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MB0022_Model Question Papers_Sikkim Manipal University

MB0022_Model Question Papers_Sikkim Manipal University

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Published by Mamta

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Published by: Mamta on Jun 30, 2009
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MB0022 – Management Process & Organization Behaviour
Q.1.Planning is concerned with __________?a.Influencing people behaviour through motivation & leadership b.Recruitment, selection & hiring of employeesc.Establishing internal organizational structure of the businessd.Future impact of todays decisionQ.2.What are functions of managementa.Organizing b.Staffingc.Controllingd.All of the aboveQ.3.________ skills involves the formulation of ideas, conceptualization abstracta.Technical Skills b.Conceptual Skillc.Innovation Skilld.Human SkillQ.4.Informational role of managers are?a.Figure Head b.Disseminatoc.Disturbance Handled.NegotiatoQ.5._________ is the systematic study of actions & attitude that people exhibit within organization.a.Organization behaviou b.Monitoc.Budgetingd.CoordinatingQ.6.__________ is the science of human learned behaviour & important to understand organizational culture.a.Social Psychology b.Anthropologyc.Sociologyd.PsychologyQ.7.__________ abilities require doing tasks demanding stamina, dexterity & strength.a.Physical abilities b.Intractual abilitiesc.Learning abilitiesd.None of the aboveQ.8.__________ is learning achieved by thinking about perceived relationship between events and individual goalsa.Social learning b.Classical conditioningc.Cognitive learningd.Operant learningQ.9.Negative reinforcement is also known as ________a.Extinction b.Escape conditioningc.Punishmentd.None of the aboveQ.10._________ is the attempt to eliminate undesirable behavioua.Reinforcement b.Individual Differencec.Negative reinforcementd.PunishmentQ.11.Using work hours for conducting personal business is example of ________ a.White collar crime b.Employee rightsc.Organizational justiced.Romantic involvements
Q.12.________ is a process in which a person learns something through the observance of othersa.Vicarious learning b.Attitudec.Cognitive learningd.Social learningQ.13.______ are employees who inform authorities of wrong doing of their companiesa.Supportive colleagues b.Whistle Blowersc.Moral managementd.Immoral managementQ.14.In determinants of personality biological factors are _________ a.Brain b.Biofeedbacc.Physical Featuresd.All of the aboveQ.15.________ theory of personality emphasize the unconscious determinants of behaviour a.Trait Theory b.Intrapsychic theoryc.Type theoryd.Self theoryQ.16.______ is the keystone of ayurvedic medicinea.Constitution b.Caphac.Pittad.None of the aboveQ.17.An individual’s generalized belief about internal verses external control is called as ___________ a.Extraversion b.Neuroticismc.Locus of controld.Self efficacyQ.18. The major characteristics of perceiver influencing perception are _________ a.Attitude b.Self Conceptc.Interestd.All of the aboveQ.19.________ is barrier to perception, which means generalization about group of peoplea.Halo effect b. Selective Perceptionc.Stereotyped.First impressionQ.20.‘Hierarchy of need theory’ was developed by _________a.Herzberg b.Henry fayolc.Abraham masslowd.Edward E. LowleQ.21.In ERG theory of motivation R stands for 
a.Reporting b.Relatednessc.Researchd.Relationship
Q.22.____ are small groups of employees who work voluntarily on company time to address quality related problem
a.Quality circle b.Representative managementc.Participative managementd.Teams
Q.23._________ theory is also known as motivation-hygiene theory of motivationa.Maslow needs hierarchy b.Mc Celland needc.Herzberg two factod.Vrooms Expectancy theory
Q.24.Formal group means __________ a.Group that evolve to meet social needs by bringing people together  b.It is made up of employee who work together to complete particular task c.A designated work group defined by organizational structure b.Both b) & C)Q.25.In ______ stages of group relation close relationship developed & group demonstrate cohesivenessa.Forming b. Performingc.Normingd.AdjourningQ.26.
Technique of group decision-making restricts discussion interpersonal communication during decision-making process
a.Nominal group technique b.Brainstormingc.Delphi Techniqued.Electronic meetingQ.27.Money cost is high in which type of group?a.Interacting b.Brainstormingc.Delphid.Electronic meetingQ.28.______ is a situation in which an individual is confronted by divergent role expectationa.Role b.Role conflictc.Role Overloadd.Role ambiguityQ.29._________ power that is based position and mutual agreementa.Reward Powe b.Coercive Powec.Legitimate Powed.Referend PoweQ.30.________ conflicts that hinder group performancea.Functional conflict b.Dysfunctional Conflictc.Intrapersonal Conflictd.Interpersonal ConflictQ.31.Which conflict management strategy is suitable when quick decision action is vital?a.Competing b.Collaboratingc.Avoidingd.CompromisingQ.32.
Is the process though, which the parties to conflict defined what they are willing to give and accept in an exchange
a.Negotiation b.Stressc.Frustrationd.BargainingQ.33._________ is a third party with the authority to dictate an agreement
a.Consultant b.Mediatoc.Arbitratoc.Delegato
Q.34.Causes of environmental stresses are
a.Task demand b. Role demandc.Perceptual influencesd.Both a & b
Q.35.Physiological symptoms of individual distress area.Heart diseaseb.Depressionc.Fatigued.Low morale

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