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Alkaline Water for Better Health 1

Alkaline Water for Better Health 1

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Published by ionizeroasis02

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Published by: ionizeroasis02 on Jul 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alkaline water for better health
AMONG the most important factors related to aperson’s health are the quality of air he breathes, thewater he drinks and the food he eats. One’s health isdetermined by the efficiency by which we can flushout the acid buildup or wastes in our body. When wetake in food, much of it is absorbed and turned intonutrients that translate to growth, energy and muscle-building. A portion becomes waste that needs to beflushed out.Waste that remains in the body eventually turns intoacid and starts attacking our organs. That’s whendiseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and bloodpressure, acid reflux, gout, uric acid and heartburnstart. Most people take antacids to remove the gasesproduced by the acid buildup. Its no wonderoughage like veggies, whole grain and salads isgood for us. Aside from it being alkaline, it’s also easyto flush out.Acid buildup also happens in the colon, which is oneof the barometers of health. To be able to picture itbetter, compare it to an aquarium: The fish are like our body’s cells—they’re fed and they eat the food. Someof that food makes them healthy and some areflushed out in the water as waste. As waste builds up,the water becomes polluted and turns acidic, and thefish start getting sick.
To stabilize the health of the fish, the water needs tobe changed and its acidity needs to be neutralized.Only when this balance is achieved can the fish goback to being healthy. The same happens in thehuman cell or body. The food and drinks we consumeare digested for all kinds of body functions, and thewaste will be flushed out. It’s this waste buildup thatturns to acid and starts the development of diseases.We need to neutralize the acidity to restore the body’shealthy and balanced state.Seventy-five percent of our body is water. It goeswithout saying that the quality of the water we put inour body is very important. I used to believe thatwater was just plain water. Not true. Most water—even mineral—is acidic. Softdrinks are highly acidic.There are some places that have a bit of alkalinity intheir water, but it’s loaded with chlorine. Alkaline water neutralizes this acid buildup to flush out harmfultoxins.In 1965, a company in Japan called Enagic developeda water system called Kangen. Kangen means “returnto origin.” This invention was inspired by four knownglacier water sources, in Tlacote, Mexico; Nordenau,Germany, and Vichy and Lourdes in France.Japanese scientists observed that hundreds othousands of people flocked to those places to get“miracle water” from springs. They noticed that many
of the residents in those locations lived up to ahealthy old age and few were getting sick.Upon closer study, they discovered that the glacier water was alkaline. It had an antioxidant content of minus 800 ORP (oxidation reduction potential).According to scientists, for an antioxidant to beeffective, it has to have an ORP of at least minus 300to minus 400. Positive ORP is an oxidant, thereforeit’s not good for the body. Oxidants accelerate theaging process. A sliced apple will soon turn brown in aprocess called oxidation. An antioxidant does not stopaging, it only slows it down.
Many people who drink alkaline water look youngbecause of the antioxidant that delays aging. In Vichy,because the water had an ORP of negative 800,residents started bottling it, but realized that the ORPdisappears after a few hours. The Lourdes water wasalso tested and was found out to be alkaline, as well.The problem with those water types was theiinconsistent quality. Armed with this knowledge,Japanese scientists headed by Dr. Shirahata of Kyushu University developed the Kangen water machine, which has the properties of the consistent,pure glacier and antioxidant, alkaline water. It hasanother quality that makes the flushing out of acidseven more effective: Typical water has 15 to 16molecules, which take time to digest.

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