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September-october News Letter

September-october News Letter

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Published by Nikita Shanti
What is happening in Angka Number Meditation Divine Love Society Malta.
What is happening in Angka Number Meditation Divine Love Society Malta.

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Published by: Nikita Shanti on Sep 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Om SwastyastuOm swastyastuOm Swastyastu
Welcome to the August September issueof the Divine Love Society news letter, inthis issue we will cover the visit to Russia byPrabhu Darmayasa and the activities thathave been taking place her on or littleisland of Malta.We will bring you the teachings of GuruDarmayasa, and the testimonials ofpeople who have been touched andblessed by the power of Dhuna Guru.
A message tous all from
If we could honestly see the way of lifenot just with children or grandchildrenbut also the way of life with adultsthese days, we will find that very often,food at home is wasted for no reason.This never happened in olden times.People often refer to the ways ofancient times as old fashioned,outdated, worthless. Things that canbe done away with. But the fact is thatthey are not. Not long ago, peoplerespected food and treated it in agood way. Nowadays, however,drastic changes have taken place.Changes that are saddening towitness.It is such a shame that people allowtheir children and grandchildren todevelop habits of wasting food ateach meal. Many of them no longer have the wisdom to understand thatfood is being wasted in front of their very own eyes. They have become sooblivious about wrapping food inplastic bags to be thrown away even ifthe food is still good enough to eat. Infact, good enough to be consideredas 'Five Star' in quality.Sad to say, but that is today's realityand most of us are guilty of doing thiswithout any remorse. More so, thereseems to be pride in disposing of goodfood because we see ourselves as richenough to be able to dispose ofexcess food in spite of its good quality.This is just as bad as heroes of ancienttimes returning from the battle with theheads of their enemies to show to their people.Food is the result of very hard work.Food is God's blessing. Some peoplemight read prayer books that teachwhat should be said before and after meals. They then chant: "Ong kangkasol kaya svasti svasti., Om annapateanna., Om sahanau vavatu sahanaubhunaktu., Om brahmarpanambrahma havir., harih Ommahaprasade govinde., Om purnambhavantu..." and other similar mantras.For one reason or another, there aresome that do not like to pronouncemantras, they prefer to expressthemselves with their own words andlanguage as a sign of gratitude toGod. However, I have to emphasizeand have put my words in bold thatbefore people learn to treat andrespect food in a good way, any kindof prayers or mantras said will be invain. For it provides nothing but dramafor people who only care aboutoutward appearances.Having irregular meals can also givecause to a variety of eating disordersand cause stomach problems such asgastric pain.Another bad habit worth noting is thetendency to look down at or insultfood. An example of this is when yousay "Well, what kind of food is this ...?",or, "Is this food or .?", or, "What the hell
To see the difference between you andothers, first you have to see that you areequal to others.
Untuk membedakan dirimu dengan orang lain, pertama-tama lihatlah bahwa engkau sama dengan mereka.Prabhu Darmayasa
Divine Love Society
Issue 5 September-october
News Letter Malta
Angka Number Meditation Divine Love Society Malta NGOEmail: info@angkameditation,orgWebsite: http://angkameditation.orgAngka Café Triq Aldo Moro, Marsa, Maltaafe.comPhone: 21224317Email: angkacafe@gmail.comWebsite: http//www.angkacLook for us on Facebook on any of the following address:Angka Number Meditation Divine Love SocietyAngka Meditation EuropeAngka Café Rejuvenation Centre & Green Clinic
Beware, illusion some time creeps up evenin knowledge and happiness.
Kepalsuan sering muncul dalam pengetahuan dankebahagiaan.Prabhu Darmayasa
 is this ..
?", or, "This looks like pig’s food
...", or, "What, are you kidding me? Thisfood is for me?!" and any other similarlyinsulting words. The scriptures say,Annam na nindyat - do not despisefood.Food is God's blessing. Food is vrata or sacred vow (annam vratam). Food issadhana, a spiritual practice(bhojana-sadhanam). Food is veryhelpful and even detrimental to one'sspiritual progress. Therefore, we stillneed our 
advice andguidance.This bad attitude when it comes tofood can be mostly seen in children. Itis nothing new to see children throwingtheir plates to the ground and insultingtheir food. It is in fact understandable.However, when the same action isdone by adults, especially educatedparents and ones who are respectedwithin their community --- it is a lotmore serious and embarrassing thanwhen done by children who often donot know any better.A good habit inherited by our ancestors in terms of treating food wellis mauna (not saying any words)during meals so that food can bedigested properly. Food is a sacredvow (vrata). Food is a sacred gift fromGod (prasadam), therefore we needto respect food.(Ofcourse we need to be careful infeeding our body with food full ofchemical etcs which is a very bigmatter to be disccussed).May all be happy.One day, late in the evening we were sitting together in Prabhu's room in the hotel. Our hotel was situated on the outskirts of Rome. We were listening to the Guru's teachings,when suddenly our attention was disturbed by some dogs loudly howling somewhereoutside in the nearby village. It sounded really freaky, as it wasn't just a dog but a goodsized pack of them. We all got up and opened the window, the sound was coming fromthe fields in a farm outside the village. However, it was just after the midnight, so wecould only see a few lights in the fields. It reminded me a scene from a horror movie.Prabhu immediately went back to his small altar, took 3 small bottles of Musk oil and gaveone to each of us. He started praying and reading mantras while sprinkling few drops ofoil outside through the window. Then he asked us to repeat the same. We did it. Less thanin a minute the howling started to diminish and in another 2 or 3 minutes there was acomplete silence. The village continued its slumber peacefully. Sriguru.
he rven Guru
Food for thought at Angka café
Triq Aldo Moro, Marsa tel: Phone: 21224317 Email:angkacafe@gmail.comWebsite: http//www.angkac Look for us on Facebook 
and the
with Vanessa and Dr. Marinaby Dr. marina
 Divine Love Society and 
the power of 
Number meditation has changed meand is still changing me, for me it is a journey that started around 2 yearsago. I am not one of those thatchange happened over night, it is likeputting on a pair of specs and youstart looking at life from a differentangle. I have many experiences andwould like to share each one with youbut I would take all the newspaper.Today I would like to share the power of vabhuti. I have problems with myright leg this happened after anaccident i had some years back, latelymy ankle has been giving meproblems the pain is so intense that itmakes it very difficult to walk. After about 3 days trying anything to get ridof the pain as I could hardly walk Idecided to use vabhuti with oil thatGurugi had given me, after a fewminutes the pain got less and I couldwalk, everyday I apply vabhuti andGurugi oil and the pain is bearableand I can continue my daynormally. Sri Guru MarisaSo many stories can be told about thehealing powers of Vibhuti, many of ushave felt and been witness to itshealing properties, from human toanimal, the healing power is endless.But nothing is greater than the healingpower of Dhunaguru, not that longago I lay on my bed in agony, I washaving a gall bladder attack. It felt likea hot knife sticking in my side, I was inso much pain I decided to sing thesong to Dhunaguru, over and over again, to my amazement the painstarted to lift, and as I sang more andmore the pain got less, until it juststopped completely.The power of Dhunaguru is here for everyone to feel, all you have to do itopen your heart and let the power ofDivine Love in.Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Sri Dhunaguru.Here is my story, for people to knowhow amazing, the divine power ofVabhuti is. The other day I wasexercising with Poi, and hit my face ata very fast speed with the metal clinchon the Poi. It hit me just under the eyeon my cheekbone. The pain sent ashock right through my body thatmade my knees shake. I run to thekitchen to get some ice to put on mycheek, but soon after I realized that itwas not helping and there were 3 littleballs forming under the skin... I try notto panic, but, the next day I had tomeet people, with my face in thisstate! Suddenly in my mind I sawVAPUTI! I put a thick layer of Vabhutiunder the eye and somehow all theworries and bothered left my mind. Iapplied more Vabhuti before going tobed on my face and the next day, nobruise, no swelling, just a little 1mmscratch!!! Believe in divine! Thank you,
Too much hearing, too much seeing, lessens your chance tofeel
Banyak mendengar, banyak melihat; mengurangi kesempatanuntuk engkau merasakan.
I don't need any body but I need everybody. I don't need everybody but Ineed somebody. I don't need somebody but I need myself. And I don'tneed myself but I need nothing, because nothing is everything, andeverything is in nothing.
 Volodin Sammut  Story 
Ok, here is my story. Once I was having a hard time in mypersonal life. I was stressed and tensed and disappointed.At that time I could physically feel that my heart chakrawas totally blocked.I wrote an e-mail to Prabhu Darmayasa and described mysituation hoping to get some help and advice from him. Afew hours later, I was driving my car when all over sudden Igot an amazing feeling, it was like my heart was openingwidely and becoming so light and ethereal, and my chesthad no bones and even my body was feeling so light.The feeling is really difficult to describe, but I can say it wasan incredible experience! And at that very moment Irealised that this was Prabhu working with me, praying toDhunaGuru for me! I just kept saying "Thank you, dear Prabhu!" Thank you, Thank you. Sri Dhunaguru
Here is oxae stor
Prabhu came at the right time when I needed help themost. The moment I sat there in his presence I looked intohis eyes and felt some sort of energy, just by looking athim, he managed to help me bring out all my tears, that Ihad been keeping inside me for a whole week.He asked me if I wanted to make a promise with God totake away a bad habit. I decided to follow his path thatday and he cleansed me from negative energies. I thenfelt my spirit light and relaxed. He gave me a mantra tosing throughout my day and till today I still chant mymantra... and every day I have the red ribbon around mywrist to reminds me about my old bad habit

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