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Renesmee Cullen. Part 13.

Renesmee Cullen. Part 13.

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Published by Anette
Jake goes missing, and Renesmee tries to find him. They are all in for big surprises.
Jake goes missing, and Renesmee tries to find him. They are all in for big surprises.

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Published by: Anette on Jul 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 June 10.
It was nice to see my parents again. They were so happy to seeme. When we got home, I unpacked, and told them that I wantedto see Jake. They asked me to wait for a little while. They wantedto know what had happened in South-America between Nahueland me. I told them that I wanted to be with Jake, and that he wasmy future. They said that they were happy for me, and told me togo to see Jake.I tried to call him first, but no one picked up. I decided to go to LaPush to find him.As I ran, I thought of how happy he would be when I told him, andhow happy I would be with his reaction. I couldn’t wait, and ranfaster. When I arrived at his house, I could see that there was noone there. I tried to find Billy, but he was away to. I ran in to Quil.He was going to see Claire, but stopped to talk to me. Quil, haveyou seen Jake? He told me that I should talk to Seth. He wasalready late.I phoned Seth, and asked him to meet me at the beach. He cameas fast as he could. When I asked him about Jake, he lookedstrange. Seth, what is wrong? Is Jake okay? I was really worriednow. Well Nessie, Jake was really hurt when you left to go toSouth-America with Nahuel, so hi is out running. He has “gonewolf”. Where is he Seth? I want to know.Ohm. He has gone to Canada, but I don’t know where. I can’t seewhere he is. Oh Seth, I have really hurt him haven’t I? I’ll have tofind him.Bella and Edward were at the house when I got home. So I packedmy bag, and went to tell them that I had to go to Canada to look
for Jake. They thought it was a good idea. I had made a mistake,and it was up to me to fix it.As soon as I had told them goodbye, I ran as fast as I could. I haddecided to go to see Tanya’s family first. Maybe they knewsomething about Jake.It was only Tanya and Kate at home. The others was away to visitfriends. They were really happy to see me. They offered me aplace to stay while I looked for Jake. They even helped me to lookfor him. We started to search for his scent. After the fourth day,we found it in the forest a few miles from the border. We followedit as far as we could, but he was gone…
 June 15.
I was sitting in the living room with Kate, when we heard a knockat the door. Kate went to open, and when she came back, therewas a man with her. I could have recognized that face anywhere.Demetri. I didn’t like him. He was a cruel and sadistic man.He greeted me. Renesmee, it is so nice to see you again. I hopeyou are well? You smell….hmmmm…… I like it. I did NOT like it. Ididn’t like the way he looked at me. He didn’t look thirsty, butmore like hungry. What was this? Kate looked worried. Somethingwas wrong.Over the next few days, Demetri tried to get me alone with himseveral times, but Kate and Tanya tried to help me as much asthey could. Every time I went to look for Jake, one of them camewith me. They never left my side.
 June 20.
Demetri had gone to hunt, so I told Kate and Tanya that I would just go to the nearby woods to look for Jake. I was in noimmediate danger. They offered to come with me, but I said that Iwas okay.I walked outside, and as soon as I was out of sight, I started torun. I was deep in the woods when I heard a noise. I turnedaround and called out for Jake. Jake is that you? Please answerme.I saw him then. Demetri.I have been waiting for you, for this opportunity. Why have youbeen avoiding me Renesmee? I only want to talk to you.I didn’t know what to say. I knew that I was in mortal danger. Onewrong move and he would kill me. I had to talk to him, to makehim feel comfortable. Well Demetri, I said. I am looking for Jake,and I need to find him. I have something important to tell him. If you want to, I can meet up with you when I get back. I will behappy to talk with you then.He looked at me. Renesmee. I’m sure that you can find the timeto talk to me now. Just for a little while.I had to talk to him. Okay Demetri, what do you want to talk to meabout? I want you to come to Volterra with me. I think that youwould be a fine mate for me. You are beautiful, and you have agreat talent. I think that we would make a wonderful couple, andif I’m not wrong, we will be able to have children as well. We willhave the most beautiful children.I felt my stomach turn. I felt sick. Was he really serious? Did hethink that I wanted to be with him after all the things he had triedto do to my parents? My heart beat frantically. I knew that hecould hear my heart. What was I going to say? I wanted to scream

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