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Reward of Consecration in Time and Eternity.

Reward of Consecration in Time and Eternity.

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Published by glennpease
Rev. C. D. N. CAMPBELL, D. D.

" Whosoever will save his life shall lose it; and whosoever will lose
his life for 1117 sake shall find it." — Matt. xvi. 25.
Rev. C. D. N. CAMPBELL, D. D.

" Whosoever will save his life shall lose it; and whosoever will lose
his life for 1117 sake shall find it." — Matt. xvi. 25.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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REWARD OF COSECRATIO I TIME AD ETERITY.Rev. C. D. . CAMPBELL, D. D." Whosoever will save his life shall lose it; and whosoever will losehis life for 1117 sake shall find it." — Matt. xvi. 25.It is in powerful illustration of the original de-pravity and actual corruption of human nature,that tiiis grand utterance of Christ, which epito-mizes, in a single sentence, the whole law of Godand the whole philosophy of Ufe, should be, in formand seeming, a paradox. The simple fact that it80 strikes us, is in positive proof that, in our habitsof living we are opposed to that law, and in ourmodes of thinking, strangers to that philosophy.And if this be true, how sad the reflection that ourwhole lives have been one vast mistake I Havingbuilt them on a false and unsubstantial foundation,it should no longer surprise us that they fall inruins upon our heads. Then, too, all' the mysteryof Providence ceases ; all the marvel of our greatlosses, trials, and affictions vanishes; for we arewrong, and Heaven would set us right ; and theseare the discipline by which, in love, a DivineFather would open our bHnded eyes to the truelight, and attract our wandering feet to the truepath. The propositions contained in the text seemio be essentially these : That whoever devotes hisDigitized byGoogle
208 REWARD OF COSECRATIOlife to self-aggrandizement, shall miss the end forwhich he strives ; and whoever, for Christ's sake,dedicates his life to the welfare of others, shall se-cure his own ; in other words, the great principlesof selfishness and benevolence are here contrasted,in their effects upon human and individual welfare.Let us test the soundness ot these propositionsby applying them, first, to the problem of temporalprosperity; and this involves money, social posi-tion, health, and safety. With regard to moneythe question is \diether selfish avarice or Christiangenerosity be the surer road to fortune ? and, onthis point, let the testimony of God be heard first*He says, "There is that scattereth, and yet in-creaseth ; and there is that withholdeth more thanis meet, but it tendeth to poverty." " The liberalsoul shall be made fat." " Give, and it shall begiven unto you ; good measure, pressed down, andshaken together, and running over, shall men givQinto your bosom." " It is more blessed to give thanto receive." " He that hath pity upon the poor,lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hathgiven will He pay him again." These words of theMost High, uttered in the ear of ihe world duringhundreds and thousands of years, have not beenspoken quite in vain. They have won their wayby slow degrees to the confidence of men. Mostpeople believe them in part, and act correspond-iiigly ; being more or less Hberal, according to themeasure of their faith in the profitableness of lib-eraUty, as a policy. Very few, however, can befound in the whole world, who are ready to tak^Digitized by
Googlem TIME AD ETEEITT. 209these Divine utterances for the substantial veritieswhich they really are, and base their worldly hopesupon them, as upon a rock of changeless and per-petual truth. Yet, if we could gather up, and ad- just, and estimate fairly, the results of all our ob-servation and experience, a vast preponderance of evidence would perhaps be found on the side of God's word. We have all noticed the differentand contrasting effects, upon ourselves, of the lib-eral and avaricious types of character in others.The former we admired, loved, sought, aided, byall the means in our power. If such a man was inbusiuess, we dealt with him ; if in trouble, we wereglad to lend him a helping hand. The oppositecharacter, we disliked and shunned. We gave himno patronage, lent him no assistance. If he werein trouble, we thought, " let him help himself outof it. jETe would help no one ; he lived for him-self ; let him fail and faU; he deserves it." ow,in this respect if in no other, our hearts are themicrocosm in which we may see the world in min-iature. Other men think and feel, on these sub- jects, very much as we do ; and thus we evolve,from the simplest reasoning, the great practicaltruth that, as a mere matter of worldly policy,Christian liberality is the surest road to prosper-ity ; that the only money which can be effectuallysecured, is that which one gives away to a worthycharity ; that while everything else may be wreckedand lost, this is an investment which will yield himsure returns. We may not be able to trace the

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