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z Annual Work Plan 2013 2014

z Annual Work Plan 2013 2014

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work Plan for the whole school year

work Plan for the whole school year

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Published by: Caroline Salvador Vivas on Sep 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AREAS OF CONCERN OBJECTIVES PROGRAMS ANDPROJECTS/STRATEGIESTIME FRAME PERSONSINVOLVEDSUCCESSINDICATOR I.PUPIL DEVELOPMENT1.Low MPS results2. Poor ReadingComprehension3. Inaccuracy in 4Fs/Low performance in Mathematicsespecially in solving for word problems.B
1, Low competency of theteacher in content andteaching strategies in the newK to 12 CurriculumImprove the results of MPS by atleast 2% in all subject areas.Make the pupils understand andcomprehend what they read.Improve accuracy in 4FsMaximize performance inMathematicsUpgrade the competency of theteacher in content and teachingstrategies-Utilization of the test results toimprove MPS-Conduct remedial teaching- Use of intervention materialsto enhance teaching-Use varied approaches in teachingfor more retention of knowledge.-Conduct remedial reading regularly-Use of charts and flashcards-Use of different reading materialssuited to their. learning capacities-Initiate brainstorming/semanticwebbing before reading- Follow up reading at home.-Regular use of flashcards andwindow cards.-Use of counters and concretematerials.-Integrate the concept by doing th ePractical Work Approaches(PWA) inMathematics for more understandingof the lesson.-Regular use of APAW(A Problem aWeek) to develop their skills in problem solving.Review/thorough study of the K to 12Curriculum to put skills which canhelp and boost out teachingtechniques and strategies.June,2013 to March2014June,2013 to March2014June,2013 to March2014June,2013 to March2014Teacher PupilsTeacher PupilsParentsTeacher PupilsParentsTeacher School HeadIncreased MPS by at least 2%Improved comprehension of the pupils.Improved accuracy in 4FSDeveloped and improved performance in Mathematics .Developed competency in thecontent and teaching strategiesAbout K to 12.
 2. Insufficient training of teachers to upgrade theteaching skills.
1.Insufficient books and other reading materials.2.Incompetency in teaching thedifferent subject areas .3. Lack of visual aids and other teaching materials.
1.Lack of cabinet/locker for thenew workkbooks and activitysheets in the K to 12Curriculum.Provide new teaching techniquesand strategies.Provide materials that will helpthe pupils develop their readingcapacities suited to their learningcapabilities .-Provide the teacher withcomplete lesson guides andreferences to yield a better  performance in teaching- Use different approaches inteaching.-Use new teaching techniques andinnovations.Produce more visual aids andother teaching materials needed toenhance the teaching-learningsituationProvide a cabinet/locker for  pupils activity sheets andworkbooks.Attend LAC Sessions,Trainings andSeminarsProvide photocopied readingmaterials through solicitation to PTA.-Provide
a complete set of teachers’
Guides and manuals-Provide new teaching techniques andInnovations like the use of Tele-Lessons or TV Assisted Instruction-Provide TV,DVDs and CDsINSET about making InstructionalMaterials.-Apply what were learned in variedseminars attended by teachers.-Provide low cost visual aids andmaterials such as manila paper andcartolina and cut outs and pictures.Generate funds through solicitationJune, 2013 toMarch 2014June, 2013toMarch 2014June, 2013 toMarch 2014June, 2013 toMarch 2014June, 2013 toAugust, 2013Teacher School HeadTeacher PTA/ParentsTeacher PrincipalTeacher PrincipalTeacher PTA/ParentsCivic-minded personsUpgraded techniques andstrategies.Produced materials suited to the pupils learning capacities.
Developed teachers’
competence in teachingthrough the varied use of new Teaching Innovations.Provide additional set of visualaids.Provided a cabinet/locker.

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