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foreign nurses steps

foreign nurses steps

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Published by julialeo

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Published by: julialeo on Jul 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Most foreign workers who wish to become United States Legal Resident Aliens (Permanent Residents) must go through a lengthy process involving the U.S. Department of Labor referred to as the \u201calien labor certification process\u201d.

However, the \u201calien labor certification\u201d process is not required for certain occupations that have been identified by the United States Department of Labor as ones for which a shortage of labor exists. These shortage occupations are referred to as \u201cSchedule A\u201d occupations. Nursing and Physical Therapist positions are both currently considered to be \u201cSchedule A\u201d occupations.

The following describes the permanent residency process for foreign Registered Nurses who
currently live in the United States.
1)CGFNS Certificate: To be offered a job as a Registered Nurse by UTMB, you must be

eligible for a Texas nursing license. Unless you graduated from a U.S. nursing school a certificate issued by the Council on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) is required. To be issued a CGFNS Certificate, you must pass the CGFNS exam and the TOEFL exam. (The TOEFL exam is not required if you graduated from a nursing school in Australia, Canada [except Quebec], Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, or the United States.)

For information about obtaining a Texas nursing license contact the Texas State Board
of Nurse Examiners atht t p: / /www.bne .s t a t e . tx .us
For information about CGFNS certification visit their web address at:

2)Visa Screen Certificate: Foreign health care workers must also obtain a \u201cVisa Screen Certificate\u201d from the International Council on Healthcare Professionals (ICHP) before being granted status as permanent residents of the U.S. Information about the \u201cVisa Screen\u201d certification program may also be found on the CGFNS web page cited above. The \u201cVisa Screen\u201d certificate is required of all foreign-born health care workers, even those with nursing degrees from the United States. The English language exam is waived, however, you should start this process right away. For information and application forms contact CGFNS at the above web address or by telephone at: (215) 349-8767.

3)Job Offer: To be sponsored for permanent residency, UTMB must offer you a job as a

Registered Nurse and notify the Office of International Affairs in writing of the job offer. Only then will the Office of International Affairs provide forms, assemble the immigrant petition (Form I-140), and submit it to the USCIS for approval for you.

4)Documentation Required in Support of Form I-140:Provide the following to the Office
of International Affairs:
a)Money order or cashiers check payable to \u201cUSCIS\u201d in the amount of $115.00
b) Completed Form ETA750B (blank form provided by International Affairs Office)
c) One page resume, if available
d) Copy of nursing diploma, with translation if not in English.

Under some circumstances, a degree equivalency certificate from a credential evaluation agency may be required.

e) Copy of Texas Nursing License or Provisional License
f)Office of International Affairs \u201cPre-Arrival Data Sheet\u201d

g) Copies of biographical page of passport, passport expiration page, all U.S. visa stamps Forms I-94, and other immigration documentation issued to you for periods of presence in the U.S.

5)Eight or more weeks after mailing the completed application to the USCIS, the Office of
International Affairs will be sent an USCIS receipt notice.
6)The I-140 \u201cApproval Notice\u201d (USCIS Form I-797) will be mailed to UTMB as employer
within 6 months or longer.
7) Approval of an \u201cimmigrant petition\u201d enables you to begin the second part of the process, the
application for \u201cadjustment of status\u201d (Form I-485).
8)The approved \u201cimmigrant petition\u201d is employer specific and is not transferable. If you
change employers, the new employer must file a new \u201cImmigrant Petition\u201d if you wish to
continue the permanent residency process.

1) It is your responsibility to file form I-485 with the USCIS. Because of the complexity and
importance of this portion of the process, we strongly encourage you to hire a qualified
immigration and nationality attorney to prepare and file the application for you. The
Office of International Affairs will not assist with this part of the process. If you wish to
file this application on your own, you may request forms from the USCIS by calling
1(800) 870-3676 or download forms and information from the USCIS web page at:


2) The \u201cVisa Screen\u201d certificate that is mentioned above is a required supporting document to the application. The Council on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) is the agency authorized to issue the \u201cVisa Screen\u201d certificate. Visit the CGFNS web address (provided above) for further information.

3)Foreign registered nurses who completed their professional degrees in countries other than

the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand, are required to pass an English proficiency examination as part of the \u201cVisa Screen\u201d certification. For further information see the CGNFS web page above or the Educational Testing Service web page atht t p: / /www.e ts. o rg


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