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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Learning Environment

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Learning Environment

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Sep 21, 2013
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Learning Environment -Myvle
The internet reduces the world into one global community. Thanks to the World Wide Web,the speed of information being exchanged is made in real time opting for educationalinstitutions to make use of this opportunity by providing a virtual learning environment tohelp reach and educate students from around the world. The learning platform is not onlyexclusive to students as professionals and lecturers from around the world can make use of the platform to upload their lectures, modules, other learning materials and share these tostudents, colleagues and other individuals in the community.The first university that offered distance education or learning is the University of London in1858 and the concept reached the United States in 1892 when the correspondence school wasdeveloped. Today, distance learning is common and almost all highly respected and popular universities offer some type of distance-learning program. Another type of distance learningis online learning. Online learning rate increases every year as more courses are offered bythe universities.
Benefits of Online Learning
 One of the benefits of online learning is that students are exposed to many different experts inthe particular course they are enrolled in. Professors or lecturers and even students can createseveral
 to discuss the topics. As the students and lecturers can comefrom diverse background
s, one’s thinking is not limited to just one’s perspective but becomes
multifaceted.Another advantage of e-learning is that students can work around their work and familyobligations which are great for students who are working or for professionals who want toincrease their knowledge base. Many working students would also save cost from travellingfrom their workplace to the institution thus enabling them to save. Students who have laptopscan also access the web-based platform wherever they are as long as internet connectivity is present.
Disadvantages of Online Learning
 E-learning also has some disadvantages that should be considered when one is decidingwhether to enrol or not. An example is that of students who have poor study habits who mayfind it hard to catch up without the physical presence of their professors to motivate them.Hands on lab activities would also be difficult to simulate in avirtual class. Another is thatstudents who have poor computer skills may not find the complexities attached to the virtuallearning attractive and would forego the program. Last but not the least is the fact that somecourses or lectures might be hard to understand and instructors may not be available online toanswer the questions of students.Having said this, the concept of virtual learning is interesting and is a fact that is now widelyaccepted in the society.
  provides a platform for alternativeeducation for students who otherwise find it hard to access education in their area. Althoughthere are some disadvantages that might come up with the idea, the fact that it providesgreater benefit for all issomething to be considered. To learn more about virtual learning platform, one might want to check out MYVLE.com.

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