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Tafheemul Quran iBook

Tafheemul Quran iBook

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Published by Jahid Masud Akon
Tafheemul Quran by Sayyid Abu 'l-A'la Maududi for mobile devices
Tafheemul Quran by Sayyid Abu 'l-A'la Maududi for mobile devices

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Published by: Jahid Masud Akon on Sep 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tafheem-ul Quran
Syed Abul AalaMaududi
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Tafheemul Quran
An Introduction to the understanding of the Quran
Tafheemul Quran
is the most prominent exegesis,
 and explanation of the Quran by Syed Abul Aala Maududi.
Tafheemul Quran
was originally written in Urdu. TheEnglish rendering of the Urdu meanings of the ArabicQuran was first done by Muhammad Akbar Muradpuriand Abdul Aziz Kamal. The explanatory portion which isthe
of the Quran was translated from Urdu intoEnglish by Muhammad Akbar Muradpuri. TheIntroduction of the
written by Syed Abul AalaMaududi in Urdu was translated in English by Zafar IshaqAnsari. The complete
Tafheemul Quran
is a combination of both, the translation of the Quran and the
.The following work is the enhancement in several areas.*The image-based
Tafheemul Quran
has been transformedinto text-based high resolution graphic English and Arabicfont document. The resulting optimization also allowselectronic portability across Computers, Smart Phones andElectronic Book Readers.*The Arabic text of the entire Quran has been replaced by
high resolution font based
Script. Arabic text hasalso been verified for accuracy.*In the last decade of 20
century, the hard copy of 
Tafheemul Quran
was transformed into editable soft copytext using OCR (Optical Character RecognitionHardware/Software). However, in those days the OCRbeing primitive, introduced a fairly large number of inaccuracies in the spellings, grammar and punctuation. Inmany places the words were changed to the extent that theentire sentences did not make any sense. Later on, whenInternet became widely available, many Islamic Web sitescopied this English part of the
Tafheemul Quran
, addedpoor quality scanned Arabic and made it available to thereaders on line. No effort was made towards any correction.As a result,
Tafheemul Quran
available on almost all theweb sites is full of errors.A major effort has been done here. The entire
Tafheemul Quran
has been reviewed. All spelling, grammar, andpunctuation errors have been corrected. Where necessary,vocabulary and words has been replaced to contemporaryEnglish. We hope this brings the entire
Tafheemul Quran
close to an error free document.*Syed Maududi’s translation of the Quran from Arabicinto Urdu was based on his unique approach which was notbased: ‘ayat by ayat’. He took the freedom of translatingseveral ayats together based on a subject, topic or event.This approach, when later, translated from Urdu to Englishcreated opportunity for additional work in two areas. First,translating Quranic Arabic into Urdu and then Urdu into