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Psalm 35 by Alexander Maclaren

Psalm 35 by Alexander Maclaren

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Published by glennpease

I Plead my cause, Jehovah, with those who plead against me

Fight with those who fight with me.

I Plead my cause, Jehovah, with those who plead against me

Fight with those who fight with me.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PSALM 35 BY ALEXADER MACLAREPSALM XXXV.I Plead my cause, Jehovah, with those who plead against me JFight with those who fight with me.3 Grasp target and shield,And stand up in my help,3 And unsheathe lance and battle-axe (?) against my pursuers ;Say to my soul, Thy salvation am I. •4 Be the seekers after my life put to shame and dishonoured;Be the plotters of my hurt turned back and confounded5 Be they as chaff before the wind,And the angel of Jehovah striking them down 16 Be their path darkness and slipperiness,And the angel of Jehovah pursuing them 17 For without provocation have they hidden for me their net ;Without provocation have they dug a pit for my life.8 May destruction light on him unawares,And his net which he hath hidden snare him ;Into destruction (the pit ?) — may he fall therein 19 And my soul shall exult in Jehovah,Shall rejoice in His salvation.10 All my bones shall say, Jehovah, who is like Thee,Delivering the afflicted from a stronger than he,Even the afflicted and poor from his spoiler?H Unjust witnesses rise up ;
Of what I know not they ask me.12 They requite me evil for good — Bereavement to my soul I13 But I — in their sickness my garment was sackcloth,I afflicted my soul by fasting,And my prayer— may it return again (do thou return?) to myown bosom.14 As [for] my friend or brother, I dragged myself about (bowedmyself down ?) ;As one mourning for a mother, I bowed down (dragged myself about ?) in squalid attire.33*xxxv.] THE PSALMS. 3331 5 And at my tottering they rejoice and assemble themselves;Abjects and those whom I know not assemble against me jThey tear me, and cease not,16 Like the profaiiest of buffoons for a bit of bread,Gnashing their teeth at me.17 Lord, how long wilt Thou look on ?Bring back my soul from their destructions,My only one from the young lions.18 I will praise Thee in the great congregation ;Among people strong [in number] will I sound Thy praise.19 Let not my enemies wrongfully rejoice over me,or my haters without provocation wink the eye.
20 For it is not peace they speak,And against the quiet of the land they plan words of guile.21 And they open wide their mouth against me ;They say, Oho ! Oho 1 our eyes have seen.22 Thou hast seen, Jehovah : be not deaf;Lord, be not far from me I23 Arouse Thyself, and awake for my judgment,My God and my Lord, for my suit 124 Judge me according to Thy righteousness, Jehovah, my God,And let them not rejoice over me.25 Let them not say in their hearts, Oho ! our desire ILet them not say, We have swallowed him.26 Be those who rejoice over my calamity put to shame and con-founded together 1Be those who magnify themselves against me clothed in shameand dishonour I27 May those who delight in my righteous cause sound out theirgladness and rejoice,And say continually, Magnified be Jehovah,Who delights in the peace of His servant.28 And my tongue shall meditate Thy righteousness,All day long Thy praise.THE psalmist's life is in danger. He is the victimof ungrateful hatred. False accusations of crimesthat he never dreamed of are brought against him. Heprofesses innocence, and appeals to Jehovah to be his

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