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Wake up: Aches & Pains

Wake up: Aches & Pains

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Published by Mathew R Wimot
Captain Dashiell Adams has awoken from a deep sleep. He collets himself and his thoughts as he tries to navigate the ship and remember just what happened to him before he slept.
Captain Dashiell Adams has awoken from a deep sleep. He collets himself and his thoughts as he tries to navigate the ship and remember just what happened to him before he slept.

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: Mathew R Wimot on Sep 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wake up:
Aches and Pains
Dashiell stepped over the lip of the cockpits pressure door still yawning and runninga hand though his fluffed up hair. He was still dressed in yesterdays clothes which werenow crinkled and slightly twisted on his frame. He slumped down into his captains chairand scratched at his chest through the unbuttoned neck of his collarless shirt. Abigailtwisted in her seat to face her captain, her hand still on the control stick.
"Afternoon Cap'in." She said with a warm smile on her face.
"How long was I out?" He asked turning his head to the left trying to work out a kinkhe had developed.
"Almost two days." Said Abi. He blinked a couple of times there stared at her tryingto process the information.
"Two days? Why did no one wake me?" The kink in his neck had developed into adeep seated ache that ran off his shoulder and down his left side. A grimace fell across hisface as the memory came back to him. He remembered three of them in front and onebehind with a club, or maybe it was a wrench.
"I went to bring you dinner last night but Gramps said to let you sleep it off." Abireturned her attention to the sky in front of her. "Said you'd earned a little peace." Dashtried a chuckle and instantly regretted it. He winced from the throbbing in his side andadjusted his position in the captains chair to try and make himself more comfortable.
"Where are we heading?" He asked not even looking out the large glass front of thecockpit.
"Back to Lunar. We've made the drop off, been paid so we're going to lay low for awhile. Let you rest up."
"I'm good. Another day and I'll be hundred percent." Dash motioned to stand up andhad to pause. The tightness in his body took the air out of him for a moment. When hestraightened up Abi was looking at him again, arm over the back of her pilots chair.Eyebrows raised up to the leather flight cap she insisted on wearing.
"And where do you think you're going?" She asked. Dash stepped down off theslight plinth his chair stood on and guided himself around it keeping a firm grip on theheadrest.
"Galley. I've not eaten in days and I'm starved. Is that alright mother?" He smiled ather. Her face relaxed a little and she reeled in the over protective look.
"Alright but let me get Zeke to help you. He's around here-"
"I can manage." He said cutting her off, her hand hovering over the intercom. "It'sonly fifty feet." She thought on it for a moment then resolved the matter in her head.
"Okay but be careful." She said retuning once more to the windshield.
"Always am." He said disappearing into the darkness of the corridor. She sighed atthe truth of it all. He was always careful but rarely had the luck to go with it.
Dash made his way through the ship keeping one hand on the wall to his right. Afterthe initial numbness from waking in his bunk his body had finally caught up with him. Paincovered him like skin. It wasn't going anywhere so he'd better get used to it. He wascareful to avoid the access ladder leading down to the cargo deck and for one briefmoment stood without support and made it the three steps to the other side of the hole. Aclattering from the galley made him look up from his feet. He didn't appreciate the noisebut was thankful the door was open. The wheels that locked the pressure doors were hardenough to turn with both hands and a working body. Inside the galley her found Bernhardsurrounded by metal pans cursing under his breath.
"What the hell are you doing?." Dash asked stepping into the galley. Bernhardlooked up and his frown faded from his weathered, wrinkled face. It was replaced by relief,he'd never admit it but he had been worried about his friends son. He cared for the youngcaptain like he was family.
"You're awake. Figured you'd be out till at least the morning." Bernie said crouchingdown to pick up his mess.
"Well I like to keep everyone on their toes. Can't leave a crew captainless for longor anarchy ensues." He pulled out the chair at the head of the wooden table and easedhimself into it. "You do crazy things like save my ass and finish jobs."
"You were doing fine, hell of a lot better than those fool in the warehouse." Berniesaid stacking pans into each other.
"I know I was about to get a lot more breathing holes. Was it you or Zeke who keptme solid?"
"Zeke took 'me all out. There's no denying how good a shot that boy is with a longrifle." Bernie thought about the first mates skill before putting the pans into a high cupboardand locking it closed with a hinged wooden bar. "He helped me get you out of there badback to the ship."
"Thanks. I owe you one." Dash said. He twisted in the chair throwing his right armover the back, trying to stretch out his left side.

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