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Agademics, September 2013

Agademics, September 2013

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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources honors alumni, partners | Organizers hope e-Volution conference inspires innovative technology, distance-education uses | SAREC open house shows producers research highlights | Obamacare and Changing Health Care Market topic of Consumer Issues Conference | Wyoming state fair photographs | Presidential Visit (President Sternberg’s visit to state fair) | Laramie Research and Extension Center open house
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources honors alumni, partners | Organizers hope e-Volution conference inspires innovative technology, distance-education uses | SAREC open house shows producers research highlights | Obamacare and Changing Health Care Market topic of Consumer Issues Conference | Wyoming state fair photographs | Presidential Visit (President Sternberg’s visit to state fair) | Laramie Research and Extension Center open house

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Published by: University of Wyoming Extension on Sep 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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september 2013
 Agricultural Experiment Station
 www.uwyo.edu/uwexpstnRoom 111, Ag C(307) 766-3667
Bernadette van der Vliet, Layout Design
bvanderv@uwyo.eduRoom 123, Ag C(307) 766-5157
Steven L. Miller, Senior Editor
slmiller@uwyo.edu Room 123, Ag C(307) 766-6342
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College of Agriculture and NaturalResources honors alumni, partners
he president of Farm Credit Services of America andthe owner of a forest products company in Wyomingare this year’s outstanding alumni award recipients fromthe College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.Doug Stark of Riverton and Jim Neiman of Hulett willreceive the alumni awards during Ag Appreciation Week-end September 13-14. Victor McMurry will receive theLegacy Award, the Wyoming Mining Association (WMA)the Outstanding Research Partner Award, and long-timeprofessor of agricultural economics Dale Menkhaus theAndrew Vanvig Lifetime Distinguished Faculty Achieve-ment Award.The recipients will be honored during Ag AppreciationWeekend events on campus. Full stories are athttp://bit.ly/2013agawards.
Outstanding Alumni
Stark, whose family has a dairy farm near Riverton,received his bachelor’s degree in agricultural business in1980 and joined FCSAmerica. He became president andCEO in 2005. He oversees a loan portfolio of more than$18.5 billion with 60,000 producers. FCSAmerica servesWyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.A particular passion is leadership, and he collaborateswith Dean Frank Galey in a leadership class each fall atUW.“It’s a passion I have,” he says. “One of the essencesof being an effective leader is inspiring a shared vision. It’sreally about getting people to care. Leading is not about atitle or position – it’s about action and purpose that reallycan apply anywhere in any business and in any line or ca-reer line of business.”Leadership is about helping people and the organiza-tion maximize their potentials, he says. “Imagine what theworld would be like if everybody performed at their maxi-mum capability. I think that is exciting and intriguing.”Neiman received his range management degree in1974 and heads Neiman Enterprises Inc., which is a woodproducts businesses headquartered in Hulett with facilities
in Hill City and Spearsh, South Dakota, and Montrose,
Colorado.The company’s sustainability practices, promoted byNeiman, draws praise from the forestry arena.“Neiman Enterprises has been a regional and nationalleader in the forest products industry even during the eco-nomic downturn of 2008,” says Robert Means, WyomingBureau of Land Management state forester and climatechange coordinator.Neiman has a long list of service to the state – includ-ing the university. He served on the UW Board of Trusteesfor 12 years and two years as president.
Neiman reected upon his volunteering for numerous
boards in the state and the university.“There is something about your alma mater,” he says.“You have to lead by example. How do you go from suc-
cess to signicance? How do you help others? That’s an
important part of it.”
Research Partner
The WMA has worked directlywith the Department of Agriculturaland Applied Economics and others for many years on an-nual publications, major projects, and reclamation technol-ogy.
Doug StarkJim Neiman
“Consistent goals have created long-lasting partner-ships between the College of Agriculture and Natural Re-sources and the WMA membership,” noted Roger Coupal,department head of agricultural and applied economics.
Legacy Award
Although his father was in the construction business,McMurry chose to attend the College of Agriculture andNatural Resources. He transferred to UW from Casper Col-lege in fall 1967, and graduatedwith a bachelor’s degree infarm and ranch management in1970.“It was a wonderful place.I was entirely comfortable,”says McMurry. “And it’s noweven more focused on trying toprovide what people across thestate need. The UW college of ag is the top in the country asfar as I’m concerned.”His is the lead gift for theDean’s Excellence Fund in thecollege of Agriculture and Natural Resources, notes Galey.“Thanks to Vic, the college will be able to pursue newinitiatives to address important issues facing Wyoming’sagriculture, renewable resource base, and rural communi-ties,” says Galey.The fund supports speaker presentations, panel discus-sions, guest lectures, short courses, and public forums thatmake science-based information available to the public.
Vanvig Award
This year’s Vanvig award recipient was hired by theaward’s namesake – Andrew Vanvig. Professor Dale Men-
 Victor McMurry
kaus in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Eco-nomics came to the college in 1973. Since then he’s:Published 80 refereed journal articlesBeen cited 847 times in literatureReceived nearly $1.5 million in extramural funding asprincipal investigator or co-PIMentored 27 graduate students as committee chairServed on an additional 61 Ph.D. and master’s studentcommitteesReceived numerous teaching awardsWas selected as Fulbright ScholarReceived national and regional awards for outreach andscholarship and has been recognized for his contributionsto the Wyoming economy.“His unassuming nature and quiet leadership have gar-nered him the lasting respect of countless students, admin-istrators, and colleagues within the university and the agri-cultural economics discipline,” says colleague, departmenthead, and Associate Professor Roger Coupal in nominatingMenkhaus.
Professor Dale Menkaus
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources honors alumni, partners
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The University of Wyoming College of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ outstandingalumni, research/outreach partner, legacy award, and Vanvig distinguished faculty recipients for2013 will be honored September 13-14 as part of Ag Appreciation Weekend – a celebration ofthe importance of agriculture to Wyoming’s history, culture, and economy.Ag Appreciation Weekend events include:
Fiday, Sptmb 13
Dean’s Ag Appreciation Dinner. Attendance by invitation only.
Satuday, Sptmb 14
31st annual Ag Appreciation Day Barbecue – Noon-1:30 p.m. at Tailgate Park. Tickets canbe purchased at the event or prior by contacting Kelly Wiseman in the Office of Academic andStudent Programs at (307) 766-4135.College of Agriculture and Natural Resources student organizations prepare and serve themeal. Proceeds provide scholarships for College of Agriculture and Natural Resources studentsand help fund various agricultural college student organizations. Sponsors include the college,local businesses, agricultural groups, and individual donors.
Ftba Tikts
The UW vs. University of Northern Colorado football game begins at 2 p.m. The college hasreserved Ag Appreciation Weekend group football tickets. Go tohttp://bit.ly/foruwticketsand enterthe promotional code AGDAY and follow the prompts. Tickets are $28 for adults and $13 for youth.
   A   g   A   p   p   r   e   c   i   A   T   i   o   n    S   c   h   e   d   u   l   e   o   F   e   v   e   n   T   S
Organizers hope e-Volution conference inspiresinnovative technology, distance-education uses
here is no Wizard of Oz of-fering solutions but weavingtechnology and teaching along theyellow brick road could enhancelearning for students.e-Volution: Innovations in learning environments andthe Agriculture and Natural Resources Western RegionTeaching Symposium seeks to help teachers and trainersdiscover and share innovative ways to use technology toenhance teaching and learning.The conference is Friday and Saturday, September 13-14, in the Wyoming Union. Its keynote speaker says we’renot in Kansas anymore.“We need to make sure what we teach
and how we teach is reective of the pres
-ent, not the past,” notes Gary Moore, profes-sor of agriculture and extension education atNorth Carolina State University.His presentation contains images,sound, and video from the “Wizard of Oz.”Conference partners include the Col-lege of Agriculture and Natural Resources,UW Outreach School, Ellbogen Center forTeaching and Learning, and UW Libraries.Its theme is Finding the Balance: Technol-ogy and the Future of Education.“Gary Moore is fun, inspiring, and veryenergetic,” says Professor Karen Williamsin the College of Agriculture and NaturalResources and member of the Western Re-gion Teaching Symposium (WRTS). She is a member of the joint conference committee organizing the conference.The event includes best practices for integrating socialmedia into the classroom, virtual laboratories, pedagogicalinnovation with technology, video-conferencing, bloggingin the classroom, assistive technology, UW’s new learningmanagement system, and online group projects.The conference will stream online on its website atwww.wyoforum.org.
Williams reects two rsts for the annual e-Volutionconference: the rst time e-Volution has partnered with acollege on the UW campus, and the rst time WRTS has
decided to partner.
The nancial partnership of WRTS with e-Volution
results in no registration fees for WRTS, and e-Volutionwants its partnership with the College of Agriculture andNatural Resources to be a model to partner with a differentUW college each year.The partneriship has addeddifferent technology and peda-gogy to WRTS, says ProfessorDonna Brown, associate dean and
director of the Ofce of Academic
and Student Programs in the College of Agriculture andNatural Resources. She is also chair of WRTS.“Such as virtual attendance at many of the sessions,”she says. Her goal is to help faculty members in some of the agriculturally related disciplines see how they can in-corporate technology and distance education techniquesinto their teaching.The conference isn’t agricultural re-lated.“For each concurrent session, there willbe two options,” says Williams, who alsodirects the Bachelor of Applied Science Pro-gram at UW. “One is by a faculty member ina college of agriculture and one is by a pre-senter in a different area. However, all thepresentations are great for anyone to attend.The content highlights interdisciplinary ap-plication for strategies.”Each presenter from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has beenhonored repeatedly for excellence in teach-ing and use of technology in teaching: Wil-liams; Rachel Watson, associate academicprofessional in molecular biology; AssociateProfessor Kari Morgan and Professor RandyWeigel in the Department of Family and Consumer Sci-ences; and Professor Emeritus Steve Williams in the De-partment of Ecosystem Science and Management.Other presenters are:Athena Kennedy, student engagement coordinator atColorado State University onlinePlus.Debra Beck, longtime teacher for the OutreachCredit Program at UW and a member of the UWCollege of Education. She incorporates audio, socialbookmarking, wikis, and YouTube in her courses.Benjamin George, an instructor in landscape andarchitecture and environmental planning at UtahState University,Cody Connor, instructional technology educationalspecialist in the UW Outreach School. And,Wendy Alameda, assistive technology specialist forthe WIND Assistive Technology Resources at UW.
Professor Karen Williams

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