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CompTIA A+ IT Technician & 70-620 - Microsoft Vista Deployment & Configuration

CompTIA A+ IT Technician & 70-620 - Microsoft Vista Deployment & Configuration



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Published by Ethan Castanon
These are my notes on CompTIA's A+ IT Technician certification exam & on Microsoft 70-620 Vista Deployment & Configuration. They are pretty thorough.
These are my notes on CompTIA's A+ IT Technician certification exam & on Microsoft 70-620 Vista Deployment & Configuration. They are pretty thorough.

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Published by: Ethan Castanon on Jul 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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isa: industry standard architecturepci: peripheral component interconnectagp: accelerated graphics portpentium pro: socket 8pentium ii: secc type type 1 socketpentium iii: secc type 2 socket, also socket 370pentium 75+ overdrive: socket 7pcmcia type 2: 5mm thickpcmcia type 1: 3.3mm thickpcmcia type 3: 10.5mm thickpga: pin grid array (pga) is a square ceramic cpu chip with pins on the bottom; the zero insertion force chipfits into the zero-insertion force socket on the motherboard.secc2: a cartridge-style cpu that accepts cartridge-type athlon cpu.secc:a cartridge-style cpumau: mutltistation access unitbridge: used to separate a large physical network into two smaller networks to reduce network traffic.single setting: if, a single hard disk is attached to a primary ide channel, its jumper should be set to singleg0: global power state: fully operationalg1: global power state: sleep modeg2: global power state: soft off g3: global power state: mechanical off network standard: 1. media; 2. speed; 3. topologys1, s2, s3, s4: sleep modes: s4 consumes the least power of the four sleep modes; it is also called"hibernation"contrast ration: lcd measurement between the diff of darkest color and the lightest color that a screen candisplay.osi: the open systems interconnection model is used to describe how network protocols should function.the osi model was designed by the international organization for standardizationhal: hardware abstraction layer. required for successful bootworm: self-contained in that it can reproduce itself and doesn't need a host for transportntoskrnl.exe: is the core (or kernel) of the operating system and is loaded last.windows 2000: requires 133MHzwindows xp: requires 233MHzcurrent drivers: to get the newest drivers available, always visit the manufacturer's websitecorona wire, corona roller: transfers the neg charged toner from the neg charged print drum via a poscharge that exceeds the difference -> corona is positive
ntfs: first file system, windows, that supported encryptionieee1284: defines the ecp parallel port to use, a dma channel, and the buffer to be able to transfer data athigh speeds to printers standardnlx form factor: places expansion slots on a special riser card and is used in low-pro pc'sclass a: fire extinguisher: for water-based productsclass b: fire extinguisher: for flammable liquidsclass c: fire extinguisher: for electrical firesclass d: fire extinguisher: for flammable metalsi&a: identification and authenticationpcmcia type iii form factor: usu hard drivespcmcia type ii form factor: usu sound cards & net adapterserd: in win 2000, emergency repair disk - setup through windows backup to repair the registry.asr: in win xp, automated system recovery is accessed through the windows backup utility and backs upthe registry.built-in remote assistance: r-click 'my computer', sel properties, sel remote tabvga mode: good boot choice to troubleshoot prob's emanating from inserting a new video card andsubsequent performance was impacted somehow by symptoms such as garbled and unreadable video.ide: intrenal interface used to connect hard drives, cd drives, and dvd drives.irda: infrared data association, is a cable-free method of connecting a printer by using a system similar to atv remote control.parallel port: traditionally used for a printer port because it supports faster speeds than a serial port.usb: becoming more popular than parallel ports because it is faster than themdma: direct memory allocation - allows a device to bypass the cpu and place data directly onto ram itself irq 7: by default assigned to lpt1irq 3: assigned to com 2 & 4 - may want to checkbluetooth class 2 devices: most common form of commercial devicesieee 802.15.1: bluetooth standard: 2.4GHzdo desktop systems occassionally share memory with the os, as laptops are known to do?chkdsk: a utility used by xp/2000 that is capable of fixing cross-linked files on hard drivesasr: automated system recovery utility used to back up the registry in windows xp systemswhat are 2 ways to change the file system on a partition? convert -> fat to ntfs: appears simple toadvanced, not reverse; format -> format the partition,fdisk: partition utilityfuser: component in a laser printer most likely to f-you up, burntransfer corona: changes the charge on the paper to positive to force the toner onto the paper from thenegatively charged drum
primary corona wire: applies a negative charge to the drum after it has gone through the cleaning phasetelnet: 23ftp: 21ssh: 22hd partitions: can hold a max of 4 partitions: can be 4 primary, or three primary and one extendedpartitionlpti: irq7com2: 02f8-02ff com1 & com3: both use irq4 -> avoid conflictcomputer management: service selection & monitoring: here you can do such things as stop & restart theprint spoolerservices & monitoring: control panel, admin tools, services: here you can stop & restart an offendingservicesafe modes: listed in order of most minimal: safe mode, safe mode with networking, vga modetask manager's performance tab: allows one to see processor, page-file, and physical mem stat's in realtimefuser assembly: presses & melts the toner intot he papertransfer corona: transfers the toner from the drum to the paper by putting a positive charge on the paper,forcing the toner on a neg charged drum to transfer to the paperprinter controller circuitry: converts signals from the pc into signals for the various printer assembliespaper transport assembly: controls the movement of the paper through the printerdot-matrix printer: these use both tractor & friction feed paper mechanismswrite permission: in ntfs file system, this allows one to change the target's ownership, permissions,attributes and create new entities within a folder*fat, fat16, and fat32 file systems do not support local security features. should you require these, ntfsshould be usedecp: was designed for fast transfer speeds. ecp uses dma channels and buffers to increase printingperformancemsds: material data safety sheetinfrared: does not use radio waves, not very susceptible to interference, can transmit at up to 16mbps,bits.inverter: responsible for powering the lcd backlightvideo card: responsible for the video signaltransfer corona wire: laser printer: faulty corona wire would cause white streaks on paperprimary corona charging wire: applies a uniform -600vdc charge to the photosensitive drum. the drum isthen ready for the image to be written on it.dark to light fading across the page: dot-matrix printer: likely the gear isn't turning the gear upon whichthe ribbon is attached

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