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Mary Kay Image - NSD Pat Danforth

Mary Kay Image - NSD Pat Danforth

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Published by MaryKayVictims
Source: http://www.terezeja.com/training/bizsavvy/ImageMaryKayTradition.pdf

Source: http://www.terezeja.com/training/bizsavvy/ImageMaryKayTradition.pdf

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Published by: MaryKayVictims on Sep 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By SrNSD Pat Danforth ... I have continued adding to this article since March, 1991! 
We realize that our company has been successful beyond Mary Kays wildest dreams, beyond thefinancial advisors’ admonitions, and beyond the business communitys ability to comprehend. When webelieve in this amazing success story, why would we want to deviate from the path that brought us here?When we believe in “The Mary Kay Way” why would we purposely, or inadvertently, allow changes in theprinciples,
, and traditions that have made us who we are? We are so very much more than the
Best Selling Brand of Facial Skin Care and Color Cosmetics in the US.
We are literally a force tobe reckoned with ... not a religious or political organization, but a
force of powerful women
who can anddo influence literally millions of other women! I often talk about the fact that a Mary Kay Consultant or Director is invited into a home where someone with a religious or political agenda is not. We are in thebusiness of “making Mama happy” ... and we all know, “when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”!Yes, that’s an old joke, but it’s lasted because it’s true!What is “The Mary Kay Way”? The path is clear when you read Mary Kays books, and listen to or readher speeches. Mary Kay never held back when she talked about principles,
, and traditions ... andI believe her standards still hold true. I always used to teach, “Would you wear that, say that, do that,treat that person that way, etc. if Mary Kay were standing next to you?” Mary Kay died on ThanksgivingDay 2001 ... now she is always “standing next to you”.What I am suggesting as “
” holds true at any time that we are representing our company. It mightbe an event as BIG as Seminar, Leadership Conference, or Career Conference ... or as small as a “smalltown” meeting of Consultants at a local restaurant ... or it might be just YOU conducting your Mary Kayclasses or making reorder deliveries. Whether we are in convention centers, restaurants, hotels, airports,or homes ... we are “Mary Kayto the people observing us. Whether is a Mary Kay company event or aworkshop, or a retreat ... we are “Mary Kay” to the people observing us. If it’s a “retreat” at a hotel ... theydon’t know that it’s a “retreat”. It looks like a business meeting to them, and ... we are “Mary Kayto thepeople observing us.This is a looooooooong article!
I have been adding to it since 1991. Here are my personal thoughtson the most often asked questions. Yes, I know “fashion & trends” change, but good taste doesn’t.Forgive me, that was the Home Economics degree coming out! I am a firm believer that: ...- “It’s much easier to do (wear) the right thing than to try to explain why you didn’t.”- “If you have to ask the question, you probably already know the answer.”- “What would Mary Kay do/say/wear is always the right answer.”
PANTS - ONLY appropriate for Mary Kay:
- “RETREATS” ... True “retreats” are at a “retreat location” like a camp, ranch, private home.- “THEMED EVENTS” ... “Mary Kay Casual” is not a “themed event” ... it still means a skirt to me.- TOP DIRECTOR & NATIONAL SUMMIT TRIPS ... Earn one! You’ll even see ME in pants.- NEVER WITH A RED JACKET, DIRECTOR’S SUIT, OR NSD SUIT ... You will see me on stage atSeminar in a swim suit before you will you will see me in that! What WOULD Mary Kay say?!?!?
BARE LEGS &/or SANDALS & OPEN-TOES SHOES - ONLY appropriate for Mary Kay:
- When NOTwearing your NSD suit, Director suit, or Red Jacket- And for AFTER-FIVE or FORMAL EVENING EVENTS ... Ie. Seminar Unit/Area/Company Awards.
But wait ... there’s more ...
Career Conference 2003
This was on the stage. If WE in the sales force don’tspeak up, this image willcontinue to grow. Our MKHQ can’t really “enforce”the no pants tradition or they will sound like our “employer” and the IRSwould
that ...the IRS could then takeaway our tax benefits asindependent contractors.
Seminar 2002Mary Kay EXPO
They most likelytraveled, checkedinto their hotel, andpicked up their packets dressedlike this. Wouldn’tprofessional dresshave been just ascomfortable? Whatdoes Mary Kaythink?!?!?
Career Conference 2007
Compare the woman on the left with thewoman on the right. Bare arms, low-cut andsleeveless top, skirt too short, no pantyhoseon legs that need them, sandals.
Danforth Area Retreat 2005
Regan Danforth and Chantelle Gonzalez with their twoFuture Directors (now Directors!) Denise Gregory &Renee Motyka. At my HOME retreat, not a HOTEL!
Meet Molly McColgan of the Brenda Atchley Unit.She has just a FEW of her more important MK awards,pinned on just the RIGHTside of her jacket ... not up& down both sides and thesleeves! She has her cuffsturned up to shorten her sleeves so that her MKbracelets show. YES!
 Allow me to say that I am a
very casual 
person. When at home I live in a sweat suit, jeans,shorts, or a swimsuit, depending on the weather. However, when I am doing
Mary Kaybusiness (Classes, Makeovers, Reorders, Interviews, MK functions) I honor Mary Kay’srequest and wear a skirted outfit. If I am not in a MK professional outfit, but I am dressedappropriately for what I am doing, I will still talk Mary Kay to those I meet. They don’t expectme to be in a suit and heels when I am skiing, scuba diving, or watching a gymnastics prac-tice or horseback riding lessons! However, I personally do not wear a Mary Kay pin unless Iam wearing a skirt … wearing my pin seems to imply that I think I am dressed Mary Kayprofessionally. When women come to my home for a Class, Makeover, or Interview I alwayswear a skirted outfit, usually my Beauty Coat with a black skirt. If they are dropping by topick up a reorder they get whatever I am wearing that day! I dress professionally for deliver-ing reorders, but would hand a reorder to a customer at school, children’s activities, etc. if Iwere dressed casually, and appropriately, for the occasion. I
travel in a skirt when onMary Kay business (Career Conference, Leadership, Seminar) and I usually hand carry myDirector/NSD suit … ask anyone who has ever lost their luggage why that is important! In1988, when Tim retired from the Air Force and went to Delta Airlines training, the girls and Idrove 10,000 miles around the USA visiting our Mary Kay people. I wore a skirt
dayand I was perfectly comfortable. I do not think it is appropriate to check into a hotel, or pickup a registration packet unless dressed in a skirted outfit. I
dress in a skirted outfit inthe hotels and convention centers unless we are attending a costume function (ie. 50’s Party,Western Night, etc.). Even a “Mary Kay Casual” Motivational Event means a skirt to me.When I am at any Mary Kay event, unless it is a Retreat (at a home/woods/ranch – not ahotel!) I
have a skirt on. When on Mary Kay business, I
ask myself,
“Would I wear this if Mary Kay were standing next to me?”
Please believe that I am addressing the "business casual" issue as thoughtfully as I can. It ismy intention to bring attention to this challenge in a positive way. I know this article is long,but it has been years in the making. I am not alone (I think I am actually in the majority) inmy opinions. Unfortunately most don't speak up. They talk among themselves, and call me!(The following was written in April 2001) This week alone I probably
(I can't say
although I believe in the future ramifications) nearly 10 hours in a variety of conversa-tions about the attire at different Career Conferences. I had hosted a Career Conferencewhere a sister NSD and I were appalled at the attire we saw. During packet pick-up at leasthalf were in some type of slacks ... not even
slacks, but leggings, stretch pants, shorts,etc. One Red Jacket even had on jeans with her jacket. Needless to say we covered imageBIG-time in our Director Class.
One of the Directors spoke up to say that her new off-spring had heard from a speaker at New Director Week that it was "becoming accept-able to wear slacks for Mary Kay business: deliveries, facials, etc."
Most Directors inthe class were also appalled and completely in agreement with us. When I returned home Ireceived feedback from several Consultants and Directors (not all in my Area) about whatthey saw and heard at Career Conference.
One quoted a Consultant General Assemblyteacher as saying "As long as you have your Mary Kay face on, it's OK to wear your pin with nice slacks and shorts outfits."
Mary Kay always said she could look at a groupof Consultants and know who their Director/National was.

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