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The Unspoken Truth Chapter 6

The Unspoken Truth Chapter 6

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Published by yoshioshiroyanagi

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Published by: yoshioshiroyanagi on Jul 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 6: GluttonyLo and behold, our celebration party was the most exciting ones I ever attended.The fun had started where a couple of us met on the way to Calvin’s house, the proposed place to host the party; me, Ara, Hariz, Goro, and Misaki. Yeah, we live under onecomplex near the school, so we do get along with each other a bit well. Then we metFloramaria and Teppei, along with Sugimoto, which maybe I haven’t introduced yet.Sugimoto Koizumi is a fellow who hates people who are trying to be cool,narcissists to be precise. It was reasonable enough for others and me; people who put upacts are bound to be ignored rather than being watched. He’s fairly good at the guitar,although he said his skills are trash compared to Darius. Short but not fat, he is a god of  badminton that can even make draws with Misaki, where she comes from a countrywhose badminton skills are renowned. He can easily fall asleep but can easily wake upagain even at the sound of a pillow falling from the bed.“It’s not a sleeping disorder; it’s an advantage so I could keep robbers out of myhouse,” he jokingly remarked.The rest of the class had appeared both already arrived in order to set up the partyand rearrange some things, or they arrived before Nanaho decided to start without the restwho hadn’t arrived yet.“And with all of your accomplishments as a class, both in the War Games, your exams, and most of all your teamwork, let this be a celebration of success that we cancherish together as a class,” Sensei concluded his introductory speech. ‘Amen’s areshouted and applauses are made. With Sensei’s part finished, dinner began.“Cheers, mate.”Sensei, on the front of all of us, made toast, and the maids brought us the first batch of food. These were large, thick, juicy Kobe beef steaks enough or everyone to geta second helping. And then comes roast stuffed turkey that made us even hungrier instead of getting full. Along with some salads, mocktails, and sausages, it was time for Calvin to order out the main dessert: a large parmesan cheese cake. After taking several pictures of it with the whole class surrounding Sensei’s seat, and after Sensei had the privilege of the first piece, it was gone in 5 minutes. Apparently, most of the class lovedcheese than chocolate, especially our British classmates. After a dinner that made some of us really full, Sensei made his departure for a family gathering he needed to attend. After we said our goodbyes to him on the front porch, some music was played.“Those who wanna dance go to the TV room!” Calvin announced. Half of theclass did. The rest were scattered into little groups. Calvin and Anthony played billiard,Ryou, Asari and Joseph played Counter Strike, I don’t know where Jorouchi and Fumikowent, and the remainder just hanged around at the living room and had fun. Consistentlaughter from not just Nemura and Joseph alone filled Calvin’s living room’s walls. Themusic room was fervent with Sugimoto and Darius’ jazz tunes. Goro ate some moredesserts at the kitchen. Kiyomi, Michiro, and Yuliya went swimming on the pool outsideI never felt happier and more comfortable. Friends really do give you the spirit toface life with a smile.
“What’s up, Asari?” asked Ryouichi two weeks later in school that morning. Shewas holding her hands on her head, suggesting that she had a headache.“You don’t look good there, mate,” said Calvin as he passed by her seat.“Are you sure you’re okay?” Ryou asked again.“Yeah, I’m fine, just a little dizzy,” Asari murmured.“Well, ok then…” he was seated.For the past two weeks I haven’t seen any sign of the book’s evildoings. I countedup how many I have defeated. There was Wrath, Lust, Greed, and the recent one, Sloth.That means three more left. I anxiously shifted my seating position and buried my headon the desk. Who’s going to be my imposter’s next three victims?
One’s coming up reaaal soon, Yoshio.”
I woke up, and saw him on the hallway through the window. He turned away fromme and walked on. While he did, time stopped except me. I was astonished, peoplefreezing in their places. After a while, they suddenly moved again. Dumbfounded, Ilooked as if I had stared blankly into space.“Oy!” Ara slapped his hands in front of my face.“Owha-wha-wha-what?” I was back into reality.“How about a visit to Harajuku again tomorrow?” He offered.“Oh….well, ok, I’m cool…” I said as I tried to recall what happened. When is that bastard going to stop?“Asari, honey, I think something is really, really wrong with you,” said Misaki asshe checked on Asari’s forehead. She looked worse than yesterday. Her hair is all frizzledup, her eyes saw double the value of the people she saw, and she was breathing heavily.“Don’t tell me you have a hangover?” Misaki comes to a resolution, but Asarishook her head.“No…”“Are you sure? Is it just a headache? Do you need to go to the health center?”“No, really, I’m fine, I could handle this..” she groaned.I think she’s lying.“Yoshio, get a load of this,” Joseph leaned over to me and whispered to me.“What? I’m all ears,” I whispered back.“Actually, I saw her in the pub on the edge of Chinatown yonder near our school.She was drinking….and that’s why she didn’t come to the club yesterday evening.”“Whoa, really? How’d you know?”“Saw her when I wanna buy some ammo stock. Keep it a secret,” he sid as hewent back to his seat.
 Hmmm, something’s bound to happen here,
I thought.After lunch, it was Japanese class and we were studying calligraphy. I noticed thatAsari is not concentrating at all; she bobbed her head back and forth, trying to awake her senses. Some of us looked with concern.“Ubuyama-sensei, Ubuyama-sensei, please go to the Administration officeimmediately, thank you,” an announcement was heard.“Oh, what could it be….Uh, class, continue your characters, please, I’ll be back assoon as I can,” Ubuyama-sensei told us as he walked through the door.
“Oh please, Asari, don’t push yourself, you seriously need medicine,” Misaki saidas she attempted to take her to the Health Center. But strangely she said nothing.“Asari?”Still no reply.“Asari…”“I SAID I’M OKAY,
She shouted, standing up as she violently pushed Misaki, hitting the table in her back. Haruko, another one of those ‘gal’ girls inour class, was quick to the aid and helped her get back to her feet. Asari breathed heavily,and suddenly she drew a small pocket knife and headed for Goro.“Nn-n-no, NO!” Goro tried to duck, but Ara quickly moved his foot and Asaristumbled upon it. The switchblade rolled to the floor and she was temporarilyunconscious. We approached her and tried to wake her up. Haruko is still helping Misaki, because she had been hit quite hard. A few minutes later, Asari woke up.“…..Guys? What happened? Why does my head feel dizzy?”I told her what had she done and what she almost did to Goro. She looked utterlysurprised.“It was me?! But I didn’t remember anything about it….” She said, touching her forehead. Ubuyama-sensei was back.“Class? What’s going on here?” He approached Asari, who was laid back to thewall.“She….she fainted, sir,” Darius half-lied. He then took a closer look at Asari.“Are you okay, Asari?”“Yes, Sensei, I feel better now…” she mumbled.“Listen, go to the health center and get some rest, okay? You look like you’rereally tired. Misaki, aid her on her way, please,” he requested. “Class, come on, let’scontinue with our work.” Nanaho decided to make this a class secret, despite the fact that someone nearlygot injured. The pocket knife that skidded on the floor was quickly concealed by LuoFenghui, who was fond of sharp objects, since he’s in the Ancient Weapons Club. But I’mnot saying he like to use it to harm other people; in fact, he purely uses them for hiscollections. He gave it back to Asari after school, saying not to bring it again.I felt sorry for Goro, but I was more concerned about Asari. She wouldn’t dare inher lifetime carry pocket knives to school; she wasn’t interested in close quarters combatanyways. That’s why she was more interested in rifles than SMGs. But more importantly,she hasn’t been drinking that heavily before.It was even worse the next day. She was at the Health Center for almost half of the day. But after that, she returned slightly to her former self.“Yoshio, she was drunk at the park last night! There was, like, 7 or more canslying around her, but the police didn’t even notice her or the cans even as they passed by!Something’s really wrong, Yoshio, could you go to the park and check on her tonight?”Ara explained and begged me.“But I got after school maintenance to do,” I said.“It’s fine; just have a look there when you’re passing by if you’re done with anyof your business. It makes me scared you know, the police was, like, in front of her bench but didn’t realize a thing…”“You could say that again,” I agreed.

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