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Lesson From a Butcher Very Good-brooklyn Vijay

Lesson From a Butcher Very Good-brooklyn Vijay

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Published by Brooklyn Vijay
From this you will have answer for why you need
From this you will have answer for why you need

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Published by: Brooklyn Vijay on Sep 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Greatness of Duty
This is a story to highlight that 
performance of one's duty itself is worship  
and that the 
virtue of a man should not be assessed by the very nature of his work 
Once there lived a man called Kanavan in Konkanam village. Hewas a pious man. He used to
worship God day and night.
One day he accepted sanyasam (to leave all worldly pleasuresand live a life of meditation and pray) and left home
abandoning his wife and kids
and reached the mountain of Great Himalayas. In a dense forest he built a hut and
He lived there years praying God for His blessings.
One day when he was sitting under a tree
suddenly birddroppings fell on his forehead.
His face got completelycovered in hot bird excrement. He became very angry andlooked up to find the culprit. There was this bird, sitting high upin the tree oblivious of what it did to Kanavan. When Kanavan -the sanyasi (one who accepted sanyasam)
laid his angry eyes
on the bird, the unfortunate creature
got burnt
down in ashes.
When the sanyasi saw this, he
his penancesucceeded
and that he
acquired mystical powers
throughGod’s blessings. He stopped his penance and came back to avillage and decided to spend his future life there, worshipingGod.
He used to go from house to house to
collect alms
. One dayhe visited a house and knocked its doors for alms. It took a longtime for the lady of the house to open the door. The sanyasi hasto stand outside
quite a long time
. By the time the lady cameto open the door, he
got very angry
and decided to
punishthe lady
for putting him to wait so long.When the
poor lady opened the door
she saw the sanyasi ina very angry mood. Seeing her the sanyasi shouted, "Do youknow who I am? I
will burn you alive
." The lady repliedpolitely "Aye, Konkanava I am not
like that bird
you onceburned. I am a
dutiful wife
. I was
nursing my ailinghusband,
which is my
first and foremost duty
. I will attendanything else only after attending to his needs. So
no power inearth
can touch me."
The words of the lady surprised him. She knows everythingabout him. This opened his eyes. He thought about only hisneeds and forgot to think about others. He apologized to thelady and requested her to give him advice.
She said, "I am not capable of giving you any advice. But at the
end of this street
there is a
man sitting
. Some times he maybe able to answer your questions. He
appears to be a learned
man." So saying the lady went inside to attend to her husbandwho was sick.
The sanyasi walked towards the end of the street to find thelearned man. But he could not see anybody
other than abutcher
who was very busy cutting meat and giving it to hiscustomers. There was a long line of customers waiting for hisservice. The sanyasi looked here and there to find the learnedman. At last though with hesitation and hatred he approachedthe butcher to ask about the learned. The butcher just looked athim and
showed his hand to wait even
without hearing him.On several occasions the sanyasi started to
inquire about thelearned man
. But the butcher only thwarted the sanaysi'sattempt by showing his hand to wait. The sanyasi has to waitthere, hours. At last, after finishing his work, the butcher cameto the sanyasi. By this time the sanyasi lost all his patience.Before he could open his mouth to inquire about the learnedman, the butcher said, "I am sorry that it took sometime to
finish my duties
. Because of my failure my customers shouldnot suffer. I hope you came here as advised by the lady residingon the other end of the street." These words astonished thesanyasi. He wondered how he came to know the
conversationhe made with that lady awhile ago
He realized that thebutcher is a learned man.
"How sincere he is to his duties."
The sanyasi exclaimed.
talked to each other for hours.
At last the sanyasi
for worshiping God one need not run awayfrom worldly duties.
Performing one’s duties withutmost good faith is itself a worship of God.
Acceptingsanyasam is running away from responsibilities and socowardice. It is
not necessary
to go to Mount Himalayas forpenance or to acquire knowledge.
 == = = =Brought to you by: Brooklyn Vijay – Corporatetrainer, Management guide. 32 years in various jobsupto Vice President level and then from last 12 yearsin this efficiency and productivity developmenttraining. Total 44 years experience.Same way dear, when you want to do good to others, want to help others, want tomake changes in lives of others; don't think that you need to forget about your duties.When God has made you a male person, HIS intention is you to Earn and takecare of your family i.e. the life partner and children, parents and needy ones. I haveseen more the knowledge you gather, more people you are able to help. It is not
that everyone needs money. No. Many of them are in confused state of mind anddesire to have way out i.e. some one to support what they are thinking, what theywant to do and if one can tell him or her … how to do, then such people becomelife long your well wishers.But I did find many people, who are Raichand [one who gives un-wanted, un-asked, advise]– Raibahadur [one who not only gives advise, but forces you toimplement it! and all is un-wanted, un-requested, un-solicited, un-asked and un-desired].When we have some kind of 
body problem
, I mean pain,
we don't go to anaccountant for remedy but we go to a doctor,
as he has got that particular knowledge and is proven one – as he has degrees. But to help or to advise whenwe
do not have degrees
we need to
have abundant knowledge
and it takesgood time to gather the knowledge, and
provide the knowledge to others inacceptable manner 
[not by pinching – “oh how you can not do it, I have done, youmust have determination etc. is wrong way”.... people do not like that way.].Hence
best way is to appreciate good things about the person
and then
understand their problem
without hurting them, offer knowledge not asan advise anddo not try to take credit. i.e. do not go on telling 1000 peoplethat you did this to so and so person. Again that's wrong
.] Because there issaying:
I tried to Change worldbut
no one
changed.I tried to change my countrybut
could not
do.I tried to change my Statebut
no one felt to change.
I tried to change my Citybut
no one wanted to.
I tried to change my villagebut
no one agreed.
I tried to change my
home people
every one had his or her own way..
So I startedchanging myself and slowlyhome people changed, then villagepeople and then City people andmanyhelped othersto do changes inthemselves and my State changed.Then manytop level highly experiencedguys mademany to realise how they areimportant for betterment of nationandmy country changed.

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