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Watergate Chronology

Watergate Chronology

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Published by Gary Story
Excellent chronology with links concerning Watergate and the people involved.
Excellent chronology with links concerning Watergate and the people involved.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Gary Story on Jul 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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7/3/09 1:06 PMWaltergate ChronologyPage 1 of 9http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/WatergateChronology.htm
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20th March, 1971:Frederick LaRue
attend a meeting of theCommittee toRe-Elect the President (CREEP)
where it was agreed to spend$250,000 "intelligence gathering" operation against theDemocratic Party. 27th June, 1971:Donald Segretti attempts to persuade Alex Shipley to join the espionage campaign against leadingDemocratic Party candidates,Edward KennedyandEdmund Muskie. 7th July, 1971:Charles Colson
andJohn Ehrlichman
appointE. Howard Huntto the White House staff. Hunt later becomes a key figure in the White HouseSpecial Investigations Unit.9th September, 1971:John N. Mitchell
andGordon Liddy
organizes the break-in of a psychiatrist's office to find files onDaniel Ellsberg.24th February, 1972: William Loeb, the owner of the
Manchester Union Leader 
newspaper, publishes an article claiming thatEdmund Muskie
had madederogatory comments about Americans of French-Canadian ancestry (theCanuck Letter).
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Watergate Scandal
Learn more about Mark Felt,Watergate's Deep Throat
7/3/09 1:06 PMWaltergate ChronologyPage 2 of 9http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/WatergateChronology.htm
25th February, 1972: William Loeb publishes an article attacking Muskie's wife.While defending his wife he breaks down in tears and it is believed marks theend of his chances to become the Democratic Party's presidential candidate.20th March, 1972:John N. Mitchell
andJeb Magruder 
discuss the proposalmade byGordon Liddy
to bug the telephone of the chairman of the nationalDemocratic Party,Larry O'Brien. Magruder phonesH. R. Haldeman
and heconfirms thatRichard Nixon
wants the operation carried out.15th April, 1972: William Haddad, sends a letter toJack Anderson
claimingthat agents of CREEP were intending to tap the telephones of Larry O'Brienatthe Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.Anderson ignores the message.8th May, 1972:Gordon LiddyandE. Howard Huntarrange for the "Plumbers Unit" to install bugging equipment in the office at the Democratic NationalCommittee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.15th May, 1972.Arthur Bremer attempts to assassinateGeorge Wallace. It was later claimed byBob Woodward
that an attorney told him thatCharlesColson
orderedE. Howard Hunt
to break into Bremer's apartment to removeincriminating documents. According to Howard Simons of 
The WashingtonPost 
, this could have been the "ultimate dirty trick".28th May, 1972.James W. McCordand his men make their first break-in at the Watergate Hotel.17th June, 1972:Frank Sturgis,Virgilio Gonzalez,Eugenio Martinez,Bernard L. Barker andJames W. McCordare arrested at 2.30 am during a break-in at the Watergate Hotel.19th June, 1972:Richard Helms,Cord Meyer andWilliam Colbymeet to discuss possibleCIAinvolvement in the Watergate break-in.19th June, 1972:Bob Woodwardhas his first meeting withDeep Throat. 20th June, 1972:Richard NixontellsH. R. Haldemanthat the Watergate burglars "are going to need money".21st June, 1972:Gordon Liddy
tellsFrederick LaRue
andRobert Mardian
thatthe Watergate burglars expect to receive money for bail, legal expenses andfamily support. Mardian argues that this request is blackmail and should not bepaid.23rd June, 1972:H. R. Haldemansuggests toRichard HelmsthatRichard Nixonhas information on theCIAinvolvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.25th June, 1972:Alfred Baldwinagrees to cooperate with the government in
7/3/09 1:06 PMWaltergate ChronologyPage 3 of 9http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/WatergateChronology.htm
order to escape going to prison.26th June, 1972:John Dean
meetsVernon Waltersto ask him if theCIAwould provide financial assistance for the Watergate burglars.28th June, 1972:Vernon WalterstellsJohn Deanthat theCIAis unwilling to provide financial assistance for theWatergateburglars. This information ispassed on toJohn N. Mitchell,Frederick LaRue
andRobert Mardian.29th June, 1972:John Dean
meetsHerbert W. Kalmbachand tells him thatH. R. Haldeman,John EhrlichmanandJohn N. Mitchell
want him to raise moneyfor theWatergateburglars. Later that dayMaurice Stansgives Kalmbach $75,000. Of this money, William Bittman receives $25,000.Dorothy Huntasksfor $450,000 and gets the first installment of $40,000.6th July, 1972:Richard Helmsinforms theFBIthat theCIAwill not be damaged by a full investigation into theWatergatebreak-in.19th July, 1972:Frederick LaRue
gives $40,000 toHerbert W. Kalmbach. Hethen takes it to New York and this money is given toAnthony Ulasewicz.22nd July, 1972:
reports thatGordon Liddy
had been sacked byJohnN. Mitchell
because he refused to answer FBIquestions aboutWatergate. 29th July, 1972:Frederick LaRue
gives $30,000 toHerbert W. Kalmbach. Thisis transmitting toAnthony Ulasewicz.1st August , 1972:
The Washington Post 
reports that a $25,000 cashier'scheck intended for the the Committee to Reelect the President (CREEP)
hasbeen found in the bank account of a Watergate burglar.30th August, 1972:Richard Nixonannounces thatJohn Deanhad conducted an investigation into the Watergate affair and found that no-one from the WhiteHouse was involved.15th September, 1972: The first indictments in Watergate are made against:Frank Sturgis,Virgilio Gonzalez,Eugenio Martinez,Bernard L. Barker ,James W. McCord
E. Howard HuntandGordon Liddy. 19th September, 1972:Anthony Ulasewicz
flies to Washington and delivers$53,000 toDorothy Hunt
and $29,000 toFrederick LaRue.29th September, 1972:Bob WoodwardandCarl Bernsteinof the
report thatJohn N. Mitchell, while serving as Attorney-General, controlleda secretRepublican
fund used to finance widespread intelligence-gatheringoperations against theDemocrats(Operation Gemstone
7th October, 1972:Deep Throat
tellsBob Woodward
that the "Canuck Letter"

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