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Prayer to Turn Away Bad Spirits. JA., 01 10 2013

Prayer to Turn Away Bad Spirits. JA., 01 10 2013

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Published by Fernandes Martinho

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Published by: Fernandes Martinho on Sep 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prayer to turn away the bad Spirits
Theme: Prayer to turn away the bad spirits.Source: the gospel according to Spiritism, 15 to 17.TO TURN AWAY THE BAD SPIRITS15. Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye make clean the outside of the cup and of theplatter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within thecup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also. Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men'sbones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity (Matthew, 23: 25-28).16. PREFACE - Bad Spirits are only found where they can satisfy their perversity. In order to turn themaway it is not enough to ask them to go, nor even to order them to go. It is imperative that Man eliminates fromwithin himself that which is attracting them. Bad Spirits discover the ulcers of the soul, the same way that fliesdiscover those of the body. In this manner then, as you cleanse the wound in order to avoid maggots, cleansealso your soul of all its impurities so as to avoid bad Spirits. We live in a world which teems with these Spirits, sothe good qualities in the heart do not always make them abandon their attempts on us. But nevertheless, thesequalities give us strength to resist them.17. PRAYER:In the Name of God the All Powerful, may the bad Spirits turn away from me and the good Spirits defendme from them! Wicked Spirits, who inspire bad thoughts in men; deceiving and lying Spirits, who delude men;mocking Spirits, who amuse yourselves with mankind's incredulity, I repel you with all the strength within my souland close my ears to your suggestions; but l also implore that God's mercy be upon you.Good Spirits, who undertook to accompany me, give me the necessary strength to resist the influence of bad Spirits and the necessary enlightenment so as not to become a victim of their intrigue. Safeguard me frompride and presumption. We beg that you turn aside all thoughts of jealousy, hate, badness, and all sentimentscontrary to charity from my heart, which are all as open doors to the bad Spirits.
Be we mediums or not we ought to live in simplicity and honesty, sincerely before God and our neighbor,since our affinities are felt in the beyond, as is advised in the preface, that the bad spirits smell the bad spots of the soul as flies smell the sores of the body.Well then, all the care is little, thence, let us look the maximum that we may be able to practice theteachings of Jesus
: ‘watch and pray’, this teaching of Jesus is the one most forgotten by us but it is the most
important one,
because in this world of ‘Tests and expiations’, we are exposed constantly in slips
, in tastes,sympathies, wishes, unduly impulses, atavisms, prejudicial preconcepts etc., which even the most saintly onewho might be have accesses and confrontations.The ones who are called to the service of the gospel just as by reason of being called it is by that reasonitself one who
is more or less ready for the task of one’s vocation, whence spirits in affinity or unruly ones
feel andcome to help or to misguide and confound. Jesus on going to a desert to pray was approached by inferior spiritswho considered themselves owners of the surroundings, they tempted Jesus the most they could to deviate
Jesus’ purpose of having come to the world, if Jesus had not been sure of his
own calling those spirits wouldprejudice him entirely
and consequently Jesus’ mission in our 
favor, as Jesus came amongst us that we mighthave life and life more abundantly, that God is our Father, that God is love, that we have a soul (spirit) witheternal life and teaching us the way of love, also the kingdom of God.We are in world where not only there is incarnated spirits physically as there are disincarnated spirits whocohabitate the world in togetherness with us, well, those spirits are of people as ourselves who have had their 
experiences, their sentimentalities, their habits, attitudes, customs, their formed convictions and they were happyor not in their living whilst they lived here about, but on dyeing continuing to be more or less what they were whenalive they influence us or not in their tastes, sympathies, morals, wishes, vices etc., as much as also they may beinfluenced by us the incarnated spirits if the case might be that we be more morally advanced than they might be,in the case they are found morally stagnated although progress also advances in the beyond.Well, having God in His will proclaimed Laws of evolution and progress, many of those who are in thebeyond World of the Spirits, may not be actualized on the evolution of the Planet and consequently their influences be not adequate to our actual day, hence, our influence over them be the most advantaged andappreciated by many of them, meanwhile so as in this world many fall under fanaticism, in the beyond alsohappens the same and in mediumnity although sincerely used, they may bring us erroneous information andprejudicial, hence our care as we were warned by the Apostle.
‘Do not believe in every spirit’.
 If someone is called to serve God and the Gospel in the Spiritist Doctrine ought soon in the beginning tounderstand that the Spiritist faith is rationale it is not blind, one has to comprehend that his own efforts are to
overcome one’s inferiorities,
one ought to understand and study what is Spiritism before one feels himself apt to
serve one’s neighbor in the doctrine and in love, one ought to realize t
hat if one has mediumnity in an acceptabledegree one ought not feel himself superior to anybody of that, it is not to access in dispute and confrontages with
any other Christian doctrine or not, regarding that mediumnity is not of anyone’s privilege. No o
ne who servesGod unto the neighbor loses his desert.In every race and religions God always had mediums, each one acting in conformity with times, progress
and received revelations as much as accordingly to one’s degree of spirituality and of the advanci
ng necessity
according to the Humanity’s development, because one’s designation is to ascend morally and intellectually to the
summits of Spirituality A good medium it is not a spiritual superman, he is equal to any other person, he has his own needs, hisaspirations, his ambitions or will to realize himself, suffers as many do the vicissitudes of life, it is not always thathis life is a sea of roses, and because he is a sensitive person he feels the vicissitudes of other persons and
sometimes suffers for that and wills to help, a medium’s life most of the times it is much difficult and
wearisome,when not so many a time loses heart, fatiguing and draining, the medium Chico Xavier certain occasion enteredinto a discouragement
if I am not mistaken, he said to his mentor Emanuel ‘I am a worm’, Emanuel saw in depththe reason and answered: ‘yes, but did you know worms do work’.
****************************************Let us open our reason, Reading from
the book ‘Heaven and Hell’,
chapter I, item 1:
1. It is certain that we live, think, and act; it is no less certain that we shall die. But, on quitting the earth, whither shallwe go? What will become of us? Shall we be better off, or shall we be worse off? Shall we continue to exist, or shall we ceaseto exist?
“To be, or not to be,” 
is the alternative presented to us; it will be for always, or not at all; it will be
, or 
; we shall live on eternally, or we shall cease to live, once and forever. The alternative is well worth the consideration.Everyone feels the need of living, of loving, of being happy. Announce, to one who believes himself to be at the point of death, that his life is to be prolonged, that the hour of death is delayed
announce to him, moreover, that he is going to behappier than he has ever been
and his heart will beat high with joy and hope.But to what end does the human heart thus instinctively aspire after happiness, if a breath suffices to scatter itsaspirations?Can anything be more agonizing that the idea that we are doomed to utter and absolute destruction, that our dearestaffections, our intelligence, our knowledge so laboriously acquired, are all to be dissolved, thrown away, and lost forever? Whyshould we strive to become wiser or better? Why should we lay any restraint on our passions? Why should we wearyourselves with effort and study, if our exertions are to bear no fruit? If, erelong, perhaps tomorrow, all that we have done is tobe of no further use to us? Were such really our doom, the lot of mankind would be a thousand times worse than that of thebrutes; for the brute lives thoroughly in the present, in the gratification of its bodily appetites, with no torturing anxiety, notormenting aspiration, to impair its enjoyment of the passing hour. But a secret and invincible intuition tells us that such cannotbe our destiny.
*********************************************Let us see for our knowledge the items nºs 13, 55, 57 e 58 in 1st part of the book
‘Genesis’ from A. Kardec:‘

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