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The Unspoken Truth Chapter 7

The Unspoken Truth Chapter 7

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Published by yoshioshiroyanagi

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Published by: yoshioshiroyanagi on Jul 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 7: EnvyAsari had apologized to Goro again for the attempted assault she made. Althoughalready forgave her, she still felt some pangs of guilt even after the incident wasforgotten. What’s even stranger, despite me seeing her that drunk and high before Idefeated Gluttony, she hadn’t had a single absence because of rehab. The problem meltedaway with the demon, I guess?Anyways, currently, it was two months left until judgment day; the end-of-year exams. Sensei had warned us to start reviewing little by little of everything we hadlearned over the year, to get us started before the intensive reviewing begins five weekslater. However, I was not interested in preparing for this; I can do that later. What’s moreimportant for me is that the remaining sins left, Envy and Pride, still remains. I decided toevaluate all my ‘journeys’ last night.I have heard from Masahiro, the more devout Christian in the whole of our classthat those two are among the deepest causes of all sins. Now, may the gods help me, butseeing it objectively, I had a resolve to believe what he said, because you always need toknow the enemy before you face them.
 Doesn’t mean you know what happens next,”
said a voice that was starting toannoy me each time I heard the tone of his voice on that night. It could be no other butmy imposter.“Will you just stop bugging me?” I asked irritatingly in my room. Fortunately, Iwas alone.
Well…it was you who opened the book on the first place, didn’t you? Don’complain about you getting all the dirty work! It’s your own fault, anyways. How the hell am I supposed to care?”
“You know what; just stay out of me for a while, ok? I don’t need any of your words, just get out!”
he grumbled as his voice disappeared from my room. Seemsthat my imposter loves to use swear words. What a jerk.A test in Physics was held a week after Asari’s incident. As you may have knownearlier, our class just doesn’t have the talent on Physics. Even Masahiro, who is amongone of the most capable, only managed to get an 80, which was his highest, on the previous test. The rest of us…well…made a versatile range of grades, from 5 to a 70. Our teacher, Meishin-sensei, had tried to encourage us to study harder for her subject, but weall agreed that her teaching techniques are not that good enough to make us understandwhat she wanted us to know.The results, was just as bad. A few of us got even worse.“26….now I feel like counting my chickens,” Joseph said gloomily.Misaki made a gesture as if she fainted. To tell you the truth, she may look like adrama queen, but she doesn’t really mean it.“Allah be praised, I’m safe,” said Hariz, clutching his fist.“We’re doomed, mate,” said Anthony as he compared his grades with Calvin andRichard.
“At least we’re doomed together,” said Richard, trying to look at the bright side of things. Apparently, they got a 40, 45, and 50 respectively. Now that’s something youdon’t see everyday.Me, I got 68. That was enough to make me dancing on my table. Nanaho looked at hers, skimmed it for a while, slammed the paper on the table,and made a gesture of disbelief at the test to Nara, with a look of incredulity.“Just cool down, Nanaho…,” Nara was trying to cheer her up, “ There’s alwaysnext time….” Nanaho opened her mouth to say something. Nothing came out after a fewseconds, hesitated, and buried her head in her arms on the desk.I know; it’s the usual scene you see every time we took physics tests. But onething’s different this time. It was Nemura.“Oh my God, Masahiro, it can’t be--!?” Reika asked in disbelief. Some of usgathered around his seat. He got a 91.“Okay, Hiro (his nickname), you are soooo going to die!” Misaki threatened him jokingly.“May the Aum Shinrikyo get you someday,” Goro said in jealousy.But at Hiro’s side, I saw Nemura just stood there, watching Masahiro getcrowded. There was a look of perfect disgust on his face, and he turned his face away. Imean, he
sort of a perfectionist, but he never made that look to other people when hescored lower. Usually he’ll just accept the fact and try again until he succeeds, but notthis time. It seemed that he was real jealous of Hiro. And this type of jealous wasdangerous.On lunch, when I was about to put my tempura on my mouth, which is myfavorite menu, suddenly Ara had alerted everyone on the class about some dangerousnews.“People, people quick! Nemura’s having a fight!”The abrupt news made my first tempura drop to the floor. I hastily picked it upand put it back on the lunch box, wondering if anybody had noticed. Putting that aside, Irushed to the scene; I knew something wrong was with him.On the 2
roof top of our school, near the canteen, I witnessed Nemura grippingMasahiro’s collar with both hands. Masahiro didn’t know what to do, because he can’tretaliate; Nemura was currently stronger than him. I doubted that; Masahiro could’ve pulled a hundred pushups until he starts to get heavy.“Happy, are you, now, Mr. Smartass!?” he sneered.“I-I-I don’t get what, you mean, Nemura,” he tried to speak as he was still beingclutched by the collar.“Don’t ‘I don’t get what you mean’ me! I could’ve pulled a blade on you themoment you and the teacher don’t notice it,” Nemura grimly threatened.“Nemura, please stop, it’s just a test—““IT’S JUST A TEST, HUH!? YOU’RE SAYING IT’S JUST ONE FREAKINGDOGGONE TEST!?” he hollered right at his face. Comic-wise, it would have beenfunny, but right now, it isn’t. At all. We had wanted to help separate those two, but today, Nemura has more strength than usual, so there’s no way we can help except watch. Reikawanted to call the teacher, but Asari refused her to go. Aware of what further consequences it would have, she joined the crowd who can only watch from a distance.
“Masahiro, you have officially made your life a misery. Stop getting those gradesif you want to live,” He threatened again, and then he pulled out a small pocket knife, andlicked its edges in front of Hiro’s face. He gulped and cold sweated. Everybody whowatched gasped, startled with eyes wide open, or fainted.“Or else you’ll get a taste of this little devil, “He pointed the edge of the bladeuntil it was 2 inches from Masahiro’s eyes. He was genuinely terrified, aghast, andterrorized. He was so perturbed by Nemura’s blade almost hurting his eye, his whole body instantly went limp the moment Nemura released his grip with a yank and spat onhis face before leaving the area, banging the door loudly as he went through it. No oneever dared to stand on his shoes at that time. Reika was fanning and wiping Masahiro’sface as people gathered around him.“You okay, Hiro?”“Calm down now, calm down…it’s not your fault…”“I’d swear I get that insolent bastard an’ teach him a lesson…”“Breath, Hiro, breath…slowly now…”Hiro showed signs of slow recovery, but not exponentially. His breathing wasslowly turning normal, his brain regained its senses, and his speech didn’t slur anymore.“Dear Lord…..help me….” he muttered sort of helplessly.“Don’t worry, Masahiro, it’s going to be alright—somebody fetch him water  please, “ Reika said requesting help. At times, she could replace Nanaho’s position; interms of controlling the situation, but she can never fully imitate Nanaho’s character.After he had gained his balance he managed to walk until the class, and sat thereas he let out a heavy sigh. Nemura still wasn’t there. While he had the time he had prayeduntil the whole lunch was over. Good thing he already had his lunch and didn’t have tostarve until 3 o’clock. He was a guy with much biblical patience; he was faithful to hisown religion, and he was the person who said the least number of curses and swears inour class, according to random observations. We all know him as a good-willed, cheerfulfriend of ours.Bad news for him is; Nemura had returned to class just before the second bellrang. He still had that jealous look on his face when he entered, and the look turned moreatrocious when he sat at his chair which was beside Masahiro. Seeing him, Masahiromoved a bit further from him, and made a cross sign Catholics used when they startedand ended their prayers. Then, I saw him brace himself for 2 periods beside the man whohad just death-threatened him with a knife.We had an emergency meeting after school the moment Nemura had instantly packed up and rushed out from class, with Nanaho and other who were involved or werewitnesses to the scene. When she heard it from Reika and me along with a couple others,she thought this for a while, and said,“I guess we have no choice but to hide it again. I mean, look, this had alreadyhappened to Asari before and we took the same action, and she returned to her senses; itshould be fine this time—““But how would Hiro feel? He’s not like Asari, you know?” Reika pointed out.“I’ll have to speak with him personally. People, we are now putting Nemura under tight watch. Please make sure he doesn’t make more people cry again, okay? Adjourned,”and with that she dismissed us all.

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