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A Better Experience.

A Better Experience.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A BETTER EXPERIECE.REV. B. CARRADIE, D. D.THE GOOD experience is taught in Rom. v, i :Therefore being justified by faith, we havepeace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.A better experience is spoken of in Philippiansiv, 7, where the apostle says: u And the peace of God which passeth all understanding, shall keepyour hearts and minds through Jesus Christ. "The contrasted experiences are " peace withGod," and " the peace of God." The prepositionsare different; their meaning is not the same; andthe latter expression is so much profounder thanthe other.Peace with God is the result of a changed rela-tion. Being justified or pardoned through faith, weare turned from enemies into the friends of God,and have peace with Him. It is a very blessedchange, and the peace is very sweet. But we do notpossess it long before we discover how easily it isaffected by circumstance — by change of weather,departure of health, and loss of friends and property.Sometimes, without any explainable cause, it is2930 The Better Way.gone, and the heart is left restless and the soulburdened. In vain we seek the reason; clouds areround about the throne, and darkness is in us.
Truly there should be a sweeter, steadier, andmore abiding experience than this; and, thank God, there is such a grace and blessing.The peace tf/God is not the result of a changedrelation, but is a bestowment. It is God's own peacegiven to us. Let the reader think a moment of this peace of God! Let him brood a moment onthe calm that dwells in the Divine breast. othingcan disturb it. It is there in spite of all that isthought, said, and done against Him. In spite of wrath of enemy and betrayal of friend, the holycalm, which is the peace of God, abides.This peace God is willing to bestow upon be-lievers who will comply with certain conditions.The instant that it is received by the regeneratedsoul the man stands amazed at its blessedness.Paul gives three features of this better experi-ence:It " passeth all understanding." o brain cancompass it, no intellect understand it, no tongueexplain it. It is there, a heavenly gift or depositin the soul — a profound mystery, but also a pro-founder reality, filling one with wonder, love, andA Better Experience. 31praise. How often the writer has heard people inthe enjoyment of this higher grace say, "I can notunderstand it !" The constant sweetness, freshness,and restfulness it brings to the soul causes the pos-sessor to be filled with gratitude and adoring won-der. It abides in and through all conditions.Friends leave, love grows cold, losses befall; butthe peace of God which passeth all understand-
ing, still remains.It " keeps the heart."The heart is the seat of the desires and affec-tions. A perfect world of sensibility and sensitive-ness is the heart. The regenerated man finds greatdifficulty in restraining and controlling it. Manytears have been shed over these failures, and manysighs heard at the recognition of its perverse incli-nations and manifold wanderings.But there is a blessing that keeps the heart.The peace of God can and does do so. As Chris-tians receive this grace they are made to marvelat the trust, the quiet, the self-control, and self-containedness within. We are in the same world,with its allurements, bewilderments, and sappinginfluence and power ; but something has been givento the soul that keeps it unmoved and sweetly tri-umphant through all.32 The Better Way.It " keeps the mind."Here is seen the antidote for the fret and worryof life. The disappointments of business life, theannoyances of home life, and all the manifold andnameless trials that are found as we progressthrough the world, are delightfully met and over-come through this blessing. Many Christians godown under this wear and tear. The face becomeswrinkled, the eyes have a tired look, the voice getsa fretted, worried tone, and premature age sets in.But this sweet peace of God smooths out thewrinkles, takes out the fret, gives a soothed feelingto the breast, and makes the voice itself a tranquil-lizing power in this poor, tired, heart-broken world.

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