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Published by: Vandolph Villavicencio Bernardo on Sep 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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B. angrily, last week, often, quickly, rarely
6. _____, I saw him wlking to the church.7. My father is ______ late for work.8. he drove _____ to avoid being late.9. I _________ play badminton with my sister.10. This is the place where he fell __________.
C. always, just, nearly, online, unusually
11. It took _______ two hours to get there.12. They were _________ very friendly.13. He has ________ strong hands.14. She has __________ completed her degree course.15. This dictionary went __________ in 2013.Exercise. Choose between the adjective and the adverbs in the following sentences.1.
The cake smells (delicious, deliciously).2.
The plan sounds (good, well).3.
He looks at things (different, differently) now.4.
Sisa is more (interesting, interestingly) character than Maria Clara.5.
Come ( quick, quickly) or your mother will be angry.6.
Ferdie swims much more (able, ably) than I do.7.
When it is hot, one grows tired (easier, easily).8.
I can make friends just as (quick, quickly) as others can.9.
Charo looks (queer, queerly )to me.10.
He felt (really, real) bad when Gail left him.11.
The first day of school went along (uneventful, uneventfully).12.
He has written a (good, well) book.13.
Our project is (near, nearly) finished.14.
Susie became (anxious, anxiously) when she heard the news.15.
Melchor is (certain, certainly) about his answers.16.
The strikers stood (firm, firmly) on the ground.17.
Your expectations are too (high, highly).18.
The victims had been hurt (bad, badly).19.
Your work is (real, really) gem in literature.20.
We shall see you (later, latter).
Fill each blank with an appropriate modifier from among these listed below.1.
He’s _____ worker. He never stops.
He’s lazy. He ____ ever works.
She works ______ all day, without stopping.4.
I live _____ to Samantha. Only five minutes away.5.
You’re driving too ________ to the car in front, Julie. Slow down!
I like driving _________ but it is dangerous.7.
I am ________ worker. I do everything quickly.8.
She’s too slow. She needs to work ________.
I’ve _______ finished my works.
Please do that ____
 __. It’s very urgent.
I cannot do that in the _____ future. In am very busy.12.
Sam will be with you __________, Please take a seat.13.
There will be a __________ delay as the incoming aircraft was late.14.
If I get any news, I’ll let you know _____________.
Is there a ___________ flight or will I have to change?16.
You can fly _________ but here is only one non-stop flight per day.17.
You go ____________ along this road and it is on your left.18.
It’s 10 o’ clock . He’s very _______. Where can he be?
My plane arrived __________________. I am sorry.20.
I haven’t seen him ____________.
 PrepositionsFill in each blank with an appropriate prepositions from among these listed below:At on in forsince during by until1.
We’re having a party _____ Saturday.
Jenny isn’t
usually here _______ weekends3.
Dulce has been doing the same job ______ two years.4.
The road is busy all the time, even ______ night.5.
I saw Helen last Firday but I haven’t seen her _________ then.
The train service is very good. The trains are always ________ time.7.
Some friends are staying with us ___________ the moment.8.
They’re staying ____ Sunday.
Their house is _____ Rizal Street.10.
Many things are happening _______ the same time.Put in the missing prepositions.
Bombay is _______ the West Coast of India.2.
Look _______ the leaves ___ that tree.3.
We arrive ______ the party early.4.
You’ve got a mark ____ your cheek.
 Have a look ____ the mirror.5.
Did you get here ______ bus?No, _____ car.6.
Have you ever been _____ Tokyo?
No, I’ve never been _____ Japan.
Our office is ______ the seventh floor of the tall building.8.
Mozart died _________ Vienna 1791 ______ the age of 35.9.
I wonder what’s _____television this evening.
Schedules of TV programs are _________ the back page of the newspaper.ConjunctionsFill in the blanks with the apporiate coordinating conjunctions.1.
Jae was cold, _________ he put on a coat.2.
Maria tried to read a novel in French, ______ it was too difficult.3.
To get from Vancouver to Victoria, you can fly, _____ and yo can ride a ferry.4.
I bought abottle of wine, ___ we drank it together.5.
The water was not very nice, ___ the food was delicious.6.
I went to buy a Rolling Stones Cd, ___ the shop didn’t have it.
Anna needed some money, ___ she took a part-time job.8.
There ‘s so much rain lately! Maybe it’s because of El Nino, ___ maybe it’s just a concidence.
Julie has a guitar, ____ she plays it relly well.10.
The concert was cancelled, ___ we went to anightclub instead.11.
I love to travel ___ I hate travelling by bus.12.
I’m bored! Let’s go out to dinner
____ and see a movie.13.
I like living in the city, ___ my brother prefers living in the country.14.
The taxi stopped at he train station ___ two men get out of it.15.
I was in the area ____ I thought I’d drop in and say hello.
I really hate to have to sell my car ___ I need a money.17.
My friend fell down the stairs ___ sprained his ankle.18.
The department stor closed at six o’ clock ___ everyone went home.
I won’t be home for Chrixtmas ___ I will be there for New Year.
Julia was ver angry with tom _____ she went for along walk to cool down.21.
Can you stop at the shop ____ get some milk on you rway home from work?22.
Are you busy this weekwnd ___ do you hb\ve some freetime.23.
You’ve been working all day. Why don’t you sit down ___ I’ll bring you nice cold drink.
Nobody was home when I rang Jenny ___ I left a message for her.25.
I’ve been doeting ___ I’m not losig any weight.

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