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CrossFit Ballina- Letter to Members

CrossFit Ballina- Letter to Members

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Published by Ehren Vaughan
Lindsay and I wanted to provide you guys with our contact information and let you guys know exactly what you can expect from us.
Thanks, we can't wait to see you guys!
Lindsay and I wanted to provide you guys with our contact information and let you guys know exactly what you can expect from us.
Thanks, we can't wait to see you guys!

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Published by: Ehren Vaughan on Sep 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hi Athletes, Family, Friends,Members, and Teachers of CrossFitBallina;As you probably all know by now Lindsay and I have been offered the opportunity of taking over CrossFitBallina. We feel unbelievably blessed to be given this opportunity and with this opportunity we feel a
huge amount of responsibility
to continue to nurture and grow the amazing community that Amy,James, Ruby, Tim, Frase, Leanne and just as importantly
have helped to develop.Owning a CrossFit Box has been a dream of ours from the time we completed our first WOD. It isactually the reason we first considered moving back to Australia. That may sound crazy at first but weboth feel it is the path that will fill our lives with the most joy. First of all, we both love doing CrossFitourselves. We love the competitive nature of the sport, as we were both high level competitiveathletes. We have also been touched by so many emotional, physical and even spiritual transformations
in other’s
lives since we ventured into our first Box. Nothing would be more satisfying to us than aidingeach and every one of you in beginning and/or continuing your journey to a happy, healthy, long life. Weare eager to support and witness you reaching your goals, whether they seem small or lofty.During the past 2 years we have been fortunate enough to travel, visit, and coach at many gymsthroughout Australia, Canada, and the United States. We feel that those experiences will be invaluableto us as we transition into our role as gym owners. During our travels we tried to pick up on thestrengths and weaknesses of each gym that we visited. We truly believe that we, with the support of ourunbeatable trainers and members who are already a part of this community, can develop CrossFitBallina into one of the best places to train in the world. This does not necessarily mean that we will bethe biggest, or have the best
competitors. It doesn’t even mean that the name CrossFit Ballina will be
well known. What it means is we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are alwaysproud to be a member of this community and excited for the opportunities that we offer to you. If youtravel and visit other Boxes, we want you to be able to compare CrossFit Ballina to them and feel luckyfor what you have in your back yard. Our goal is for each and every one of you to feel that you have aspecial and integral role here with your CrossFit Family!So, I am sure some of you have some concerns about having new gym owners and what potentialchanges might take place. We want you guys to rest assured knowing that any changes we do make willalways be because we think that it is in the best interests of our members and trainers. Any changes weimplement will be to strengthen the already healthy community and to help each and every one of youreach your fitness goals.So we want you to know the following:a)
We know that you guys have developed amazing relationships with each of the trainers and weknow what a tight knit community they have established. First of all we would like to say that allthe amazing trainers who have helped you guys grow will still be a huge part of the gym. Amyand James will obviously be taking a step back as they transition over to the next exciting stagein their lives. They will still be in the gym as athletes and occasionally with some guestappearances teaching classes. Ruby, Frase, Tim, and Leanne will still be here and they are stillgoing to be involved in teaching classes and, for some, PT work. We have spoken to each one of 
them individually and told them how much we value them. We want to see their smiling faces(or possibly, in the case of Frase, bulging veins and some yelling as he urges you to push yourself as far as you can) around the gym as much as possible. So rest assured these guys will still bearound, there will just be two more people who truly care about your goals and progress as well.b)
I am sure most of you are aware Lindsay competes in CrossFit at a high level. We thought thatthere might be some concerns within the community that we would just focus on those peoplewho are looking to compete at the detriment of our other members. So, we want to put thisfear to rest.
Everyone at CrossFit Ballina will be treated equally
. Everyone who is part of theCrossFit Family is in the gym for an equally important reason. The person who is trying to makea life change (lose weight/combat health issues etc.) is just as important, if not more importantthan someone who is competing at a high level in CrossFit.Lindsay and I have been fortunate enough to train with some amazing CrossFit athletes on adaily basis. Most of these athletes have competed at a regional level and a few have evenparticipated at the Games level. Watching these people push themselves to the absolute limitson a daily basis is motivating but the only times I have seen Lindsay cry in the gym (except forpossibly a couple of held back tears after Open workout
13.2) is when supposedly “ordi
people” come in and accomplish things that they never thought possible. Th
ose times are themost inspirational and life changing, and that is what we live for.c)
Membership prices will not change for those of you with existing memberships. You have madea life altering decision of getting involved in a sustainable fitness program. Most of you havetried alternative programs and seen that they are extremely hard to maintain over long periodsand they are more focused on making changes to your appearance rather than making realneurological and physiological changes that will help you to live a long and healthy life. Due tothis we really feel an obligation to provide you with the highest quality in coaching,programming and support. We will honor whatever rates you are grandfathered in with. We feelhighly confident that we will continue to make the CrossFit experience a positive one for youand give you value for every cent you invest in your health and CrossFit.
What you can expect out of us:
We will know our stuff. We will continue to educate ourselves and we will always come to classprepared so that we can offer you guys the absolute highest quality coaching. Lindsay and I willcontinue to take additional CrossFit and fitness certifications and we will encourage and help theother coaches to as well. When it comes down to it our coaching is what you are paying for andcoaching is what is going to make CrossFit Ballina a special place to train.2.
We will pour our hearts and souls into the community and do everything in our power to helpeach and every one of you reach your goals.3.
We will be on time.4.
We will keep the workouts unique and attractive.5.
We will ensure that the gym is a safe environment where you feel comfortable being yourself.6.
We will remind you
how amazing you are even when you don’t see it in yourself.
We will push you to do things that you never thought you could possibly do.
We will be the first ones there giving you a hug, butt slap, or high five to celebrate yourachievements.9.
We will be the first ones there to pick you up when you feel crushed. I think we all know thereare some days that you will feel like the world has gone and taken a poop on your chest. We willbe there to help you wipe it off, pick you up, and give you a sweaty hug.10.
We will treat everyone equally. There is not one person in our gym that is more important thananyone else.What we expect out of you guys:1.
Show up on time. You guys deserve a full hour of coaching at each class and we want to give itto you.2.
Give 100% effort on every workout. Max effort is where amazing happens.3.
Leave your ego at the door and place your trust in us and the other amazing coaches. Wepromise that anything we tell you will always be because we have your best interests in mindand we feel like we can help you improve.4.
Have fun!5.
Support each other.Again we cannot express enough, just how over the moon we are to be given this opportunity. You haveour word that we will work as hard or harder than anyone ever has to continue to help you accomplishamazing things and to make CrossFit Ballina a place where you feel at home (it might be a little bit of atwisted home where you go to roll on the ground and curse, feeling as if you may die).Please, please, please communicate with us.
We would love to hear from each and every one of you.
We want to hear any issues or concerns that you may have. We want to hear about your goals. We wantto hear about any suggestions for how we can continue to improve CrossFit Ballina into an evenawesomer (if possible) place to train. You have our word that we will always listen to you and treat youin the respectful manner that you deserve.
We miss you guys and can’t wait to
see you all again (so so soon!).We can be reached in the following ways:
If yo
u want to see Lindsay’s angelic face (b
rownie points?) and my ugly mug: ehren.vaughan
: can be spendy but our numbers are: Ehren: +1 208 860 6338 Lindsay +1 208 860 5560
In person
: As soon as we arrive on the shores of the sunburnt land we are going to be available to you.We would love to meet with each and every one of you. The more you communicate with us, the betterwe can help you to achieve your goals. We know that our job does not start when class begins nor doesit finish when the class ends.

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