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Powers and Skills List 1

Powers and Skills List 1

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Published by Billi_Butcherson
A list of Powers and Skills for Zombie Hero RPG and Basic RPG Rules. The list was originally from the old DC Heroes Role-Playing Game, but there are so many things you can call a power. You can name the power or skill anything you want when you play. The listed names are just a start.
A list of Powers and Skills for Zombie Hero RPG and Basic RPG Rules. The list was originally from the old DC Heroes Role-Playing Game, but there are so many things you can call a power. You can name the power or skill anything you want when you play. The listed names are just a start.

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Published by: Billi_Butcherson on Jul 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Powers and Skills ListOriginal Powers and Skills list from the old DC Heroes Role-Playing Game, modified for use with the d6 format. Power and Skill names are non-exclusive, and may be changed tosuit the Player or the GM. For example, Energy Blast used to be Starbolt in the originalDC Heroes RPG, named for what Starfire called her energy powers. Heat Vision couldalso be called Laser Vision (or Lazer Vision), etc.PHYSICAL (Strength = Str, Dexterity = Dex, and Stamina = Sta)
Sta +2 Dice. Shoots/secretes corrosive substance.
Str +2 Dice. Character may cause an explosion from the point at which he/shetouches the ground. Character is unaffected by the explosion.
Dex +2 Dice. Character possesses claws, talons, or some other sharpened attack method.
Str +1 Die. The character can cling to walls and other surfaces. This includessuction cups or some sort of sticky substance on feet, hands, etc.
Cold Immunity:
Sta + 2 Dice. Character’s resistance to cold.
Str + 2 Dice. Character can create a field of Darkness that normal light cannot pass. Vision powers requiring light are completely blocked. Ultra Vision may beused normally in Darkness.
Str +2 Dice. Character may tunnel through substances.Substance Difficulty Number Sand 2Dirt 4Rocky Soil 6Soft Rock (Limestone) 8Hard Rock (Granite) 10Steel 11Diamond 15
Str +2 Dice. Can dissolve any object into atoms. Can not be used onliving creatures.
Energy Absorption:
Sta +2 Dice. Absorb and neutralize damage from Physical Attacks,except hand-to-hand combat.
Energy Blast:
Sta +3 Dice. Character can fire a bold of energy from his/her body.Define type (light, radiation, cosmic, etc.)
Extra Limb:
Str +2 Dice. Character possesses one or more extra limbs (legs, arms, a prehensile tail, etc.)
Flame Being:
Str +3 Dice. Character can cover him/herself with a sheet of fire withouttaking any damage.
Flame Immunity:
Sta +2 Dice. Character’s resistance to flame or head.
Flame Project:
Str + 2 Dice. Character can shoot fire from his/her body like a flamethrower.
Str +2 Dice. Character can create a burst of bright light.
Dex +5 Dice. Character may move freely through air or space.
Str +2 Dice. Character can create a mist. Effect on vision is the same as Darkness, but light may penetrate it.
Force Field:
Str +4 Dice. Character can create an energy field to protect his/her body.May be projected around others.
Force Shield:
Str +4 Dice. Like the Force Field, but takes the form of a shield.
Dex +2 Dice. Character may glide through the air (not fly). Distance glidedequals Dex +2 Dice.
Str +2 Dice. Character can create a sticky substance that can hold things to theground or other surface. Character is unaffected by Glue Power.
Str +5 Dice. Character can increase his/her size.
Hypersensitive Touch:
Dex +3 Dice. Character can “see” with their fingers.
Ice Production:
Str +5 Dice. Character can create ice from thin air.
Str. +3 Dice. Like Flame Being, but Character covers him/herself with ice.
Dex +3 Dice. Invisible Characters cannot be detected with normal vision.
Sta +5 Dice. Character is very difficult to damage.
Str +2 Dice. Character can leap great distances.
Str +3 Dice. Character can create bolts of lighting.
Dex +5 Dice. Character can use the Str Attribute or Powers of any other Character in range.
Str +5 Dice. Character can evolve or devolve a target into a new life form.
Str +3 Dice. Character can transform his/her limbs into anything. Materialand mass remain the same.
Poison Touch:
Str +3 Dice. Character generates a substance that irritates the skin andcauses damage. After contact, the poison continues to attack the target.
Projectile Weapons:
Str +2 Dice. Character fires projectiles from his/her body.
Dex +2 Dice. Character can move across level ground/surfaces at extremespeeds.
Sealed Systems:
Sta +5 Dice. Character can survive any atmosphere or environment.
Dex +3 Dice. Character can shape his/her body into any shapedesired.
Str +5 Dice. Character can decrease his/her size.
Skin Armor:
Sta +3 Dice. Increases the Character’s Sta against Physical damage.
Solar Sustenance:
Sta +5 Dice. Character may derive nourishment from the sun.
Sonic Beam:
Str +3 Dice. Like Energy Blast, but the energy is sound. Can not work ina vacuum.
Dex +2 Dice. Character may split into two or more separate beings. Each Split possesses the same Attributes and Powers of the original, but cannot Split him/herself.
Dex +2 Dice. Character can elongate his/her body.
Super Breath:
Str +4 Dice. Character can exhale a powerful stream of air.
Dex +5 Dice. Character can move much faster than a normal person.Unlike Running, which only works for the legs and feet, Superspeed works for the entire body.
Str +2 Dice. Character can move through water and other liquids. Does notinclude the ability to breathe such liquids.
Systemic Antidote:
Sta +3 Dice. Character has limited immunity to Physical damagecaused by chemicals, poisons, drugs, etc.
Dex +2 Dice. Character can move along the surface of an object likea shadow. Can only be damaged by attacks made by another Character using the Two-Dimensional Power.
Water Freedom:
Dex +2 Dice. Character can move through water and other liquids asif they were air. Character can breathe in these liquids and does not suffer underwater combat penalties.MENTAL (Smarts = Smts)
Smts +4 Dice. Character can duplicate any existing Power or Skill fromany other Character.
Air Control:
Smts +3 Dice. Character can control the movement of a volume of air.
Air Walking:
Smts +2 Dice. Character can move on air as if it were solid ground.
Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent:
Smts +3 Dice. Character can identify an item or  person by scent alone.
Animal Mimicry:
Smts +4 Dice. Character may mimic the Powers, Skills, and PhysicalAttributes of any animal, but not the animal’s shape or gain natural weaponry.
Smts +5 Dice. Characters may attract or repel creatures andobjects toward or away from her.
Broadcast Empath:
Smts +3 Dice. Character can make another Character feel anyemotion the user wishes.
Cell Rot:
Smts +5 Dice. Character can cause any formally-living material todecompose. Will not work on living material.
Smts +2 Dice. Character can alter his/her appearance to resemble anyother Character.
Comprehend Languages:
Smts +4 Dice. Character may communicate with another intelligent being.Language Difficulty Number Same Group (e.g. Spanish and French) 2Same World (e.g. English and Japanese) 8Alien Language 12
Continuum Control:
Smts +5 Dice. Mimics the effects of Damage Transference,Energy Blast, Matter Manipulation, Regeneration, Teleportation, and Time Travel.
Smts +5 Dice. Character can control the actions of another Character.
Damage Transference:
Smts +4 Dice. Character can heal physical wounds by take thedamage him/herself.
Danger Sense:
Smts +3 Dice. Character can sense imminent danger.Danger Intensity Difficulty Number Critical Threat 2Major Threat 4Minor Threat 8
Density Increase:
Smts +4 Dice. Character can increase his/her mass at will.

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