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MB0024_Model Question Papers_Sikkim Manipal University

MB0024_Model Question Papers_Sikkim Manipal University

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Published by Mamta

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Published by: Mamta on Jun 30, 2009
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MB0024 - Statistics For Management
 Each question carries 1 mark each
1.Statistics means ________a.Qualitative techniques b.An aggregate of factsc.A ride of numbersd.Creating substance with facts2.Statistics are collected for a __________ purposea.Future b.Highec.Predeterminedd.None3.The branch of statistics which deals with problems in biology is _________a.Duometry b.Biometryc.Geometryd.All of these4.If investigation is based on population as a whole it isa.Census enumeration b.Binomial enumerationc.Sampling Enumerationd.Highest Enumeration5.Classification of units on the basis of two or more characteristic is called _________a.Bio-classification b.Dichotomyc.Independent classificationd.Mani-fold classification6.Frequency distribution of more than one variable is calleda.Multivariate FD b.Univariate FDc.Bivariate FDd.None7.Mean-mode =a.3 (mean-median) b.3 (mode-mean)c.2 (median-mean)d.None8.If the probability of occurrence of an event has no effect on the occurrence of another eventa.Independent event b.Dependent eventc.Non-exclusive eventd.All of the above9.Classical probability also called a _________ probabilitya.Old b.Exhaustivec.Trued.Priori
10.In Benoulli distribution each trial has _________ number of possible outcomesa.Infinite b.4c.1d.211.In Benoulli process trials are statistically __________ a.Independent b.Interdependentc.Exclusived.None of these12.The standard deviation of a binomial distribution is stated as:a.npq b.
nqd.np13.Binomial and Poisson distribution comes under _________ probability distributiona.Static b.Normalc.Discreted.None of these14.When mean = median = mode then that type of distribution known as:a.Normal b.Poissonc.Binomiald.Not possible15.Approximately 95.5 percent of all the values in a normally distributed population lie within _____ standarddeviations from the meana.+2 b.± 3c.- 3d.± 216.When elements are selected from the population at the uniform interval then it is known as:a.Simple Random Sampling b.Systematic Samplingc.Cluster Samplingd.Stratified Sampling17.When we divide the population into relatively homogenous group then it is known as:a.Cluster Sampling b.Systematic samplingc.Simple Random Samplingd.None of these18.We use ___________ sampling when each group has small variation within itself but there is a widevariation between the groupsa.Stratified Sampling b.Simple Random Samplingc.Cluster Samplingd.Systematic sampling19.If probability of success is q then what is the probability of failurea.1-p b.1-qc.pd.None of the above20.If sample size is greater than 30 and standard deviation of population is not known then we applya.z test b.f testc.T testd.None of the above
21.In T distribution if sample size is 49 than degree of freedom will bea.50 b.49c.45d.4822.Reject a null hypothesis when it is true called a ________a.Type I b.Type IIc.Type IIId.None of these23.Accepting a null hypothesis when it is false it is called aa.Type I b.Type IIc.Type IIId.None of the above24.When sample size is less than 30 (assuming population is normal) and the population standard deviation isknown, we apply ________ testa.z b.Tc.Fd.Non of the above25.When doing the hypothesis testing involving proportion, we use the _________ as the sampling distribution.a.Poisson distribution b.Normal distributionc.Binomial distributiond.None26.The appropriate ‘”t” distribution has _________ degree of freedom.a.N b.N+2c.n-1d.n-227.The square of a standard normal variate is called a chi-square variate with _________ degree of freedoma.n b.n-1c.1d.None of these28.Standard deviation of X
distribution is ___________ a.2V b.
σd.None of these29.In statistical terms the difference between two statistical data is known as _________ a.Standard deviation b.Variancec.Moded.Mean30.If source of variation is within samples the degree of freedom will be _________?a.N-1 b.K-1c.N-d.None of these31.In two way analysis of variance sum of squares as Total (SST) then the degree of freedom is ______a.N-1 b.C-1c.R-1d.(C-1) × (r-1)

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