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Published by glennpease

THIS is laid down in Romans xii, i, 2.

THIS is laid down in Romans xii, i, 2.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PAUL'S WAY.REV. B. CARRADIE, D. D.THIS is laid down in Romans xii, i, 2."I beseech you." Regenerated people cannot be driven into this grace. They must bewooed instead of threatened, and besought insteadof abused." Brethren."Sinners are never called brethren in the Bible.So the class addressed here is clearly seen." Present your bodies."Of course the soul is in the body. If we pre-sent our bodies to God, in the sense used here, wecertainly do not keep back the soul. We haveheard of Christians who presented their souls toGod, but kept their bodies for self-indulgenceand even sin. But he who presents his body toGod has already given his soul. One of the difficultthings for the regenerated man to do is to presenthis body entirely to God. He wants his own wayand his rest. He is disinclined to give his tongueat times. He likes to let his eyes rove, and his130Paul's Way. 131feet move in ways more pleasing to self than toGod. So the presenting of the body is a big thing.It is in fact consecration ; and it is the consecra-tion of a Christian that is here being nrged, and
not the repentance of a sinner.u A living sacrifice. "This proves that it is a Christian being ad-dressed. The sinner is a dead sacrifice. God saysof him : " He is dead in trespasses and in sins."So the " living sacrifice " can not be the sinner." Holy, acceptable unto the Lord."The sinner never comes for holiness, or as aholy offering, but simply for pardon." Which is your reasonable service."What "service" can a sinner render God?He is in no condition to do anything of the kinduntil he is pardoned and regenerated. Sinnersdo n't serve God, but regenerated people do."And be not conformed to this world."Here is that dying to the world in its customs,laws, fashions, maxims, pleasures, honors, etc., thatrounds up and fills out the consecration that theapostle is urging upon the "brethren." There aremany things that are lawful and not morally wrongwhich we have to die out to, before we can get theblessing of sanctification. The writer died out to132 The Better Way.lectures, the platform, secret societies, ritualisms,dignities, and the being called Rabbi, Rabbi, in themarket-places." But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."But is not this regeneration? How can it bewhen he is talking to " brethren," and the- exhorta-tion is not to " knock at the door" for pardon, butto get on the altar for sacrifice and transformation?
Let us see where the " renewing of the mind "comes in.Paul, in writing to Titus, says : " He saved usby the washing of regeneration and the renewingof the Holy Ghost, which He shed on us abun-dantly through Jesus Christ our Savior. "So a full salvation is made up of two works — the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Ghost. "And " is a copulative conjunc-tion and means something else. Lange, the com-mentator, is struck with this double expression.In fact, it is the statement of the " double cure "that the hymn speaks about.otice that the verse says this "renewing of the Holy Ghost" was "shed on us abundantly."The allusion is to Pentecost. Regeneration is not"shed," but the baptism of the Holy Ghost was;Paul's Way, 133and it was, and is, and always will be done "abun-dantlyo"So the "renewing" of Rom. xii, 2, is the renew-ing of Titus iii, 5, 6, and comes after regeneration."That ye might prove-" — That is, find out — "What is that good and perfect and acceptablewill of God."And this is the will of God, even your, sancti-fication. So says Paul, in 1 Thess. iv, 3.

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