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MIIT Begins Accepting Applications for Enterprises to Become Qualified Yellow Phosphorus Enterprises(20130916)

MIIT Begins Accepting Applications for Enterprises to Become Qualified Yellow Phosphorus Enterprises(20130916)

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Published by: CCM International Limited on Sep 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MIIT begins accepting applications for enterprises to become qualifiedyellow phosphorus enterprises
On Aug. 12, the MIIT began accepting applications for enterprises to becomequalified yellow phosphorus enterprises.
MIIT, yellow phosphorus, entry criteria, manufacturers, purification, exhausts, patents,electricity According to Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1309 issued by CCM,
On Aug. 12,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China (MIIT)began accepting applications for enterprises to become qualified yellow phosphorusenterprises. The Entry Criteria for Yellow Phosphorus has been in operation since Jan. 1, 2009,and is aimed at obsoleting backwards production technologies and methods, promoting thetransformation and upgrading of the domestic yellow phosphorus industry and optimising thedistribution of resources. Enterprises must meet the requirements stipulated in the EntryCriteria for Yellow Phosphorus in order to become qualified yellow phosphorus enterprises.On Nov. 19, 2012, 36 domestic yellow phosphorus manufacturers were listed as the first groupof qualified yellow phosphorus enterprises. They will be continuously monitored as stated inthe recent announcement of MIIT. (for more details about the Entry Criteria for YellowPhosphorus, please refer to P3, Issue 12, Vol. 2: Producers meeting Entry Criteria for YellowPhosphorus decrease to 36)In recent years, some yellow phosphorus manufacturers have made considerable progressand achievements on energy conservation and clean production. These goals are emphasizedin the Entry Criteria for Yellow Phosphorus. Professional energy-saving service companieshave also played a part in this process.On May 28, Baokang Chufeng Chemical Co., Ltd. (Baokang Chufeng Chemical), a subsidiaryof Xingfa Group, completed its Waste Heat Utilization and Motor System Energy SavingRenovation Project. As a result of this project, Baokang Chufeng Chemical's energyconsumption per RMB10,000 output value dropped by 28.2%. Also, Datang Shidai Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. (Datang Shidai EnergyConservation) obtained three patents on yellow phosphorus exhaust treatment and electricitygeneration in early August. The three patents are: the "Yellow Phosphorus Exhaust TreatmentPurification and Electricity Generation", which uses combustible gases such as carbonmonoxide, hydrogen and methane in yellow phosphorus exhausts to generate electricity; the"Purification Device of Yellow Phosphorus Exhausts"; the "Deep Purification Device of YellowPhosphorus Exhausts".Both the Purification Device of Yellow Phosphorus Exhausts and the Deep Purification Deviceof Yellow Phosphorus Exhausts clean the exhausts with the processing methods of alkali wash
and water wash in order to eliminate corrosive substances such as dust, hydrogen sulfide,carbon dioxide, phosphorus and fluorine.There is no doubt that these patents will bring Datang Shidai Energy Conservation significanteconomical, social and environmental benefits.The overcapacity of low-purity yellow phosphorus and the shortage of high-purity yellowphosphorus are other major issues that should also be addressed. Yellow phosphorus is animportant basic raw material for the fine phosphorus industry. The demand for high-purityyellow phosphorus is growing as a result of the increasing consumption of China's electronicgrade phosphoric acid. Methods to address these issues include providing more subsidies or other preferential policies to help accelerate the development of China's high-purity yellowphosphorus and fine phosphorus chemical industries.
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