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Romans 5 -Rom. 3.21-31

Romans 5 -Rom. 3.21-31

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Published by Ron Lair
Fifth in the Romans Bible study series. Justification by Faith. Romans 3:21-31
Fifth in the Romans Bible study series. Justification by Faith. Romans 3:21-31

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Published by: Ron Lair on Jun 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 5
ow can I be right beore God? What does it take tospan the chasm between me and God?” is a questionthat men continually fnd themselves asking. Jobasked “How can a mortal be righteous beore God?”His counselor Eliphaz asked “What is a man that he could be pure,or one born o a woman that he could be righteous?” The Philipian jailer asked , “What must I do to be saved?” The crowd at Pentecostsimply put it, “What must we do?” …All essentially the samequestion.Men are always ready with their answers. Unortunately, most arewrong.A Hindu says the answer comes through successive reincarnationsand when you’ve paid or all o your “bad Karma” and learned thesecrets o lie, you’ll reach Nirvana - the state o nothingness whereyou’ll melt yoursel into oneness with the universe.A Muslim’s answer is to meticulously ollow a rigorous system o prayer and asting, abstaining rom all worldly indulgence, and makea pilgrimage to Mecca.The Roman Catholic answer is to aithully participate in thesacraments prescribed by the church.Many Protestant churches have slipped into liberalism and willtell you that love o ellow man and seeking social justice is theanswer.
Justification By Faith
Rom. 3:21 - 31
But now apart from the law the righteousness of God... has been disclosed — namely, the righteousness of God throughthe faithfulness of Jesus Christ for all who believe.(Rom 1:16)
Romans In Focus
But the only right answer is the one that God gives:
But now apart from the law the righteousness of God (which is attested by the law and the prophets) has been disclosed — namely,the righteousness of God through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ for all who believe. For there is no distinction, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
Paul has slogged us through the darkness and depravity o sin. Heshowed us that we can’t get away with ignoring Him and setting upour own standards.; that trying to live a good, moral lie won’t help;and that being religious or even trying to serve God is not enoughto save us. And you can imagine Paul taking a deep breath andsighing… “BUT NOW…”
Nature of Justification (vs. 21-24)
1. “Apart rom the law”
It’s impossible to become righteousby our eorts to keep the law. That’s not what the law is or. Thepurpose o the law is to reveal our sin. (Rom 7:7) It’s when we tryreally hard to keep God’s commandments when we really see howshort we all.
2. “Foretold…
The Hebrew Scriptures testiy to the validity o the Gospel. The OT system o sacrifces and priests was a “prototypemodel” o the work o Christ. His death was an event that could onlyhappen once in time. The Levitical system was never meant to be apermanent way o dealing with sin.
3. “By aith in Jesus Christ”
Personal, intimate, dependantaith. Not merely intellectual assent. Simple taking God at His wordand trusting Him to ulfll it.
4. “To all who believe”
“You mean i Adol Hitler turnedto Christ beore he died, even he would be saved?” That’s right“Why?” Because there’s no dierence. “No dierence? …between
Chapter 5
me & Hitler?” Not really… For ALL have sinned and all short o the glory o God. So, Adol Hitler is just as much a candidate orsalvation as anyone else. We actually use this verse out o context.Paul isn’t trying to show how bad we are (he’s already done that inprevious verses) but he’s proving to us how ‘saveable’ we all are.I God can save any one particular person, He can save anyone.Because there’s no dierence.
5. Freely by His grace.”
“Freely” is translated elsewhere -“Without cause”. God didn’t save me because He ound somethingin me worthy o salvation, nor because He oreknew that I’d dosomething wonderul or Him ater I was saved. It was completelywithout cause, by His grace… because o HIS character, not mine.
6. “The redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”
 Redemption: A releasing, or payment o a ransom.” Jesus paid thedebt that we rightully owed. Without Christ paying the penalty orsin, there’d be no justifcation.
Purpose of Justification (vs. 25 - 26)
1. “As a sacrifce or atonement.”
(propitiation) Reerringto the mercy seat, where blood rom the sacrifces was poured tosymbolically cover the sins o the people, releasing them rom guilt.The cross was a fnal place o atonement where all sins were dealt with.“By his blood” Lev. 17:11 equates blood with lie.. And spilt blood(i.e. Death) was required to atone or sin. “without the shedding o blood there is no orgiveness.” Heb. 9:22 Christ ulflled the O.T.requirement or an atoning sacrifce by his blood.
2. “To demonstrate his justice.”
Even though He doesn’timmediately strike a sinner down when he sins, God has shown that sindoesn’t go unpunished. He dealt with all sin at one time on the cross.“To be the just and the justifer” Any plans or salvation would have to

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