behavior during doll play?a.The child is exhibiting normal pre-school curiosityb.The child is acting out personal experiencesc.The child does not know how to play with dollsd.The child is probably developmentally delayed.
Which of the following statements by the parentsof a child with school phobia would indicate theneed for further teaching?a.“We’ll keep him at home until phobia subsides.”b.“We’ll work with his teachers and counselors atschool.”c.“We’ll try to encourage him to talk about hisproblem.”d.“We’ll discuss possible solutions with him and hiscounselor.”
When developing a teaching plan for a groupof high school students about teenagepregnancy, the nurse would keep in mind which of the following?a.The incidence of teenage pregnancies isincreasing.b.Most teenage pregnancies are planned.c.Denial of the pregnancy is common early on.
 The risk for complications during pregnancy israre.
When assessing a child with a cleft palate, thenurse is aware that the child is at risk for morefrequent episodes of otitis media due to which of the following?a.Lowered resistance from malnutritionb.Ineffective functioning of the Eustachian tubesc.Plugging of the Eustachian tubes with foodparticlesd.Associated congenital defects of the middle ear.25.While performing a neurodevelopmentalassessment on a 3-month-old infant, which of thefollowing characteristics would be expected?a.A strong Moro reflexb.A strong parachute reflexc.Rolling from front to backd.Lifting of head and chest when prone
By the end of which of the following would thenurse most commonly expect a child’s birthweight to triple?a.4 monthsb.7 monthsc.9 monthsd.12 months27.Which of the following best describes parallel playbetween two toddlers?a.Sharing crayons to color separate picturesb.Playing a board game with a nursec.Sitting near each other while playing withseparate dollsd.Sharing their dolls with two different nurses
Which of the following would the nurse identify asthe initial priority for a child with acutelymphocytic leukemia?a.Instituting infection control precautionsb.Encouraging adequate intake of iron-rich foodsc.Assisting with coping with chronic illnessd.Administering medications via IM injections29.Which of the following information, when voicedby the mother, would indicate to the nurse thatshe understands home care instructions followingthe administration of a diphtheria, tetanus, andpertussis injection?a.Measures to reduce feverb.Need for dietary restrictionsc.Reasons for subsequent rashd.Measures to control subsequent diarrhea30.Which of the following actions by a communityhealth nurse is most appropriate when notingmultiple bruises and burns on the posterior trunkof an 18-month-old child during a home visit?a.Report the child’s condition to Protective Servicesimmediately.b.Schedule a follow-up visit to check for morebruises.c.Notify the child’s physician immediately.
Do nothing because this is a normal finding in atoddler.31.Which of the following is being used when themother of a hospitalized child calls the studentnurse and states, “You idiot, you have no idea howto care for my sick child”?

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