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Published by Randall Mata Rivera
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Manuales de Servicio

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Published by: Randall Mata Rivera on Sep 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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|===========================================================================| ON Semiconductor Corporation|| IBIS Model of MC74hc165aDT| QUAD 2-Input Multiplexer| TSSOP-16 (DT) Package Type||===========================================================================|[IBIS Ver] 3.2|[Comment Char] |_char|[File name] mc74hc165adt_c450.ibs|[File Rev] 1.0|[Date] 04/28/03|[Source]From DC lab measurements and simulations for AC at ON Semiconductor|[Notes]Created by Duane MattheisenModeling Support Engineer|| This model represents the MC74hc165aDT where 4.50 <= Vcc =< 5.50[Disclaimer]ON Semiconductor Corporation hereby grantsthe user of this IBIS model a license to use this IBISmodel under the following terms. This license in non-exclusiveand non-transferable. Before using this IBIS model. After readingthe terms and conditions of this license, the user either must acceptthese terms, or the IBIS model should be returned to ON within 30 days.The user is hereby granted a license to use theIBIS model. This shall not be construed as a right to sell, or otherwiseprofit either by leasing or renting this software.The user may modify the IBIS model to suit his specific applicationsbut rights to derivative works and such modifications shall belong toON Semiconductor.This IBIS model is provided on an "as is" basis. ON Semiconductormakes absolutely no warranty with respect to the information containedherein. By use of this IBIS model, the user assumes full risk as to thequality and suitability of the model to his particular use, and by usingthis model assumes the entire risk. Under all circumstances the user shallnot hold ON Semiconductor liable in any way for the results obtained. ONSemiconductor reserves the right to make to improve the model for reliability,function, or design. ON Semiconductor does not convey any license under patentrights or any other intellectual property rights, including those of thirdparties. ON Semiconductor is not obligated to provide maintenance or supportfor the licensed IBIS model. Cont ON at ATTN:LOGIC APPLICATIONS/IBIS MODEL.5005 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix AZ 85008|[Copyright](c) 2002 ON Semiconductor Corp.|
[Component] mc74hc165adtSi_location PinTiming_location Pin|[Manufacturer] ON Semiconductor Corp.|[Package]R_pkg 0.162 0.156 0.171L_pkg 2.13nH 1.68nH 2.58nHC_pkg 0.25pF 0.22pF 0.27pF|[Pin] signal_name model_name R_pin L_pin C_pin1 Shift_PL cntrl_i .160 1.90nH .23pF2 Clk cntrl_i .171 2.58nH .27pF3 E data_i .167 2.35nH .26pF4 F data_i .164 2.12nH .25pF5 G data_i .160 1.90nH .23pF6 H data_i .156 1.68nH .22pF7 Qhbar data_o_bar .156 1.68nH .22pF8 GND GND .171 2.58nH .27pF9 Qh data_o .160 1.90nH .23pF10 Sa data_i .164 2.12nH .25pF11 A data_i .171 2.58nH .27pF12 B data_i .167 2.35nH .26pF13 C data_i .164 2.12nH .25pF14 D data_i .160 1.90nH .23pF15 Clk_inh cntrl_i .164 2.12nH .25pF16 VCC POWER .171 2.58nH .27pF|[Model] data_iModel_type InputVinh=3.15Vinl=1.35| variable typ min maxC_comp 7.0pf 7.0pf 7.0pf[Temperature Range] 25 85 -40|[Voltage Range] 5.00 4.50 5.50[GND Clamp]-5.00 -9.0432E-01 -9.1963E-01 -8.8387E-01-4.90 -8.8283E-01 -8.9787E-01 -8.6274E-01-4.80 -8.6134E-01 -8.7612E-01 -8.4160E-01-4.70 -8.3985E-01 -8.5437E-01 -8.2047E-01-4.60 -8.1836E-01 -8.3262E-01 -7.9934E-01-4.50 -7.9687E-01 -8.1086E-01 -7.7821E-01-4.40 -7.7538E-01 -7.8911E-01 -7.5707E-01-4.30 -7.5389E-01 -7.6736E-01 -7.3594E-01-4.20 -7.3240E-01 -7.4560E-01 -7.1481E-01-4.10 -7.1091E-01 -7.2385E-01 -6.9367E-01-4.00 -6.8942E-01 -7.0210E-01 -6.7254E-01-3.90 -6.6793E-01 -6.8034E-01 -6.5141E-01-3.80 -6.4644E-01 -6.5859E-01 -6.3027E-01-3.70 -6.2495E-01 -6.3684E-01 -6.0914E-01-3.60 -6.0346E-01 -6.1509E-01 -5.8801E-01-3.50 -5.8197E-01 -5.9333E-01 -5.6688E-01-3.40 -5.6048E-01 -5.7158E-01 -5.4574E-01-3.30 -5.3899E-01 -5.4983E-01 -5.2461E-01-3.20 -5.1750E-01 -5.2807E-01 -5.0348E-01-3.10 -4.9601E-01 -5.0632E-01 -4.8234E-01-3.00 -4.7452E-01 -4.8457E-01 -4.6121E-01
-2.90 -4.5303E-01 -4.6281E-01 -4.4008E-01-2.80 -4.3154E-01 -4.4106E-01 -4.1894E-01-2.70 -4.1005E-01 -4.1931E-01 -3.9781E-01-2.60 -3.8856E-01 -3.9756E-01 -3.7668E-01-2.50 -3.6707E-01 -3.7580E-01 -3.5555E-01-2.40 -3.4558E-01 -3.5405E-01 -3.3441E-01-2.30 -3.2409E-01 -3.3230E-01 -3.1328E-01-2.20 -3.0260E-01 -3.1054E-01 -2.9215E-01-2.10 -2.8111E-01 -2.8879E-01 -2.7101E-01-2.00 -2.5962E-01 -2.6704E-01 -2.4988E-01-1.90 -2.3813E-01 -2.4528E-01 -2.2875E-01-1.80 -2.1664E-01 -2.2353E-01 -2.0761E-01-1.70 -1.9515E-01 -2.0178E-01 -1.8648E-01-1.60 -1.7366E-01 -1.8003E-01 -1.6535E-01-1.50 -1.5217E-01 -1.5827E-01 -1.4422E-01-1.40 -1.3068E-01 -1.3652E-01 -1.2308E-01-1.30 -1.0919E-01 -1.1477E-01 -1.0195E-01-1.20 -8.7703E-02 -9.3014E-02 -8.0817E-02-1.10 -6.6213E-02 -7.1261E-02 -5.9684E-02-1.00 -4.8183E-02 -5.2351E-02 -4.0132E-02-0.90 -3.1584E-02 -3.7040E-02 -2.0244E-02-0.80 -1.5047E-02 -2.2886E-02 -3.7238E-03-0.70 -2.8432E-03 -9.2687E-03 -1.5212E-04-0.60 -1.6840E-04 -1.5535E-03 -3.2198E-05-0.50 -2.0268E-05 -1.0941E-04 -8.5656E-06-0.40 -3.6122E-06 -1.1158E-05 -6.4435E-07-0.30 -2.2005E-07 -1.2310E-06 -1.0949E-08-0.20 -6.3673E-09 -6.1906E-08 -5.5434E-10-0.10 1.8000E-11 -2.7752E-09 2.4890E-100.00 2.4850E-11 2.8699E-10 2.4900E-100.10 2.4860E-11 2.8700E-10 2.5000E-104.30 2.5280E-11 2.8742E-10 2.9200E-104.40 2.5290E-11 2.8743E-10 2.9300E-104.50 2.5300E-11 2.8744E-10 2.9400E-104.60 2.5310E-11 2.8745E-10 2.9500E-104.70 2.5320E-11 2.8746E-10 2.9600E-104.80 2.5330E-11 1.5183E-08 2.9700E-104.90 2.5340E-11 3.8118E-07 2.9800E-105.00 2.5350E-11 5.7560E-07 2.9900E-10|[POWER Clamp]0.00 1.2887E-10 1.3297E-09 5.0750E-11-0.10 2.0437E-10 1.6572E-09 3.7417E-10-0.20 3.3658E-10 7.8511E-09 4.9043E-10-0.30 1.1042E-09 1.4218E-07 7.4887E-10-0.40 1.0665E-08 2.6299E-06 8.4887E-10-0.50 3.9748E-07 3.2270E-05 1.2161E-09-0.60 1.0013E-05 2.2293E-04 5.8143E-08-0.70 1.3592E-04 1.2741E-03 3.3956E-06-0.80 1.2561E-03 5.4759E-03 8.9414E-05-0.90 6.6152E-03 1.3793E-02 1.6168E-03-1.00 1.6707E-02 2.4932E-02 9.0145E-03-1.10 2.9703E-02 3.7739E-02 2.1162E-02-1.20 4.4436E-02 5.1885E-02 3.5688E-02-1.30 6.0232E-02 6.6779E-02 5.1903E-02-1.40 7.7030E-02 8.2367E-02 6.9277E-02-1.50 9.4497E-02 9.8340E-02 8.7548E-02-1.60 1.1196E-01 1.1431E-01 1.0582E-01-1.70 1.2943E-01 1.3029E-01 1.2409E-01-1.80 1.4690E-01 1.4626E-01 1.4236E-01

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