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Ephemeral and Eternal Life.

Ephemeral and Eternal Life.

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Published by glennpease
Rev. C. D. N. CAMPBELL, D. D.

" The world passeth away, and the lust thereof: bat he that doeth
the will of God abideth forever." — 1 Johk ii. 17.
Rev. C. D. N. CAMPBELL, D. D.

" The world passeth away, and the lust thereof: bat he that doeth
the will of God abideth forever." — 1 Johk ii. 17.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EPHEMERAL AD ETERAL LIFE.Rev. C. D. . CAMPBELL, D. D." The world passeth away, and the lust thereof: bat he that doeththe will of God abideth forever." — 1 Johk ii. 17.Life is truly a mystery. All at once, and with-out any previous warning to consciousness, a being,both mortal and immortal, finds himself in exist-ence, and an actor on the earth. " Where am I ?whence came I ? and whither am I bound ? " arethe questions which spring unbidden to the spirit'slip. It were unreasonable, it were cruel, on thepart of the Almighty to leave his sentient and im-mortal creature without an answer to inquiries sonatural, so irrepressible, as these. AccordinglyRevelation, in one form or another, makes answerto man that he is in time and on trial for eternity ;that he came from the hand of the All-Creator ;and that he is destined to judgment, and everlast-ing happiness or misery. But a new questionarises : " What shall I do here ? to what end de-vote myself, my powers ? how influence my ownfinal and irreversible destiny ? How shall I dis-tinguish the false from the true, the seeming fromthe real ? What is not, and what is, a proper ob- ject of human devotion ? " Again the Word of Godresponds, in tones weighty and solemn beyond ex-Digitized byGoogle
252 EPHEMERAL AD ETERAL LIFE.pression, " The world passeth away, and the lustthereof : but he that doeth the will of God abidethforever."The world will not do to trust. The world mustnot win thy heart, nor engage thy powers ; for theworld passeth away. Even the seeming firm foun-dations of the earth shall be removed. Behold!the Almighty has hrmg it upon nothing, and itself is as unsubstantial as its trust. Its breast is full of hollow and deceitful fires. All that it contains of durable or beautiful must perish. Have thou noconfidence in its hard iron, in its enduring brass.;for these shall melt with fervent heat. Be notdazzled by its silver and gold ; for they shall beconsumed. Look not upon its precious stones ; forthese shall be as coal in the furnace of the finalfires. Earth's cavemed treasures perish. Theyare unworthy of thy pursuit. They will deceivethy trust.or dwell upon the brave, bright pomp shewears upon her gaudy breast. Her fields are notevergreen. Time's frost even withers them. Andthere shall come another, the hoar-frost of theages, the sure precursor of earth's last winter ; andall shall feel its blighting power. o more, there-after, shall her gaunt and hungry sons search inher barren bosom for their daily bread. o moreshall the treasures of her forests bear, over ocean'swave, the rich products of the nations. o moreshall her millions of busy looms be filled with stuffsof a thousand dyes to clothe and adorn her chil-dren. Barren as her rocks, she shall be cursed
Digitized byGoogleEPHEMERAL AD ETERAL LIFE. 258with universal dearth, and her guilty sons doomedto everlasting famine. Then seek not what earthcan give. "Labor not for the meat which per-isheth."or deem that the busy tribes of flesh and blood,which walk upon her breast and revel in her air,and disport themselves in her wide waste of waters,shall outlast the flowers that bloom and wither ina day. " All flesh is as grass ; and all the gloryof man as the flower of grass. The grass with-ereth, and the flower thereof falleth away." Allmjist perish ; all are doomed. The seventh angelshall outpour his vial on the earth. There shallbe lightnings, and thunderings, and fearful voices,and men's hearts failing them for fear. The burn-ing wrath of outraged Heaven shall set on firethe sea, and its inhabitants shall perish ; shall seton fire the air, and the winged dwellers in the blueethereal vault shall die ; shall set on fire the earth,and rouse the lion from his lair, and startle thetiger from his jungle, and the deer from his leafycouch : and these and all, with lordly man, theirmonarch, all, all shall be consumed. The corpseof Earth ^all be wrapped in a winding-sheet of fire, and coffined in the smoke of her own burning ;and buried in deep destruction's gloomy vault ;while the stars, bright mourners, shall look sadlyon, and weep at the funeral of a sister world. Thenseek not the world, for it " passeth away."

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