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Lovers of Pleasure More Than God

Lovers of Pleasure More Than God

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^ Timothy hi. 4.
Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

^ Timothy hi. 4.
Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LOVERS OF PLEASURE MORE THA GODBY SAMUEL HORSFALL^ Timothy hi. 4.Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.THAT mankind should prefer the sensual enjoy-ments of this hfe before the love of that God inwhom they live, move, and have their beingswould appear incredible, did we not daily witnessthis, and many other instances of their depravity.This is the more culpable, and is a greater aggra-vation of their sin, since God hath not withheldthem from the indulgence of any pleasure suitableto their nature, as men and as christians.First, as men who are endowed with rationalfaculties. The world, by the direction of the Al-mighty, teems with variegated beauties, and na-SERMO X. 135tiire spreads her charms in vast profusion to gra-tify our senses. On the surface of the globe sheexhibits an inexhaustible store of wonders. Pleas-ing in every view, even in her wildest state, shepresents the sublimest scenes, as varied into hilland dale, wood and plain; either rising into moun-tains of different heights, or sinking into vales,where she assumes her loveliest form : and whenshe opens on the extended plain, she so minglesher manifold beauties of groves and lawns, lakesand rivers, that no one can view her without beingconvinced a hand divine could only form a sceneso vast and so sublimely beautiful. The numerouscreatures formed to inhabit this wonderous globe,
each possessing its own particular element, proclaimthe same Almighty power. The earth replenishedwith multitudes of animals;— the waters aboundingwith myriads of the fmny tribe; — the air furnishedwith those of the winged species; some indeednoxious to the human race, others destined for hisnourishment, but all intended to ornament theabode of highly-favoured man.The varied foliage of trees and shrub? — the136 SERMO X.flowers that deck the verdant meadows and enamelthe herbage of the gromid, spring only to enrichthe scene; the murmuring brook, the flowing ri-*ver, the faUing cataract, tlie impetuous torrent,interspersed with every other picturesque beauty,dehght the eye and shew a kind Creator attentiveto the happiness of man. The bleating sheep, thelowing kine; but more than these the featheredtribe, that wing the air, from the early carol of the high-soaring lark, to the evening song of themelodious nightingale, appear designed to cheerthe Lord of this lovrer world with their harmoniouswarblings. Dead to ever}'^ sense of rational de-light must that soul be who can refrain the excla-mation — '' How manifold are thy works, O Lord,*' in wisdom hast thou made them all!'* Such aprofusion spread before the creatures of thine hand;bespeaks thine Almighty power, but thine univer-sal goodness more.This truth is still more manifest when we elevateour view to that glorious extended canopy — theblue etherial sky; illuminated by the sun, who^ends forth his beams to every part of this terra-
SERMO X. 137queous globe, as it revolves on its axis; yieldingthe blessings of heat and light to every creaturedispersed on its surface : and v^^hen this luminaryappears to sink beneath the western horizon, leav-ing us involved in the shades of night; then doesthe moon with her pale-reflecting rays, afford amild effulgence, that banishes the gloom of dark-ness; while countless stars bespangle the spaciousvault of heaven, and dart a tremulous lustre throughthe dense medium; bringing forth from the philo-sophic mind — the real admirer of nature^s mostglorious works — and the adorer of the bounteousAuthor of all these wonders, this just observation,expressive of astonishment at the condescendinggoodness of the Almighty: — " When I survey the" heavens, even the works of thy fingers — the moon" and the stars which thou hast ordained; what is'' man that thou art mindful of him, or the son of '' man that thou visitest him?*'What is man, indeed, for whom these wondersare formed, and for whose use and delight, theyare sustained with such regularity, that they fur-nish him with a continual treat to gratify him withT138 SERMO X.the most exquisite entertainment ! What is man !Is he alone capable of taking delight from externalappearances ? Has he nothing within himself thatcan supply him with real pleasure equal to theseobjects? Yes, and far surpass them^ great as tlie

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