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Published by: web1_webteam on Jul 02, 2009
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In 1649, English Scholars had found ancient Roman writings about the druids. Whenthese documents were translated and written down there was only ten written pages. Butthe English had just finished their Civil War and was looking for a religion that was notdogmatic or materialistic. People started to investigate further to see if they could getany more information and this led to books being written by the scores.On November 28 1717, a group of twelve druid enthusiasts met at the Apple Tree Tavernin London England and they started the Ancient Druid Order which was the first DruidOrder of modern times. This started the Druid Revival. Some of these modern druidscame trying to change Christianity into a less dogmatic religion. Others like John Toland believed in pantheism or that the universe was alive. You had a third group like WilliamStukeley who believed that Druidic meditation and mysticism could be applied toChristianity. These people were called Latitudinarian Christians.So we of the Order of Drui are a Neo-Druidic Order 
Chapter I: Three Rays of Light
Einigen the Giant, who was the first of all beings and saw three rays of light coming down from the heavens. The three rays represented the true nameof the god Celi, the hidden spirit of live that created all things. In the three rayswere all the knowledge that ever was or will be. Einigen took three rowan stavesand carved all the knowledge on them in straight and slanted lines. Instead of reading the staves, others misunderstood and worshipped them as gods.Einigen was so mad that he burst apart.A year and a day later, Menw discovered Einigen’s skull with three rowanstaves and they had taken root inside it and grown out the mouth. He learned toread the writing that was on them and became famous for his wisdom. This storyis the origin myth for the Druid Revival and it represents
(Ah-Oh-En) whichis the heart of Druidic teaching and it means illumination, spirit, and inspiration.The tale of Einigen is a myth. The two important things about myths areits meaning and what it teaches regardless of whether it happened or who wroteit. Druids have an important saying which says, “The truth against the world.”This means that individual truth is more important than what society says is true.The Three Rays also represents the first rays of the sun at Summer Solstice, Equinox, and Winter Solstice. Another meaning of the myth happenseach year when the Sun comes up at its three primary positions on the easter horizon: southeast at midwinter, northeast at midsummer, due east at Springand Fall.The Three Rays can each be defined. The first ray is named
goo-Ron) and symbolizes the sun at its lowest point at the winter solstice. Gwronalso is the knowledge of Awen. The second ray is named
Plen-nith)and it symbolizes the sun at is highest power at midsummer. Plennydd also isthe power of Awen. The final ray is named
(AH-lon) and it symbolizes thesun at its balance, midway through the year. Alawn is the peace of Awen.The Priestly ranks of Druidism also can be linked to the Three Rays.
, which is the first rank, deals with the living power of the spiritual realmsand this coincides with Plennydd.
, which is the second rank, keeps theknowledge of the past and this coincides with Gwron.
, which is the lastrank,, unites knowledge and power and this coincides with Alawn.
Chapter II: The Three Circles of ManifestationThe Druids teach their students that the human soul goes on a journeythrough three levels of being. These three levels are:
. Abred(AH-bred) is the first level. This is the realm of plants andanimal life. The newly formed souls start out as single celled life forms. Whenthe souls have mastered all the lessons they require then they move up to thenext complex life form.. Us humans are the most complex life form in
.According to law, humans must know all, see all and suffer all. Druids are wellaware that plants and animals die a painful death. The Second level is
(GWIN-vuth) which is the afterlife. At this level the human soulremembers its journey through Abred. Each soul learns to express its ownAwen, memories, and perceptions of the universe. The soul begins to traversethe different circles of Gwynfydd and eventually be able to take it places amongthe Mighty Ones. No other faith goes into as much depth about the afterlife asthe Druids. Gwynfyddth is not the last stage of the soul’s journey. The last stageof the soul’s journey is
(KYE-gant). This is infinity itself and it extendsabove Gwynfyddth and no matter how much knowledge or power you gain youcan never attain this level.These concepts can also apply within a single life or moment. As humanbeings we are constantly making a choice between past and Present. Abred isthe past, stationary and impossible to move. Gwynfydd is the Present alwaysflowing and changing. Ceugant is the unpredictable future always being shapedby Abred and Gwynfydd. Fate is Abred, Will is Gwynfydd and destiny is Ceugant.

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