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Christ's Eyes.

Christ's Eyes.

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Published by glennpease

" His cyes arc as the eyes of doves."— Song of Solomon v. 12,

" His cyes arc as the eyes of doves."— Song of Solomon v. 12,

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRIST'S EYES.BY THOMAS BRADBURY" His cyes arc as the eyes of doves."— Song of Solomon v. 12,AOTHER partioular of the beauties, excellencies, andglories of the Bridegroom of the heavenly bride willengage our attention this morning. A general view is given of Him m verse 10 ; but, as I told you before, ^eneralisiujo; is notsufficient for the true-bom child of God, neither will it satisfythe deep cravings for further revelations of the beauty andblessedness of the one Object of the Church's affections. Hemust be known as He is in Himself and for what He is in Hisadorable person, more than for His offices and performances. Ido not wish to know what He has done, what He is doing, orwhat He purposes to do, but I desire to Imow HIMSELF in allthese. "HIS OW SELF" is the one Object of my faith,and hope, and love. The blessing of redemption I prize ; butthe person of the Redeemer is my deUght. The giit of right-eousness I highly esteem ; but Chnst my righteousness is beyondall esteem. The ^race of justification 1 highly value; butJesus my Justifier is my All-in-all. What I want fulfilled in myexperience to-day may npt satisfy me to-morrow ; but I knowI snail want Himself. It may be that the temptations of Satan,the weakness of the flesh, and the peculiar circumstancessurrounding me will cause me to long for a different view of Him altogether to that in which He reveals Himself to meto-day. I may be bowed down under a sense of fiailure andweakness, and desire to know Him as my spiritual Sainson. Imay be left to feel my want of wisdom, and know it to myheart's discontent, and shall wai^t Him near to me as my spiritualSolomon. I may feel my wounds, and bruises, and putrifyingsores, and orv for Him to visit me as the good Physician inOilead with His healing balm. I may experience the depths of a laa— Pwci Ohm PumY. .^ ,_. ., , . .^
40 1 GROVE CHAPEL PULPtT.Satan's temptations, groan under his repeated assaults, and feelmyself to be a poor accused wretch, with him close to my righthand (Zech. iiL 1). I shall then long for the protection of raycovenant Angel, my powerful Pleader, my all-prevailingAdvocate, who puts to silence every hellish accusation, andbrings me into the presence of His Father, to st^nd in the lightof &a unsullied perfections, glorious as He is glorious, perfectas He is perfect, accepted and complete in Him. As I (^assalong the course of mv strange, eventful, and ever-changinghistory, I sigh for freeii discoveries of the unchanging One :** Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever "(Heb. xiii. 8). He is ever the same in His person, attributes,offices, and promises to me, yet He is ever chancing in therevelation of His goodness to me. In verse 11 we oehold Himin His glorious Oodhead, in His Headship over all thin^ to HisChurch, and as the Head and Husband of His bride, in whomall spiritual blessings abound for her. We also see Him in Hislocks, which are bushy and black as a raven. In these arerevealed His purposes of unchanging love. His promises, whichare all Yea and Amen, and His performances tor us and in usby the power of the Holy Ghost. All these are so great, vast,and glorious as to be utterly incomprehensible to poor humannature ; and as to the child of Ood comprehending them in alltheir fulness, variety, and perfection, it is folly to think of it.Here and there he is privileged with a little unfolding of theglories of the Beloved, and now and then he is indulged witha sweet foretaste and blessed earnest of that perfect bliss andblessedness which will be his when, divested of the burden of the flesh, he shall see Him as He is, and worship Him as heought. " For now we see through a glass darkly ; but thenface-to-face : now I know in part ; but then shall I know evenas also I am known *' (1 Cor. xiii. 12).ow notice the b€»uty of the order in which the bride, bythe Holy Ghost, sets forth the superlative excellencies of herloving Bridegroom. She begins with His head, then describesHis locks, and now speaks of His eyes as the eyes of doves.
We will read the text : — "His eyes are as the eyes of doves."*^ His eyes.** In the first place this may mean His Spirit inthe diversity of His gifts and operations. You will find thatthe Holy Ghost, in many portions of the Scriptures of truth, iscalled ** the Spirit of Christ.'* " ow if any man have not theSpirit of Chnst, he is none of His " (Rom. viii. 9). If I havenot the Spirit of Christ, I am none of His. If I have not theSpirit of Christ as my " indwelling God and Friend," I mustgive lamentable evidence that I am not a member of the bodyof Christ, and that I receive no nourishment, strength, orgoodness from the Head, Husband, and All-in-all of His Churchand people. The Spirit of the living God ; the Spirit of ourGHRIST^S t^ns. 405Lord Jesus ChnBt ; the Spirit of TTisdom and revelation ia He vby whom we see, know, comprehend, and understand thevaried perfections which dwell in Christ, the covenant blessingswhich are secured for us in Christ, the needful graces whichflow to us through Christ, and the spiritual bounties which aboimdin us by Christ. Without the Spirit of Christ we have nothing,and are worse than nothing. I have been greatly interested of late with that precious portion in Heb. ix. 14 : " How muchmore shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spiritoffered Himself without spot to God, purge your consciencefrom dead works to serve the living God? " Mark those words — ** through the eternal SpintJ^ In many portions of the ewTestament we are told that Christ's offering Himself was Hisown voluntary act. He says, " Therefore doth My Father loveMe, because I lay down Mv life, that I might take it ac^in.o man taketh it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I havepower to lay it down, and I have power to take it again" (JohnX. 17, 18). Yet Paul by the Holy Ghost says, '[ Who through tJieeternal Spirit offered Himself to God^ Everything done by ourLord Jesus Christ upon earth was by the grace and energy of 

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