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Powerball Winning Ticket Sept 2013

Powerball Winning Ticket Sept 2013

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Published by YouNews
Latest news for Powerball - Winning ticket - September 2013
Latest news for Powerball - Winning ticket - September 2013

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Published by: YouNews on Sep 19, 2013
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Powerball Winning Ticket - Sept2013
Winner of $400M Powerball may remain anonymous
Gary Strauss, USA TODAY 5:37 p.m. EDT September 19, 2013The winning ticket was sold at a Murphy Express store, seen here, in Lexington,S.C.(Photo: Lauren Talarico, WLTX-TV)
Story Highlights
Winning ticket sold at Lexington, S.C. gas station
The jackpot was $400 million, the fourth-largest Powerball ever
Winning numbers: 7, 10, 22, 32, 35 and Powerball 19
Powerball's fourth-biggest jackpot winner hasn't stepped forward after hitting the winningnumbers Wednesday night and may not ever be known to the general public.The $399.4 million winning quick-pick ticket was sold at a Murphy Express gas station inLexington, S.C., just hours before Wednesday's lottery drawing. But the winner couldchoose to remain anonymous because South Carolina, unlike some other states, does notrequire public identification of winners.Whoever won will be about $223.3 million richer if they choose a lump sum payout. As anannuity, the jackpot would be worth about $13 million annually over 29 years.Store manager Keith Wedmore tells USA TODAY that video camera security may havecaptured the nation's latest freshly-minted multi-millionaire, but he won't review tapes tosee if they'll help reveal a winner."We're curious, but to me, they have a right to remain private. We just want to be decentabout it,'' he says.1
Wedmore, who was rousted at home by a 1:15 a.m. phone call from lottery officials,quickly showered, then returned to work, where he placed a sign urging ticket holders tocheck their numbers.Just to be sure: they're 7-10-22-32-35 with the Powerball number 19. The store will receive$50,000 from the lottery and South Carolina will get up to $15 million in taxes. Wedmoresays corporate officials will decide how the store's $50,000 will be allocated.The ticket was one of 356 sold at the outlet, just outside Columbia, in the hours leading upto the Powerball's 11 p.m. drawing."I hope its someone local and a regular, but we have a lot of people who come in passingthrough on Interstate 20," says Wedmore.The jackpot had rolled 11 times since Aug. 10 and had surged to $399.4 million when noone won Saturday's $317 million prize.Odds of winning: 1 in 175.2 million.While massive, the jackpot is nearly $200 million less than the all-time record $590 millionPowerball jackpot won in May by 84-year-old Florida widow Gloria MacKenzie.The previous record holder for a South Carolina Powerball jackpot, Solomon Jackson Jr.,of Columbia, won $259 million in 2009."This is a life changing event for the winner - or winners - state lottery director PaulaHarper Bethea says."There are a lot of zeroes in the amount of money this person or persons are going to get,and we want them to come at the right time after they have had what they need to makesure that this is a good situation for them,'' Bethea says.
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$400M Powerball jackpot winner remains mystery in South Carolina
A semi-rural service station was abuzz with activity Thursday, with reporters and onlookershoping to learn who held the winning $400 million ticket in the latest Powerball drawing.The ticket was sold Wednesday afternoon at the Murphy USA station, nestled just off I-20west of Columbia among fast-food restaurants and a red barn where produce andhomemade jellies are sold. But those jamming the gathering at the station remaineddisappointed Thursday -- the winner wasn't there.Winners in South Carolina do not have to come forward publicly, but Lottery ExecutiveDirector Paula Harper Bethea noted that, to claim the winnings, the ticketholder mustcontact state lottery officials within 180 days."We have no idea who holds this ticket," Bethea said. But she advised the winner to signthe back of the ticket, put it in a safe place and consult financial and legal advice.2
Bethea said the winner chose a "quick pick" ticket, letting the computer select thenumbers, drawn Wednesday night: 7-10-22-32-35, with the Powerball of 19.The actual value is $399.4 million, with a direct cash option of $233 million. It's the largestPowerball winning ticket sold in South Carolina and the fourth largest in Powerball history.In May, a Florida widow won the biggest Powerball jackpot in history -- a $590 million pot.Manager Keith Wedmore said ticket traffic the day of the winning sale was fairly constant.Donna Taylor of Columbia, 42, was among those who purchased from the station, but itwasn't her lucky day."I didn't win. I'm frustrated," said Taylor, who runs a cleaning service. "I think I'm going togo right in there and buy another ticket today."Leo Hinnant, 48, of Columbia, leaned on his pickup and laughed at all the fuss."It's high time it's come close to home, but I want to see who the winner is," he said.
Powerball jackpot winner in South Carolina remains a mystery
LEXINGTON, S.C. -- When they learned that a Powerball ticket worth $400 million hadbeen sold at a gas station across the road, workers at Econ-O-Bug Termite and PestControl said they had a few big, wishful dreams. But they didn't have the prized ticket intheir hands, so they came to work as usual Thursday in their yellow bug-battling vans."I sure didn't win it," said Jason Vannest, 32, of Lexington. He looked wistfully out thewindow at the buzz of activity at the Murphy USA gas station. "I'd be on vacation if I had,that's for sure."Colleague Eddie Terrell chimed in that he had his destination all picked out, even thoughhe wasn't the winner in Wednesday night's drawing of the fourth-largest prize in Powerballhistory."I'd be on a flight to Ireland right now," said Terrell, 50. He said he purchased hisPowerball ticket at another store, but he was still curious. "I just want to know who won it,"he said.But the winner didn't attend Thursday's news conference at the gas station, and his or heridentity remained a mystery even to lottery officials."We have no idea who holds this ticket," Lottery Executive Director Paula Harper Betheasaid. She said winners in South Carolina do not have to come forward publicly.Bethea advised the winner to sign the back of the ticket, put it in a safe place, and consultfinancial and legal advice. He or she has 180 days to come forward to lottery officials,Bethea added.The lucky ticket was one of 356 sold Wednesday afternoon at the gas station, nestled justoff 1-20 west of Columbia. On Thursday, dozens of reporters and rows of televisionsatellite trucks gathered at the station, along a road lined with fast-food restaurants, meat3

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