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Esoteric Astrology: Michael Jackson - Spiritual Profile v2

Esoteric Astrology: Michael Jackson - Spiritual Profile v2



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Published by Leoni Hodgson
Can we find evidence that Michael was on the Path? Was he aspiring to that which is higher and finer? Or was he just a cunning paedophile? What can we uncover through the use of esoteric psychology and astrology?
Can we find evidence that Michael was on the Path? Was he aspiring to that which is higher and finer? Or was he just a cunning paedophile? What can we uncover through the use of esoteric psychology and astrology?

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Published by: Leoni Hodgson on Jul 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Michael Jackson
An Esoteric Psychology Profile
Was Michael Jackson on the Spiritual Path,and if so, did he fulfil his Soul purpose? 
Leoni Hodgson - 30 June 2009
PMAFA, MSE Esoteric Psychology, Ph.DE in Esotericism
Michael Jackson born 29 August 1958, died 25 June 2009.In terms of consciousness, humanity as a whole can be divided into two groups: those who are conscious oftheir higher spiritual nature and calling, or who are in the process of becoming conscious
and therefore whoare upon the Path; and those who are still unconscious.Conscious contact with the Soul
one‟s source of divine light and love, means that
the Soul is becomingmore radiant in the heart. It is magnetising its human being towards it, and this demonstrates in the life as amarked determination to aspire to that which is higher and finer. It is shining its effect through the nature, andthis can be seen by others
as love and light, and this will have a positive effect upon other people and uponthe environment.
The following points are those to look for when trying to establish if a person is on the Spiritual Path.
1. Was he purifying his nature?2. Was he drawn to spiritually evolved people - we know that like attracts like?3. Was he applying spiritual disciplines - the hallmark of advanced souls?4. Was he kind and selfless - as loving souls are?5. Was he a server of humanity - the hallmark of disciples?6. Is talent and creativity evidence of the presence of the soul?
1. Was he purifying his nature?
Michael has been ridiculed and pitied because of his facial reconstructions and attempts to whiten his skin.Most people who undergo cosmetic surgery try to keep a semblance of their natural look, but not Michael. Hewan
ted to present to the world, an image of “perfection”
which w
as “light years” away from his N
egro lineageand features.The
urge to “perfect the form”
is the natural
spiritual goal of Virgo, Michael‟s Sun S
ign. Those who respond tothis inner urge,
responding to the call of the Soul which needs purification to take place in the physical sothat it can birth through the nature,
in the „cave of the heart.‟
 The fact that Michael responded in such a superficial and exterior manner, is indicative of his status as an
or beginner on the Path. If the change had only been interior I would have placed his status higher.He did make inner improvements as we will see, but he was fixated on refining his look - no doubt believingthat this would enhance his chances of being generally loved and accepted. But the fact is, he wasresponding, and this is what counts.
Michael was responding to the soul‟s urge to purify the nature
Was he drawn to spiritually evolved people?
Michael was drawn to spiritually evolved people - such as Deepak Chopra, who said:
“He would sit backstage after (a show) drinking bottled water, glancing over 
some Sufi poetry.. and wanting to meditate.... he was reading the poems of Rabindranath Tagore..
Such words coming from Chopra carry much weight, and provide further solid evidencethat Michael was indeed upon the Path. Sufi poetry and the works of Tagore would notbe magnetic to those upon the Ordinary Wheel of life. There were other spiritualadvisors, but Chopra was the most well known.
Was he applying spiritual disciplines.
Meditation is the primary technique to be applied in the search for wisdom, and in orderto bring about the transformation of consciousness. In the previous quote, Chopraconfirmed that Michael meditated.There is enough evidence to confirm that Michael indeed was aspiring to that which is higher and finer. Toend this section of our enquiry, I add the following quote which consolidates this as a fact. He made theremark to pop music critic Robert Hilburn when in a reflective mood:
"My real goal is to fulfill God's purpose.” 
Was he a kind and generous person?
Michael had a darker side and could be irresponsible when the mood was upon him. But many peopletestified to the fact that he was very generous, another indication of the presence of the soul. For example,fellow entertainer and friend of Michael
Akon, said
he first three months I met him, his first gift to me was a $250,000 watch; it was all diamonds. That's how giving he was. He just wanted everyone around him happy, you know? 
He was an incredible guy.” 
“Personally, he was a mentor; he was like a big brother. He always kept me focused. If I had issues,
he would console me through them. Like a lot of the controversial shit that I was going through, Mike 
was really the one that really taught me how to deal with them..” 
There is also testimony that Michael was a kind, loving and attentive father
, altogether providing ampleevidence that kindness and generosity was alive within him.
5. Was he a server of humanity
Michael supported dozens of charities during his life, including USA for Africa, the Make-a-Wish Foundation,and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. He reportedly was listed in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book
of World Records for “Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star.” The number was 39. As a humanitarian, he isperhaps best known for “We Are the World,” the 1985 song he wrote with Lionel Richie that raised millions of 
dollars for famine relief in Africa.
Generosity is a soul quality
, and this was part of Michael‟s nature
6. Is talent and creativity evidence of the presence of the soul?
It is. Michael was considered a genius in the musical genre, an outstanding talent and artist. Creative talent
an exterior effect of Soul influence, and so is charisma, adding further evidence that Michael was upon thespiritual Path.The Master Djwhal Khul said that soul development:
“Will l 
ead to the consecration of the disciple to certain types of endeavour summed up in the words "artistic career".
” EP II 706 
he expression of the creative faculty is radiation and magnetism 
Creativity signifies a point in evolution wherein the disciple is definitely radioactive.
” DINA I p539
Michael was very magnetic and radiated an amazing energy in his performances. Of his charisma, Choprasaid:
“When we first met, around 1988, I was struck by the combination of charisma and woundedness that surrounded Michael.” 
I believe I have supplied enough evidence to point to the fact thatMichael Jackson was probably at the beginning stages of the spiritual Path.B. WAS MICHAEL A PAEDOPHILE?
Only Michael knows this for sure, along with anyone else who may have been involved.But the charges against him were never proven in a court of l
aw, and in the absence of any “hard” evidence,
all we can do is try to get a sense about whether this man was capable of deviate behaviour.

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