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My Times, Not Mine, But God's.

My Times, Not Mine, But God's.

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Published by glennpease

"My times are in Thy hand." — Psalm xxxi. 15.

"My times are in Thy hand." — Psalm xxxi. 15.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MY TIMES, OT MIE, BUT GOD'S.BY THOMAS BRADBURY"My times are in Thy hand." — Psalm xxxi. 15.THIS is the language of David, and also of His great andglorious Antitype. In the 5th verse we find the very wordswith which the ** Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief"yielded up His spirit into the hands of His God and Father:" Into Thme hand I commit My spirit." (See Luke xxiii. 46.)Yes, these were the very words with which the Surety of thecovenant, the Father's righteous Servant, ended His ministryhere upon earth, and found sweet deliverance from that curseand condemnation laid upon Him by the Father, and borne byHim so meekly for those whom He loved so well. 1 love to look at the book of Psalms with Christ revealed in them as theSpeaker — not isolated, but in association, companionship, andfellowship with His poor, weak brethren in the wilderness. Inthe dying words of my Master I hear the language of blessedaasurance ftscending from the hearts of those '^ who through fearof death have been all their Ufetime subject to bondage." Inthese words I behold the humble confidence of the poor tremblingchild of God when he is brought to the wind up of his doubts,fears, and anxieties, when he comes to the close of all timechanges, and an unknown and oft-dreaded etemitv presentsitself before him, then, by the same Spirit which animated the^^at and glorious Head on Calvary, he will be enabled to sigh,if not to say, ** Father, into Thy hand I commit my spirit." Itis an unspeakable privilege to be thus guided by God the ever-bleesed Spirit into a right apprehension of JEHOVAH'S mindand wiU concerning His people as breathed in the prayers andpetitions recorded in this book of Psalms. It is here we findMa llO.— Paid 0»« Punrr. ^ jDigitized by VjOOQ IC
62 GROVE OHAFEL PULPIT.ourselves in living identification with our gracious Forerunnerwho was in all points fempted like as we are, yet without sin.and who at this moment possesses that place of bliss and blessed-ness up yonder which the Father has appointed for us to fillthrough all eternity.It is ours this morning, in humble dependence upon theguidance and grace of the blessed Spirit, to look at the fewwords of the text in the light of their context, and in the orderin which they flow from the hearts of the living members of thatone body which receives all influence, power, mind, and motionfrom its living and exalted Head, Christ Jesus. Look at thewords thus — I. — A PRIVILEGED PERSO—*^ My."II. — His changing periods—" Times."III. — His present experience — *^ Are.''IV.— A SECURE POSITIO—" In."v.— A GRACIOUS PROVIDER — " Thy."VI. — A PRECIOUS METAPHOR — ** Hand."" My times are in Thy hand."I. — A PRIVILEGED PERSO — "My." Who is this person speak-ing under this personal pronoun "JWy?" It is the Lord JesusChrist as the Forerunner of His people." Jesus, the glorious Head of grace,Knows every saint^s peculiar case ;What sorrows by their souls are borne.And how for sin they daily mourn."He is now in the presence of the Father for them, and ^vesthem the assurance by the power of His Spirit, that as He is, so
are they in the Father's esteem. The Father having given Himauthority over them, and rule over all things for them, Hegraciously arranges and orders all their anxieties, changes, per-plexities, and sorrows for the display of the glory of the Father'sgrace, and for their present good and ultimate blessedness. Wewill look at this personal pronoun *^ ^fy '' in the light of thatexperience detailed in the preceding portion of the Psalm.The Psalmist is not lost in a crowd ; he is not hidden in a throng ;he is brought out from the multitude into fellowship with Jesusin His sufferings. Read the first verse : " In Thee, LORD, doI put my trust." Here we have a privileged person tiiisting.one but a soul in experimental oneness with a trusting Christcan honestly say this. And you may depend upon it, nospiritually-living creature, no true-born chila of God in unionwith Christ, will talk about his own trust, his own confidence, hisown faith, or his own believing. Such fleshly faith is proclaimedin every Arminian synagogue, it is bellowed out by every ful-some free-wilier, and your circumcised ears are offended at thecorners of the streets with those discordant sounds,' I do believ^e ! I will believeThat Jesus died for me 1 "Digitized by LjOOQ ICMY TIMES, OT MIE, BUT GOD'S. 63As sacb fleshly iargon grates upon my ears I canDot help theejaculation, what a lie ! This may shock some of you, butyou may set it down to my Calvinistic crudeness, or to my free-^race infirmity. Yet, I glory in such crudeness, and I deUghtm such infirmity. But to the point. Only those who arebrought experimentally to understand that precious Second of Hebrews can truly say, " In Thee, LORD, do I put my tiiist."

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