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Christ's Heels.

Christ's Heels.

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Published by glennpease

Wherefore should I fear in the days of eril, when the iniqoitjr of Mjr heelt ihall compass Me about ? '* — Psa. xlix. 5.

Wherefore should I fear in the days of eril, when the iniqoitjr of Mjr heelt ihall compass Me about ? '* — Psa. xlix. 5.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRIST'S HEELS.BY THOMAS BRADBURYWherefore should I fear in the days of eril, when the iniqoitjr of Mjrheelt ihall compass Me about ? '* — Psa. xlix. 5.THIS Pealm oommences with a call and proclamation to thegreat congregation to give ear, to pay attention to state-ments most solemn, most sacred. The inhabitants of the worldwho are addressed, are styled in the title of the Psalm, *' Thesons of Korah." These are sons of want, or, as the learned tellus, *' sans of miseryy distress^ and sorrow*^ The whole Psalmwarrants such an interpretation or explanation. These sons of misery are not confined to any class of men, or position in society.'*• Both low and high, rich and poor, together, as descendants of Adam the first, carry about with them the entail which he leftupon them, sin, sorrow, misery, trouble, anxiety, and care. ay,we may go further, and declare, that with the increase of thegood things of this world, there is oftentimes an increase of cankering care and worrying anxiety. The possession of richesgives no immunity from sorrow and distress. But in the midstof all this a voice is heard. It is the voice of the Son of Man,the voice of the Son of God. His words of counsel and comfortare carried by the power of the Spirit to all those for whom theywere intended. " My mouth shall speak of Wisdom ; and themeditation of my heart shall be of Understanding^ Surely thisig concerning God Himself. Who is Wisdom ? Who is Under-standing ? Those of you who are acquainted with Proverbs viii.Imow well that declaration of the Speaker, *^ I, Wisdom, dwellwith prudence, and find out knowledgfe of witty inventions."ow, there is no knowledge in Divine things, or in the wars of the Lord, apart from Christ, the great Expounder of God's Word,the Expositor of God*s covenant, and oi His covenant dealingsO. ii6.-PEic. OK. PEMiiT. .^^^ ^^ Google134 GROVE CHAFEL PULPIT.
with His people in Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus Himself, by theinepiration of the Holy Spirit, speaks in the Psalm before us. " Iwin incline Mine ear to a parable. I will open My dark sayingupon the harp." Turn with me to Matt. xin. Here we have asuccession of parables, setting forth the hidden, things of thekingdom of heaven, in the midst of which you will find thisportion quoted by our Lord Himself. He opened His mouth inparables, and there was a reason and design in it ; that thosewho were without should not understand, and that those withinmight have a true apprehension of the Father's mind and will.Look at Matt. xiii. 10: '* And the disciples came and said untoHim, Why speakest Thou unto them in parables ? He answeredand said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know themysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.**Each one of us is interested in this fact, more or less. We mustbe interested graciously, feelingly, experimentally, or down tothe depths of eternal despair we must go. Eternal ruin must beour lot if we are left without an interest in these things. See !"For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall havemore abundance." I love that word, "more abundance."It indicates a succession of covenant blessings, and in-creasing knowledge in Divine truth, and the gracioits dis-plavings of it. Have you a desire to fear the Lord t Youshall fear Him, and as assuredly as you fear Him, you shall beblessed with a strong confidence in Him. If you have confi-dence in Him, ^on shall have blessed association with Him. If you have association, you shall be identified with Him. If youare identified with Him, yon shall have complete equality withHim in grace here, and in glory hereafter. Mark the Divineorder I " Grace for grace. ** From glorv to glory." " Heshall have more abundance : but whosoever hath not, from himshall be taken away even that he hath." The naturally reliriousman may have a natural understanding of the things of thekingdom, his natural reason mav grasp Scriptural truths, andhe may, like the stony ground hearers, have great delight inthe natural reception of Gospel truth : he may come to chapel,or go to church, listen with pleasure to a God-sent minister, andrejoice in what is set forth, yet have no experimental possessionof spiritual reaUtes. What have we to-night t Are we in
possession of Christ ! Have we a desire after these things, orare we in possession of them 1 We are, or we are not, andeverything short of them is vanity and toil.Psalm Ixxviii. 2 is quoted in Matt. xiii. 34, 35 : " All thesethings spake Jesus unto t)^e multitudes in parables; and withouta parable spake He not unto them. That it might be fulfilledwhich was spoken by the prophet, saying, "I will open Mymouth in parables ; I will utter tlungs which have been keptsecret from the foundation of the world." What things havebeen kept secret ! It was kept secret until the time appointedDigitized by LjOOQ ICCHRIST'S HEELS. 135by the Father, that such a poor, puny worm as I am should beinterested in covenant yen ties. It was kept secret that myname was written in the Book of Life. An inveterate enemy of God's truth once said to me, " Can you presume to such a height?Have you entered the skies and seen your name in the Book 1Have you ? " When these questions were put to me, the Lordhad not brought me to that place of spiritual instruction andprivilege to which He has broaght me now, or I should haveanswered, " Certainly I have. Again and again I have seen mvname in the Book of Life." What, your name, Thomas Brad-bary? o, not so; but I see my name. Sinner, saved bysovereign ^race, and I know my character when I see it writtenin the Book, and opened up to my waiting heart. But we willlook at the text : " Wherefore should I fear in the days of evil,when the iniquity of My heels shall compass Me about ? " Thisis altogether another man than David speaking. As in ActsviiL 34, 35, "And the eunuch answered Philip, and said, Ipray thee of whom speaketh the prophet this ? Of himself, or of some other man ? Then Philip opened his mouth and began atthe same Scripture, and preachea unto him Jesus." So fromthis Scripture I have nothing to preach to you but Jesus.Jesus is the Speaker, the Expounder of God's Word, the Surety

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