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Changa's Safari Trailer

Changa's Safari Trailer

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Published by Milton
Trailer for the upcoming Changa's Safari animated series.
Trailer for the upcoming Changa's Safari animated series.

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Categories:Book Excerpts
Published by: Milton on Sep 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Changa’s Safari TrailerByBalogun OjetadeFrom the novel Changa’s Safari by Milton J. Davis2013
SCENE 1EXT. DEEP FOREST - DAYThe Warrior-Priest, PANYA and her crew of five MERCENARYSAILORS escort the shackled and aed sorceress, BAHATI, alonga narrow trail. A native GUIDE leads them all.The canopy of the forest grows so dense it blocks the sun,blanketing them in darkness.The Sailors look concerned.PANYAAre you sure this route is safe?GUIDEYes, Panya. Relatively.PANYARelatively?GUIDEYou said you wanted to get toZimbabwe quickly.
is thequickest way there. There
saferroutes, but they will take youtwice as long - or longer - to getthere.BAHATI’S VOICEThere is no route that can protectyou and your crew, Panya. It wasfoolish to bring me here, sister.Panya jumps, startled by Bahati’s voice. She glances at thesorceress; she is still gagged.PANYAHow...how do you speak to me?BAHATI’S VOICEMy mind speaks to yours. Such isthe power of my Jade Obelisk. TheJade Obelisk you stole; The JadeObelisk I will wrest from yourcold, dead fingers shortly.PANYAGet out of my head, witch!
2.BAHATI’S VOICEYou are in no position to demand,daughter of Oya. The othertalismans are in place. My obeliskcompletes the circle. There is nostopping The Joining now.PANYAChipo of Zimbabwe will stop it.Bahati’s head tilts backward and her shoulders shake as hersardonic laughter fills Panya’s head.BAHATI’S VOICEEven that old magician is notstrong enough to prevent theinevitable.Bahati’s eyes peruse the dense canopy.BAHATI’S VOICEYour time is at an end, daughter ofOya. My children are here!Large, silhouetted, hunched humanoid figures scramble acrossthe high branches like scurrying monkeys.The din of haunting LAUGHTER echoes throughout the forest.Panya raises her staff as her crew draw their swords andshort bows. The Guide snatches the feathered cover off thetip of his walking stick, revealing a razor-sharp ironspearhead.An army of Hyena-Men fall, like rain from the canopy,landing before Panya and her crew.BAHATI’S VOICEGive me the obelisk and I willspare your life.PANYAAnd miss the opportunity for a goodfight? No!Bahati’s face twists into an enraged scowl. Her shacklesshatter. Her gag flies from her mouth. Bahati outstretchesher arms and levitates above everyone’s head.BAHATIKill them all!The Hyena-Men charge. Panya and her crew assume deepfighting stances.

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