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IQ Test

IQ Test

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Published by matt1234a
A really good IQ test...very long...very thorough. Don't have the answer key, but the grading scale is included.
A really good IQ test...very long...very thorough. Don't have the answer key, but the grading scale is included.

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Published by: matt1234a on Jul 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Which is used when playingbaseball?a.Basketb.Racketc.Mittd.Sticke.I don’t know2.Which is used when makingclothes?a.Stringb.Plasticc.Patternd.Nailse.I don’t know3.Which is used to make concrete?a.Mudb.Sandc.Plasterd.Asphalte.I don’t know4.Which can cause a disease?a.Bacteriab.Baldnessc.Bonesd.Bloode.I don’t know5.Which is the longest snake?a.Garterb.Cobrac.Rattled.Pythone.I don’t know6.Which grows on trees?a.Coconutb.Pineapplec.Blueberryd.Coffee beane.I don’t know7.Which is not a fruit?a.Mangob.Grapec.Tomatod.Potatoe.I don’t know9.Which did people invent first?a.Boatsb.Carsc.Airplanesd.Trainse.I don’t know10.Which cannot go around theEarth?a.The moonb.A boatc.A planed.The sune.I don’t know11.Which too is best for stirring?a.Spatulab.Ladlec.Forkd.Spoone.I don’t know12.Which is not a well-known river?a.Nileb.Mississippic.Amazond.Incae.I don’t know13.Who lived most recently?a. Jesusb.George Washingtonc.Abraham Lincolnd.Eleanor Roosevelte.I don’t know14.Which lived first on Earth?a.Monkeysb.Peoplec.Dinosaursd.Birdse.I don’t know15.Which is the largest mammal?a.Rhinocerosb.Hippopotamusc.Whaled.Elephante.I don’t know16.Which can jump the highest?
8.Which is cooked in an oven?a.Doughnutb.Wafflec.Caked.Pancakee.I don’t know17.Which needs to cook the longest?a.Cakeb.Pancakec.Waffled.Cookiee.I don’t know18.Which is not harmful to mosthumans?a.Penicillinb.E-colic.Salmonellad.Botulisme.I don’t know19.What is a person made of mostly?a.Musclesb.Bonesc.Skind.Watere.I don’t know20.Which is largest?a.Electronb.Cellc.Atomd.Moleculee.I don’t know21.Which ocean is the biggest?a.Atlanticb.Indianc.Pacificd.Antarctice.I don’t know22.Which mountains are the highest?a.Himalayasb.Rockiesc.Uralsd.Andese.I don’t know23.Which is not man made?a.Kangaroob.Lionc.Deerd.Giraffee.I don’t know25.Which is does not lay eggs?a.Emub.Platypusc.Rhead.Kudue.I don’t know26.Which is not poisonous to people?a.Gila monsterb.Man of warc.Waspd.Bate.I don’t know27.Which has more protein?a.Pearb.Peanutc.Celeryd.Buttere.I don’t know28.Which does not grow on land?a.Strawberryb.Blueberryc.Cranberryd.Cherrye.I don’t know29.Who lived first?a.Abraham Lincolnb.Aristotlec.Newtond.Madame Curiee.I don’t know30.Which is least poisonous tohumans?a.Plutoniumb.Ironc.Leadd.Mercurye.I don’t know31.Which is a tool not used formaking holes?
a.Rayonb.Oxygenc.Plasticd.Cemente.I don’t know24.Which is not made from trees?a.Paperb.Maple syrupc.Corkd.Plastice.I don’t knowa.Awlb.Punchc.Augerd.Caliperse.I don’t know32.Which was not a WWII general?a.Pattonb.Rommelc.MacArthurd.Grante.I don’t know33.Who discovered radium?a.Einsteinb.Newtonc.Madam Curied.Pasteure.I don’t know

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