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The Chronicles of the Samuel Hain 5th Series - Parasite

The Chronicles of the Samuel Hain 5th Series - Parasite

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Published by Benjamin F. Kaye
Episode 7
Episode 7

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Published by: Benjamin F. Kaye on Sep 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Chronicles of the Samuel Hain5
There it was, the
Tongue, a gleaming obelisk floating in a vast debris field. Such anarchitectural marvel, floating amid such waste! How backward
how utterly barbaric. We were never aforce in this part of the galaxy; only a few saw the opportunities here. But, if we did decide to organizeand rebuild this lonely sector of space, all would benefit tremendously from the Khemthemthem way of life.
It reminds me of 
The Building
back on my home world.
Kervan remarked.
You must have a very beautiful home.
Daphne put her hand against the large window of theStar Drifter.
The Building
is beautiful, the surrounding area isn
Givan added.
m not sure I follow you.
Allan turned to the Borgan duo.
On Kaymar,
The Building
is the only beautiful thing. Everything around it is wasteland.
s awful!
Allan was thoroughly disgusted.
Why did you let your planet fall into suchruin?
s not ruined. It
s the natural order of things. Our economy ensures that only the strongestsurvive.
Kervan defended his culture with a blithe attitude.The Borgan were the stupidest race we ever tried to fix. Despite numerous raids and tradewars, they persisted in their primitive ways. Almost all of the races we improved saw the benefits of Khemthemthem philosophy
that conflict makes you stronger. But the Borgan resisted us on theground, in the stock exchange, and in the heart. That
s why they were proud of their 80%unemployment rate.
And what does survival entail?
Allan continued his challenge.
Working, hustling, getting to the top; doing whatever it takes to beat the competition.
Givansadly conceded.
And once you make it to the top?
Daphne wondered.
You work until you die
or you
re fired.
Kervan asserted.
s no way to live.
Allan spat out.
re right. That
s why so many commit suicide on Kaymar. They even have a spot on the topof 
The Building
s Leap
. It
s an awful place.
Givan quietly explained.
Kervan chided his compatriot,
The suicide rate is only 67%. That
s a lot lower than itused to be.
Only 67%?! That
s horrible!
Allan was getting more worked up than a bot should be.
It used to be 78%. Some days, so many people jumped off the
The Building
we would say itwas
raining losers
Kervan chuckled.
Urkhum, what do you think?
Daphne turned to me.Slowly, gently, I reached out to the little blue machine, my light drawing her to me. After a fewmoments, I released her, letting the shadows once again claim her frail body.Daphne summarized my position perfectly:
Urkhum thinks the Borgan have much potential, butlack the will to become a great society. And he also thinks we won
t get a deal from the obelisk.
No deal.
Dip-Dip announced as he entered the room. How predictable! The Goothalk werealways scheming; they always wanted to win. They perverted our philosophy and called it
the neweconomy
. We tried the
new economy
, the
revolutionary economy
, the
renaissance economy
and adozen others before they took their first step into space. It was all a waste of time and profit.
You don
t know how to make a deal.
Thamphor grumbled. I hate Nethasians. They take,take, and take.
Now what?
Daphne was worried.
ll have to improvise with some of the debris floating out there.
Manfred brought up amap. I liked him; he knew how to make things work. He would make an excellent addition to our tradenetworks.
Is that really possible?
Allan studied the map. Ha, ha! Good little bot! All of his spunk andbrains would make him an excellent customer.
s worth a shot. A lot of the stuff out there is pretty alien, but then again, we
re surroundedby aliens. I think we can all put our heads together and figure out a way.
s confidence wasrefreshing.After several weeks of drifting along with no engines, Manfred
s confidence proved to bepremature. Not even Renata could find a solution; the half-bot just didn
t have the knowledge. Iwatched her as she re-arranged parts on the fighter bay floor. I noticed a patch of green slime. I wasabout to touch it when Renata stopped me.
No! Don
t touch that please. Just leave them alone.
I had never seen her so
 before. Was there something in that steel frame that was genuinely organic?
Still no luck Renata?
Manfred entered the scene from the left. The Kithu Cyborg wasfollowing close behind.
No. I am unable to integrate these parts into the structure of the Samuel Hain.
Renata wasback to her flat, emotionless state.The cyborg walked up to the jumbled pile of space junk and stopped.
These parts arenot compatible with our ship. I
m sorry.
We would have to scrounge, explore, negotiate,
or maybe steal. We were now totallydependent on whatever trade routes lay before us. Perhaps this was an opportunity to do things theKhemthemthem way.I returned to my quarters. My fellow Khemthemthem, Tyricorg and Denshyk, were teaching theAv-Gelshek to trade. It seemed like an impossible task, but they were the most determined traders Ihad ever seen. They were so intent upon their task that they didn
t even notice me. I touched themwith my trunk and we formed a circle. We met in the light.
The parts are useless to us.
I began.
But perhaps they are of value to someone else out there.
Tyricorg speculated.
Is there any way to identify the parts? We cannot set a proper value upon mystery goods.
 Denshyk brought up a diagram of the largest part.
m sure there is a way, in time, to know the full value of what we have.
I assured him.
Butfirst, we must secure the objects. We must be mentors and leaders
now more than ever. If we set agood example, the others will see how valuable our methods are.
Then we can call the shots, instead of the green slimy ones.
Denshyk smiled.
And that would be good for everyone on board.
Tyricorg pointed out.

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Benjamin F. Kaye added this note
This episode gives a little background on some of the alien races on board the Samuel Hain
1 hundred reads
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