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Renesmee's Story (Currently Untitled)

Renesmee's Story (Currently Untitled)



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Published by Nikki
Chapter 8 has finally been completed. Chapter 7 has been revised so I strongly suggest re-reading at least the last portion of it to form an understanding of certain events which take place in Chapter 8. Enjoy :)

- Still working on a description of this story. Stay tuned for that :)
Chapter 8 has finally been completed. Chapter 7 has been revised so I strongly suggest re-reading at least the last portion of it to form an understanding of certain events which take place in Chapter 8. Enjoy :)

- Still working on a description of this story. Stay tuned for that :)

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Published by: Nikki on Jul 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“I still say that this…this
they’ve created is unjust!” remarked Caius as he followed behind Aro through the sewers below the beautiful city of Volterra. Caius’ heavy footstepscaused fissures in the floors beneath his feet; an indicator of how furious he was aboutwhat had occurred back in Forks just a week ago. He did not like to lose.“Now now my friend,” Aro began in an eerily soothing voice. He moved some of hisstraggled hair from his face with his long skeleton fingers. “We will keep an eye on them.You all have overestimated my…my sympathy for them. They are much smarter than Iever gave them credit for but I assure you they will not know what is coming. I figuredsomething out on the field that slipped by me numerous times…information regardingAlice’s gift. Werewolves block her out so as long as we keep them in mind in flux withthis
, they will be none the wiser.”“I can’t believe that Bella…we must watch out for her,” remarked Jane; it was as if fireescaped her voice as she spat out Bella’s name.“Jane, my sweet Jane, please do not fret. She will be with us one day, I assure you.” Arosaid confidently as he twirled his fingers through Jane’s blond locks. He kissed her on theforehead and continued walking on.Marcus and Alec followed behind in utter silence for they were also both disturbedimmensely about what had occurred. The group of them retreated to the turret where theyfound Heidi with their newest bunch of appetizers. With eyes glowing red, theyapproached their victims who were become by their dazzling ruby red eyes. Once finished,Aro sat in his throne – a single ray of sunlight was beating down on his chalky onion skin,which created a less than vibrant rainbow of only the darkest hues.“Felix?” Aro demanded.“Yes?” Felix answered.“Do you remember what we discussed on our journey back? Our discussion involving…the lovely receptionist we have out there?”“In fact, I do. I have just been awaiting your order sir.” Felix bent his head down, alreadyknowing what he was going to ask of him.“Get on it. Go and have some
” Aro stated in a rather menacing tone as he flitted hishand toward the door.Felix retreated and did what he had to do with Gianna – the disposable human who did allthat she could do – and who would inevitably be the reason for their future success. Ahuman sacrifice.
Seven years later…
The past year of my life has been magnificent in a variety of ways. The life I have beengiven for these past seven years has been more than I ever could have asked for, and for that I do not fret for what is coming. It was raining once again, though I did not view it asan omen for the perpetuating future that lay ahead us. No, I saw it as hope. I glanced outmy window as the pellets of rain fell from the sky and delicately landed on the trees andleaves in a velvety manner and took in a deep breath. We would do what he had to do;what we have been planning to do.We all stood once again, united as one. Among the fields hovered a blanket of thick grayclouds, the sun up above only pierced through minimally creating a dull light mixed withthe green of our surroundings. Each of us perched in defense as our enemies approached.For these past seven years of my life, I had been left to ponder if the Volturi would ever come back. Either way, I chose not to let them frighten me even as I stared back into their unfamiliar ruby eyes in a situation that was all too familiar.
Chapter 1- One More Day
The sun was rising, and to my delight it was not obscured by clouds and rain, much like itusually was here in Forks. I stretched my arms high above my head and let out a big yawn.I could hear my mother and father in the living room discussing our living situation.Recently, they had been worrying if we had spent too long in Forks. Being immortals, wedid not age. Well, with the exception of me that is, but I had approximately one day left of that to deal with. Then I would be frozen in time. We did not want people to begin tospeculate although we attained a very low profile. I pushed their conversation out of mymind and tried not to think about it. I love it here; being close to Grandpa Charlie, the wolf  pack and Jacob. I couldn’t bear to leave any of them behind. However, I am almost certainthat Jacob would tag along wherever I went.I got up with the intent of going to my closet, but I came to a halting stop when I passed by my mirror. I touched my face to make sure it was still me. I watched my hand rise upand caress my cheek, which was much more defined than it was even yesterday. With myseventh birthday just around the corner, I figured my development would slow, but I waswrong. I seemed to be aging faster by the day. I could have sworn that I was about an inchshorter yesterday, and my hair was also very different. It has always been curly and mademe look like a doll when I was younger. Today, it took on an elegant wave which suitedmy more mature features, and the bronze color of it glinted in the sunlight as I ran myhands through its length. It has been fascinating to watch my transformations over theseseven years. About a year ago, my progression slowed some, but it sped up again in the past couple of weeks. I wonder how it must be for my family to witness. Do they becomeas shocked as I do? I decided to shrug off my new developments - they were inevitableafter all - and got back to what I had initially intended on doing. My closet was recentlyrestocked by my wonderful Aunt Alice - something my Mom was pleased about. Rather than Alice trying to dress her in more fashion-forward attire, only to become disappointed,she placed her target on me. I actually enjoyed it. To my dismay though, my favorite jeanswere now much too short for my now 5’4” frame. I sighed and decided to just grab one of my sundresses and slid it onto my body.
When I walked into our cozy living room, my mother and father ended their conversationand stared at me as if I had grown another eyeball in the center of my forehead.“What?” I questioned with a slight edge of humor in my voice. Of course they wereastonished by my transformations. Although I still looked like me, I was definitelydifferent from what I was when they tucked me in last night.“N-Nothing,” my Mother, Bella, started. “You just looked more gorgeous by the day. It’sshocking!” She got up from the couch and wrapped her arms around me. “Are youhungry? Thirsty? Anything?” She patted my head but was taken aback a bit when sherealized that our heads were at the same place. “Oh my, wow, you got a bit taller too Isee.”“Yeah, I think about an inch. None of my jeans fit me anymore either. I am sure Alice will be so disappointed…She’ll just have to go shopping for me again.” I laughed and poutedout my new full bottom lip.“Oh yes, she will be so very disappointed,” my Father, Edward, said. He chuckled tohimself and walked over to my Mom. He wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed thetop of her head. They were so much in love and it made me smile to see them so happywith one another. They told me of their struggles they had to go through to be together. Iheard every story from before I was born, and it is quite obvious to me that they weredestined for one another. One story always sticks in my mind though, and it involved myMom and Jacob. It’s so weird to think that she kissed Jacob! I try to push that thought outof my head.“Oh, get over it,” Edward nudged at me. He looked like he was trying to hold back alaugh.I sighed and rolled my eyes. Having a father who could read all of your thoughts could beso difficult at times. He tried hard to tune me out but sometimes he just couldn’t helphimself. I knew that he never intended to see what was going on with me though. We allhad a high level of trust and respect for one another. I glanced over at him and he had anapologetic look on his face. I just smiled at him and reassured him that I understood.“By the way Ness, Jacob called this morning.” Bella said to me, signaling towards the phone.“This morning?” I said semi-confused. I thought it was the morning.“It’s a little after, uh, lunch time Ness. It’s nearly two o’clock.”“Oh, wow. I slept way longer than I had intended. Hmph. Maybe that’s why I grew somuch in my sleep…” I trailed off. I have always been an early riser so this was out of theordinary for sure. I figured it had to do with my sudden growth spurt. I headed toward the phone and dialed Jacob’s number. It went straight to voicemail and I figured that he justforgot to plug his phone in again. Edward purchased him a cell phone to use since he was

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