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Mage Knight Dungeons - Pyramid Rules Jan 2003

Mage Knight Dungeons - Pyramid Rules Jan 2003

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Published by mrtibbles
Rulebook for Mage Knight Dungeons.
Rulebook for Mage Knight Dungeons.

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Published by: mrtibbles on Sep 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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is a fast paced, fun game of Heroic combat.Your heroes slog through deep, dark dungeons andbattle terrifying mage spawn monsters in a race againstother heroes to nd hidden treasures lled withmagic items and gold.These prizes are what a hero needs to carve himself alegend: the more gold, the greater the legend. If you areready to turn your warrior into a hero, read on.
Mage Knight Dungeons: Pyramid
, you take turns moving your Herothrough the dungeon to win treasure, defeat monsters and other Heroes, and ght to make it out alive. On your opponent’s turn, you play the monsters whoare trying to eliminate his Hero. Along the way your Hero must face the trapsthat protect the treasure chests, battle monsters and search for the fastest and safest way out of the dungeon.
This starter set contains:2 Mage Knight Heroes6 Mage Spawn gures2 treasure chests6 wandering monster tokens2 sets of level markers4 arrow markers1 30” x 20” dungeon map2 dice• Special Abilities Card • This rulebook 
The Goal: Treasure!
 Your Hero’s goal in
Mage Knight Dungeons: Pyramid
is to gather treasure and escape from the dungeon alive—and to deny his opponent that same glory.Treasure contains gold and gold is the only measure of victory. The player withthe most gold at the end of the game wins.
Set Up the Board
can be played using a map or
: Choose Your Heroes
 points. Use the point value printed on the sticker attached to each gure’s base to choose the Heroes for your Team.Heroes can begin the game at Level 1 or Level 2.Heroes are unique. A Heroic Team can includeonly one of any Hero.If you are playing with only one Hero per player, usethe rules for the Lone Wolf game on p. 21.
Starting Player 
Each player rolls two dice to determine who plays rst. The person with thehighest die result is called the starting player and plays rst. Play proceeds tothe left. 
MK Dungeons: Pyramid
contains two types of warriors: Heroes and MageSpawn. You use your Heroes to explore the dungeon and nd the treasure.Mage Spawn are the monsters you must defeat to carry away the gold. Eachwarrior is composed of three parts: the miniature gure, the base and thecombat dial.
The Base
The gure base provides the following information.
Warrior’s Name
The name of the warrior.
Center Dot 
 Used to determine lineof re for any ranged attack.
Rear Arc
If an attack passes through the reararc on the warrior’s base, the attackerreceives bonuses to his attack.
Point Value
The number of points the warrioris worth whenbuilding an army.
Faction Symbol 
The group to which the warriorbelongs. This Hero is an elite with2 factions.
Collector’s Number 
There are 92 different charactersin
Mage Knight Dungeons:Pyramid
. The collector’snumber allows you to track the gures in your collection.
Combat Dial Stat Slot Front Arc
Denes the warrior’s facing. All attacksmust be made through the front arc.
Set Icon
The Figure
Each warrior is a fullypainted miniature.

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