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Department of Labor: 2000025445

Department of Labor: 2000025445

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Published by Department of Labor

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Published by: Department of Labor on Jan 27, 2008
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Federal Register
/Vol. 65, No. 195/Friday, October 6, 2000/Notices
DEPARTMENT OF LABOREmployment Standards AdministrationWage and Hour Division; MinimumWages for Federal and FederallyAssisted Construction; General WageDetermination Decisions
General wage determination decisionsof the Secretary of Labor are issued inaccordance with applicable law and are based on the information obtained bythe Department of Labor from its studyof local wage conditions and data madeavailable from other sources. Theyspecify the basic hourly wage rates andfringe benefits which are determined to be prevailing for the described classes of laborers and mechanics employed onconstruction projects of a similarcharacter and in the localities specifiedherein.The determinations in these decisionsof prevailing rates and fringe benefitshave been made in accordance with 29CFR part 1, by authority of the Secretaryof Labor pursuant to the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act of March 3, 1931,as amended (46 Stat. 1494, as amended,40 U.S.C. 276a) and of other Federalstatutes referred to in 29 CFR part 1,Appendix, as well as such additionalstatutes as may from time to time beenacted containing provisions for thepayment of wages determined to beprevailing by the Secretary of Labor inaccordance with the Davis-Bacon Act.The prevailing rates and fringe benefitsdetermined in these decisions shall, inaccordance with the provisions of theforegoing statutes, constitute theminimum wages payable on Federal andfederally assisted construction projectsto laborers and mechanics of thespecified classes engaged on contractwork of the character and in thelocalities described therein.Good cause is hereby found for notutilizing notice and public commentprocedure thereon prior to the issuanceof these determinations as prescribed in5 U.S.C. 553 and not providing for delayin the effective date as prescribed in thatsection, because the necessity to issuecurrent construction industry wagedeterminations frequently and in largevolume causes procedures to beimpractical and contrary to the publicinterest.General wage determinationdecisions, and modifications andsupersedes decisions thereto, contain noexpiration dates and are effective fromtheir date of notice in the
or on the date written noticeis received by the agency, whichever isearlier. These decisions are to be usedin accordance with the provisions of 29CFR Parts 1 and 5. Accordingly, theapplicable decision, together with anymodifications issued, must be made apart of every contract for performance of the described work within thegeographic area indicated as required byan applicable Federal prevailing wagelaw and 29 CFR part 5. The wage ratesand fringe benefits, notice of which ispublished herein, and which arecontained in the Government PrintingOffice (GPO) document entitled‘‘General Wage Determinations IssuedUnder The Davis-Bacon And RelatedActs,’’ shall be the minimum paid bycontractors and subcontractors tolaborers and mechanics.Any person, organization, orgovernmental agency having an interestin the rates determined as prevailing isencouraged to submit wage rate andfringe benefit information forconsideration by the Department.Further information and self-explanatory forms for the purpose of submitting this data may be obtained bywriting to the U.S. Department of Labor,Employment Standards Administration,Wage and Hour Division, Division of Wage Determinations, 200 ConstitutionAvenue, NW., Room S–3014,Washington, DC 20210
Modifications to General WageDetermination Decisions
The number of decisions listed in theGovernment Printing Office documententitled ‘‘General Wage DeterminationsIssued Under the Davis—Bacon AndRelated Acts’’ being modified are listed by Volume and State. Dates of publication in the
Federal Register
arein parentheses following the decisions being modified.
Volume I 
ConnecticutCT000001 (Feb. 11, 2000)CT000003 (Feb. 11, 2000)CT000004 (Feb. 11, 2000)MaineME000005 (Feb. 11, 2000)ME000007 (Feb. 11, 2000)ME000010 (Feb. 11, 2000)ME000019 (Feb. 11, 2000)ME000022 (Feb. 11, 2000)ME000026 (Feb. 11, 2000)ME000037 (Feb. 11, 2000)New JerseyNJ000001 (Feb. 11, 2000)NJ000002 (Feb. 11, 2000)NJ000003 (Feb. 11, 2000)NJ000005 (Feb. 11, 2000)
Volume II 
MarylandMD000009 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000012 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000021 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000026 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000030 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000037 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000039 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000047 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000050 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000053 (Feb. 11, 2000)MD000058 (Feb. 11, 2000)PennsylvaniaPA000007 (Feb. 11, 2000)PA000028 (Feb. 11, 2000)PA000052 (Feb. 11, 2000)PA000054 (Feb. 11, 2000)PA000060 (Feb. 11, 2000)VirginiaVA000003 (Feb. 11, 2000)VA000014 (Feb. 11, 2000)VA000015 (Feb. 11, 2000)VA000048 (Feb. 11, 2000)
Volume III 
AlabamaAL000001 (Feb. 11, 2000)AL000034 (Feb. 11, 2000)FloridaFL000001 (Feb. 11, 2000)FL000017 (Feb. 11, 2000)FL000032 (Feb. 11, 2000)KentuckyKY000001 (Feb. 11, 2000)KY000003 (Feb. 11, 2000)KY000006 (Feb. 11, 2000)KY000007 (Feb. 11, 2000)KY000025 (Feb. 11, 2000)KY000027 (Feb. 11, 2000)KY000029 (Feb. 11, 2000)
Volume IV 
IllinoisIL000001 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000002 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000005 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000006 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000007 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000008 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000009 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000015 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000016 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000021 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000022 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000023 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000024 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000026 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000027 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000029 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000030 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000031 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000032 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000033 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000035 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000037 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000038 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000039 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000040 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000041 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000042 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000043 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000045 (Feb. 11, 2000)IL000046 (Feb. 11, 2000)
VerDate 11<MAY>200016:28 Oct 05, 2000Jkt 194001PO 00000Frm 00061Fmt 4703Sfmt 4703E:\FR\FM\06OCN1.SGMpfrm01PsN: 06OCN1

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