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Forbidden Love (Chapter 4)

Forbidden Love (Chapter 4)

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Published by Charlene Taylor
Hailey encounters an expiereince of a lifetime.
Hailey encounters an expiereince of a lifetime.

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Published by: Charlene Taylor on Jul 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 4---- 
I am so shocked, I almost dropped my sword on the floor,but luckily it's a perfect fit."What are you doing here Daniel?", Nathan jumps up in frontof me to protect me.Daniel releases a growl as he approached us. I pull out mysword
 just barely 
intimidating him."Sorry, Nathan, but I have to stab him." I swing at Daniel witha terrible miss. We go into a fierce combat, and Danielscratches my neck. I want to break down and cry, but I don't.Nathan quickly turns into a werewolf, and pounces onDaniel. They scramble around for a minute. I stand therehelplessly."Oh. You are on a
side now Sambier." he dodgesNathan's blow, and jumps on me. He snips at my neck, and Istick my sword into his arm. He makes a powerful yelp, andfalls onto the ground. Then he turns back into regular form.nathan was right. He is very handsome. He has long blackhair, with a beautiful face, and perfect eyes. He looks evenbetter than Nathan. I wonder what Sombier is. I don't mindthis though."You are lucky I didn't kill you.", I wisper into his ear. I feelkinda stronger as if I won the battle."I know that you are my friend and all, but why didn't youhelp your brother?", I don't see why, I mean he only knew mefor 4 weeks. I would have taken up for my sister. Well, if shewas still here. To this day, I am still shocked that she died atsuch a young age. She was 11. My best friend, my twin, andnow she is gone. Her name was Natalie. This brings suddentears to my eyes, but I fight them off."Yeah, he needed to learn his lesson. He always thinks that
he can do grown things, and I envy him for that.", he sound alittle jealous. I feel a sudden headache, and it almost makesme cry. I can feel someone angry. It's my power. Nathan wasright. I can sense people's feelings. And I sense that Nathanis angry, but it's mostly jealousy."Sorry about that.", he acts as if he knows what he did."How did you do that?", I am a little confused."Some werewolves can read minds, and I just had a feelingthat you were having a sharp pain from my stupid emotions.So sorry.", He looks at Daniel suffering on the floor, and thengoes into the kitchen and gets the Oomcama Badora to puton Daniel's wound.I have to admit, even though he isn't supposed to go intobattle, he is a good warrior. He can
fight.I notice that Nathan's scars and bruises are gone."Wow! That stuff really works fast!", I say looking at Nathan'sback. Nathan and Daniel look at me both at the same time."I know.", Nathan makes a flirty smile, and I fall for it andsmile back so very flirtatious. Nathan is so cute, butsomething is telling me not to like him. I can't help it, though.I like Nathan, and there is no stopping it. I can't help myself.it's like we were ment to be together. And that kiss. Uhm.That didn't help at all. It made me like him even more. I seeNathan smile out of the side of my eye, then resumesworking on Daniel's arm. Oh No! I know that he read mymind! Now he knows what I think of him.
That's just great.
 "You should be okay now.", Nathan says to Daniel.A while later, Daniel gets up off of the floor. "You chose avampire over your own brother. That is one of the worst rulesto break. Especially over a disgusting blood-suckingvampire. I am going to tell Arianna and Nancy about this.You are already on probation, and you do this. Oh ho ho youare in big trouble.Just wait until Arianna and Nancy find outabout this.", Daniel says walking towards the door."Oh no you don't-", Nathan is too late. Daniel is already out
the door. "Man he really gets on my nerves with his snitchin'ass.", Nathan gets angry, and my headache gets worse."Sorry, It's just that he always runs and goes to Arianna. Wehave to go. Now.", he grabs me and attempts to rush me outof the door, but I jerk away."Why?", I look at him crazy."Now that Arianna knows, she is going to kill you if she findsyou. Especially Nancy. She would kill me too.", His eyes getbuck. It's still a strong emotion and my headache is alreadysuper bad, so this isn't good.
It is me and Natalie. We are in a field playing like we alwaysused to. It's like she never left. Like she never drowned inthat lake. She is so happy, like she is still here. Like shenever died. We are at age 11. She is chasing me becausewe are playing tag. She eventually catches up to me. Shewas always a fast funner. She was the athletic one that everyone loved. She ran 4 by 1's and 100 meter dashes intrack. She was perfect, and she was prettier than me. Shehad the beautiful green and hazel eyes that everyonecommented on. I tried not to envy her. It was hard, but I had not to get mad at her just beacuse she was prettier than me.That's just the nick-name we, well my parents gave her. Ms.Perfect. I used to feel left out because they gave her all of the attention. But besides her popularities, we were still best friends."Hi.", I finally say to her still not believing that I was here withher."What do you mean hi?", she stops running and so do I."I mean- how are you- nothing.", I make a fool of myself."Why are you acting like that Nichole?", she looks at me likeI am crazy."Who is Nich- OH! nevermind.", I forgot that she called me

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