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Christ's Head.

Christ's Head.

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"His head is as the most fine gold." — Song of Solomon v. 11.

"His head is as the most fine gold." — Song of Solomon v. 11.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRIST'S HEAD.BY THOMAS BRADBURY"His head is as the most fine gold." — Song of Solomon v. 11.THE former part of this very precious paragraph contains theanswer of the bride to the daughters of Jerusalem whohad not been blessed with the soul-ravishing view of theBeloved, which had called forth her expressions of admirationand delight. In it we find a general description of the Belovedof her heart. *' My Beloved is white and ruddy ; the Chiefestamong ten thousand." But generalizing will not do for theliving child of God, either in the contemplation of Uis personalattractions, the spiritual blessings which abound by Him, or thosetreasures of experienced truth, mercy, and grace brought tolight by His own glorious Gospel. The living in Jerusalem, astaught by the Spirit of truth, long for the experimental posses-sion of those blessings which He brings home to the hearts of allthose in hallowed association with Himself. As we look throughGod's blessed Word, we shall find in the expressions of spiritualexperience, as flowing from the hearts of the saints, thispersonal intercourse with their living Head. It is not " Lord,save Thy people," that will express the desire of a living soul ;but, " Lord, save me." " Lord have mercy upon us, miserablesinners," can be intoned in public by proud professors; but," God be merciful to me a sinner," is only breathed by burdenedspirits before the throne. Look at a few personal inquiries : " Owhen wilt Thou come unto me? " (Psa. ci. 2); " O visit me withThy salvation " (Psa. cvi. 4) ; " Let Thy mercies come also imtome, LORD, even Thy salvation, accordinff to Thy Word "(^Psa. cxix. 41) ; " Saw ye Him whom my soul loveth ? " (Songiii. 3). The sinner blessed with the love of the heavenlyBridegroom is oblivious to all other lovers. He is the oneObject of the heart's affection, admiration, and adoration : henceo. 186.— Pbici One Penny. Digitized by GoOQIc
380 GROVE CHAPEL PULPIT.the particularizing of the varied excellencies revealed in Him bythe Holy Ghost. Did you ever notice that saying of the Masterin John xvi. 14 ? I know you have read it, but have you noticedit ? For ofttimes we read without noticing. " He shall receiveof Mine, and show it unto you." It is not, " He shall take Me ;but Miner My blood for your redemption. My righteousnessfor your justification. My intercession for your acceptance. Myglory for your security. It is the Spirit's delight to reveal thatwhich is in Christ to meet and satisfy the necessity He hascreated in the heart of a living child. " He shall take of Mine.**Where from I He shall take it from the written Word, He shalltake it from the Father's everlasting covenant of grace for thecomfoi-t and consolation of the Father's children. Is a child of God depressed, desponding, oppressed with a sense of sin,and groaning for the enjoyment of God's salvation t The Spiritof truth must and will reveal that salvation unto it. Is a child of God labouring for deUverance from the prison-house of captivity ?The Holy Ghost shall take of Christ, in His marvellous achieve-ments of ^race as Zion's Redeemer and Deliverer, and showthem unto it. Is a child of God troubled and cast down becauseof daily and hourly corruptions? The Holy Spirit will revealto it the Fountain opened to the house of David and to t^einhabitants of Jerusalem. Is a child of God experiencing con-demnation because of failure in respect to the demands of God'srighteous law? The Holy Ghost must take of the Surety*sspotless obedience and show it unto him. Is the child of Godhungering ftnd thirsting for the covenant provisions of God'shouse ? The Holy Ghost will reveal to him the Master's tablespread with the provisions of Divine love and grace, and willcause the Masters voice to be heard, saying, " Eat, friends ;drink, yea, drink abundantly, beloved " (Sonff v. 1). Is theburdened seeker sighing and crying at mercy's door ? Are thepoor and needy seeking water, finding none, and their tonguetailing for thirst! They want to pray, but know not how." The Spirit will help their infirmities : for they know not whatto pray for as they ought : but the Spirit itself maketh inter-cession for them with groanings which cannot be uttered " (Rom.
viii. 26). He will reveal to such a precious Christ, the all-Srevailing Intercessor, the ever-powerful Advocate who openslis mouth for the dumb, pleads the cause of the poor, andmaintains the right of God's afflicted ones. There is not a wantor necessity produced in the heart of a tried and tempted childof God by the grace and indwelling of God the ever-blessedSpirit, but He will supply according to God's riches in glory JjyChrist Jesus, to cheer, comfort, and encourage the weary pilgrimon his wilderness journey. .If we look through the whole of this book we shall find noname given to Him but that of Beloved. We cannot find Himthere by the name of JEHOVAH, Christ, Saviour, or Emmanuel^Digitized by LjOOQ ICCHRIST'S HEAD. 881and yet He is there in the blessedness of all these. We findHim as our Deliverer from all doubts, feai's, cares, and anxietiesofttimos experienced by us. He is revealed to us as God'sChrist, whoso name is as ointment poured forth to all thosewhom He brings into communion and fellowship with Himself.He is a gracious King reigning and niling in the afifections of His bride, and bringing her into the delightful chamber of Hisgrace and glory. In our translation of Solomon's Song we look tor the name of God, but we cannot find it. In the original it isfound in that precious declaration of the mutual love of Christand His bride in chap. viii. 0: *^ Set me as a seal upon Thineheart, as a seal upon Thine arm : for love is strong as death : jealousv is cruel as the grave : the coals thereof are coals of fire,which hath a most vehement flame " (Hebrew, "7%« coaU thereof are the flames of the fire of the Lord " ). The flames of the fire of JEHOVAH-JESUS*^ eternal, immutable love. In all the rest of the book we fail to find the name of God, and vet we enjoy HisSerson and His presence there. We fail to find the name of 

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