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Pioneer Review, September 26, 2013

Pioneer Review, September 26, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Sep 25, 2013
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ple wanting toget into the sport,“Want to knowand work on yourcar. Know every-thing about yourcar to be betteroff.” He wouldtell parents of po-tential drivers,“It’s a pretty dog-gone good sport. You get to visitwith all sorts of people at the racetrack. You get tosee each othereach week.”He has re-spect for otherdrivers. He toldof one of his alltime greatestraces a few yearsago at BlackHills Speedway.He and ChadHorst had“traded paint” inthe heat race. Inthe champi-onship race, theyran door to dooryet nevertouched eachother. They passed everyoneelse to the last laps. “Last twolaps he was in the lead. I fi-nally cleared him on the whitelap and I got the win,” saidDustin. They had enough mu-tual respect to congratulateeach other after the race.“I refer to my car, me andwho ever wants to come helpas we,” said Dustin. He con-cluded, “Next season we’re just going to put a new bodyon the car and see if we canwin some more champi-onships.”
Includes Tax
End of Day 9/23/13
12 Pro Winter Wheat........$6.09Any Pro..........................$5.7914 Pro Spring Wheat........$6.21Milo....................................$3.45Corn...................................$3.65Millet..................................$6.00SFS Birdseed...................$17.25
Senechal Parkribbon cutting 
Philip, South Dakota 57567Thursday, September 26, 2013www. pioneer-review.com
No. 5, Vol. 108
Area News
The South Dakota Depart-ment of Transportation hasbegun a paving project on High-way 14 approximately fourmiles west of Fort Pierre.The project is one-half mile inlength and includes removingthe existing concrete pavementand repaving this section withasphalt.Traffic will be maintainedthrough the work area withflaggers and a pilot car. Mo-torists can expect delays duringthis time.The overall completion datefor the project is October 11.The prime contractor on this$307,720 project is Morris, Inc.of Pierre.For complete road construc-tion information, visit www.safetravelusa.com or dial 511.
Paving westof Ft. Pierre
by Del Bartels
After 14 yearswith some suc-cess, this seasonsuperstock dirttrack car racerDustin Arthurhas won threechampionships.Dustin, a for-mer Philip resi-dent now livingin Miller, said,“What made mea better driver isI started withsome really badcars and had toherd themaround thetrack. I had badstuff and I had tolearn the drivingand everythingelse. I had onlyme to blame andit makes me bet-ter.”Dustin haswon featureraces at MillerSpeedway andDakota StateFair Speedwayin Huron, andearned top South Dakota super-stock state points. He cleared1,032 points, with the secondplace driver getting around 990.This was done in a new car builtground up from an Arrow chas-sis. Of his many sponsors, threeare Philip based –Hansen FishHatchery, Midwest Co-op andRonald Mann, DDS.All dirt track superstock driv-ers have cars that fit exact spec-ifications, and they must weigha minimum 2,850 pounds atrace’s end. Heat races of six toeight cars go eight laps around acourse that is a half mile orthree-eighths mile. Heat racessimply decide the line up for thefeature race. Then, all cars go 15laps for the championship.Dustin has to decide theshocks, tires and other factorsfor his car depending on thetrack, weather and competitionfor each race. His crew usually ishis father, Greg Arthur, Philip,or his girlfriend, Kristen Roth,Miller. His mother likes watch-ing –it’s safer than him drivinga motorcycle.“We started taking him toraces at Black Hills Speedwaywhen he was little, and I thinkthat’s what go him started,” saidGreg. “He raced motorcycles fora while in Pierre. I always re-member him saying he was thesmallest kid with the biggestbike, but he could ride thewheels off of her.”Then, Dustin got into car rac-ing. Greg said that superstockwas a way to get in there for aslittle amount of investment, butit still goes fast. Greg remem-bers Dustin’s first car, “If hemade it to the end of the race,that was quite an accomplish-ment.”
Arthur’s winning dirt track racing season
A new car, and skills developed while herding worse cars around the track, have helped Dustin Arthur become a South Dakota dirt track car racingchampion this season.
Chaos Photography 
Midland Merchants host Appreciation Day
The annual Midland Merchants’ Appreciation Day –also known as Free Day –Saturday, September 21, beganwith a 5k run/walk/ride fundraiser for the local 4-H club. The booster club served lunch at the fire hall. Thisyear’s parade theme was “Bands.” After the parade, games included a money scramble, blow-up castles, facepainting, water balloon catching and others. The Midland Commercial Club, whose members sponsor the day,served a roast beef supper at the fire hall. Door prizes were distributed in front of the Legion Hall. The day con-cluded with a dance which featuredthe band “Westbound.” Above is theA&A Tire and Repair parade float,with Thomas Doolittle dressed as acaveman, which won the Midland pa-rade’s merchants category.
Courtesy photos
Dacoda Harry happy with her facepainting.The inflatable obstacle course/bounce house/slide were sponsored by theMidland Booster Club.Kids trying to catch water balloons tossed from a telehandler.Midland School Vikings –back row, from left: Cass Finn, Cole Finn, KashBlock and Brian Cushman. Front: Riana Cushman and Brendan Cushman.
As a kid, Dustin admired aracer by the name of Lorin John-son. Now Dustin races againsthim. “I guess my big thing aboutwinning is Lorin Johnson,” saidDustin. “He is up there; best of the best. I still race against himand he’s tougher than ever tobeat. Everybody in the stateknows him.”“I’ve learned a lot over thepast few years,” continuedDustin. “I could drive, but nowthat I have a good car under meit makes a big difference.”Dustin would tell young peo-
8, 9
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The Pioneer Review • P.O. Box 788 • Philip, SD 57567-0788(605) 859-2516 • FAX: (605) 859-2410
Ravellette Publications, Inc.
Letters Policy 
September 26, 2013 • Pioneer Review
Subscription Rates
: For Haakon, Jackson, and Jones counties,Creighton, Wall, Quinn, Marcus, Howes, Plainview, and Hayes ad-dresses: $36.00 per year (+ Tax); Elsewhere: $42.00 per year.
South Dakota residents are required to pay sales tax.
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Pioneer Review,
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website: www.pioneer-review.comEstablished in 1906.
The Pioneer Review, the official newspaper of Haakon County, thetowns of Philip and Midland, and Haakon School District 27-1 is pub-lished weekly by Ravellette Publications, Inc.
Pioneer Review 
office islocated at 221 E. Oak Street in Philip, South Dakota.
Phone: (605) 859-2516; • FAX: (605) 859-2410;
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Del Bartels
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Nancy Haigh
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Beau Ravellette
Lookin’ Around|
Syd Iwan
What state are you in?” I in-quired. My sister, Pat, and herhusband, Gary, were currentlycalling from their car somewhereon the road in the southeast. Theyhemmed and hawed a bit trying tofigure it out and finally Gary said,“We’re in the state of confusion.”This brought a guffaw from myend of the conversation, of course,since Pat and Gary are fairly mo-bile people, and I often have trou-ble figuring out exactly wherethey are at any given time. I wassomewhat in hopes that they atleast knew where they were evenif I didn’t. Eventually they did de-cide that they were currently inKentucky, having just come fromTennessee. They had also recentlybeen in Ohio, a Carolina or two, a Virginia or two etc.The purpose of their trip thistime was for Gary to attend aboard meeting of Child Evangel-ism Fellowship which is an organ-ization that leads Bible schoolsand related activities in varioushomes across the country. This isan international group, and some-times the board meetings are insuch places as Africa. If you getslightly confused about the geog-raphy of the United States, try tofigure Africa. The countries therechange their names at the drop of a hat, and very few are anythinglike you learned them in geogra-phy class.Well, from my understanding,Pat and Gary are currently head-ing back to Ohio where they lefttheir airplane due to poorweather. They had rented a carand driven to the meeting inSouth Carolina since flying wasnot in the cards. From Ohio, theyhope to fly to Warrington, Mis-souri and help at the Child Evan-gelism headquarters there for abit before flying back to SouthDakota. There is some hope I’ll beable to figure out where they arefor a while once they get back toMissouri, but nothing is certain.Maybe, or maybe not. Time willtell.As you know, confusion is fairlycommon with us humans, andmost of us have areas where wearen’t very sure of ourselves. Forinstance, if you ask me if some-thing is east or west, my answeris apt to be fairly reliable. If youinquire about north and south,there is only a fifty-percentchance that I’ll answer correctlyunless I take time to think aboutit. East and west come naturally,but north and south only by con-centration. Similarly, if you arefacing someone and they saysomething is to the left, you maywonder if it’s their left or yours.With some people, spelling is adifficult area. That is not too sur-prising since the English lan-guage has many contradictionsand complications. Take thewords, to, too and two which allsound alike but have differentspellings and meanings. There,their, and they’re aren’t so simpleeither. Just tonight, wife Corinneasked me how to spell “mezzo.” Ithad to do with the Scrabble gameshe was playing on the computer.The word is often used in musicalareas such as with a mezzo-so-prano or mezzo forte so she hopedI might know how to spell it sincemusic is my thing. Well, I had justlaid down for a nap and was abouthalf asleep. I tried to concentrateand finally told her it was spelled“metzo” since that is how it’s pro-nounced. She said that wasn’t inthe dictionary. Okay, try again.Finally it came to me, and I toldher it was spelled mezzo. The sadthing was that she could haveused that word in her game if theprogram would have accepted itby itself without being combinedwith another word such as so-prano, but it wouldn’t. It actuallyis a separate word althoughmaybe in Italian instead of Eng-lish so there you are. Those arethe breaks.Another area that can bogglethe mind is electronic equipment.When you have to trade your oldcell phone for a new one, it’s goingto take awhile to learn how toadapt to the changes. Technologyproceeds so quickly that it’s hardto keep up. The same applies to anew computer. I recently replaceda small laptop computer and hadto spend quite a long time gettingused to where everything was onthe replacement. It had the latestoperating system with which Iwasn’t familiar. Even the word-processing program had been up-dated and “improved” to the pointwhere it was hard to figure out. Igrumbled my way through it, butit took a while.So, confusion is unfortunatelynot uncommon with most of us.We just have to muddle throughpart of the time. Now, though, youknow how to answer the question,“Where are you?” You can justreply, “In a state of confusion.” Itmay not be a definitive answer,but at least it’s truthful.
E-MAIL ADDRESSES:ADS: ads@pioneer-review.com • NEWS: newsdesk@pioneer-review.com
Philip, SDU.S.P.S. 433-780
State of Confusion
has discontinued its 5¢ for school, so pleaseput your milk caps in the soup can at the Philip school or Coyle’sSuperValu as they have to be turned in by October 20.
will meet Monday, Sept. 30, at 6:00p.m. at the senior citizen’s center in Philip. Activities and plans willbe discussed and a soup supper will be served. Everyone is welcome!and enjoy Philip’s latest “green space.”
To have your NON-PROFIT meeting listed here, please sub-mit them by calling: 859-2516, or e-mailing to: ads@pioneer-review. com. We will run your event notice the twoissuespriortoyoureventat no charge.
Country Praises|
Del Bartels
Curse it all! First his watch hadstopped, so he had stayed for onemore drink, thinking he had time.Then another, and another. Lastcall?! He raced out for home. As hestepped on the gas to head out of town, he realized that his cellphone had the time. He fumbledwith it, but the battery was dead.He couldn’t even call with a lameexcuse saying he was on the way.Curse the rain! The blacktopwas slippery and so very dark. Histires must be hydroplaning tomake him swerve so much. But,he sped up; he was already so late.Damn! He skidded clear into thegrassy ditch at the corner to thegravel road. Still moving, hegunned it and got back onto theroad. Those ruts in the mud wouldbe there tomorrow for everyone tosee. The rutted gravel road wasmuddy and slick.What the? Flashers blinked athim from up ahead. A car wasstopped right in the way. What id-iotic fool would be on this gravelroad this time of night in the rain?He hit the brakes, swerving andthrowing wet gravel in all direc-tions. How he stayed between theditches and got stopped in timewas a miracle. The taste of second-hand beer and whiskey made himgrimace.The other car’s interior light sil-houetted an old woman standingoutside of the open driver’s door.The car was almost sideways onthe road. His headlights showedthe other car was tipped forwardon a flat front tire. He finallyfound his door handle, crawled outand held onto his car as he easedalong it, slipping as he made hisway toward the old lady. Blast it,he didn’t recognize her and hewanted so badly to cuss out some-body he knew.The old bat was all a-tither. Heslurred that he would help changeher tire. Her blasted trunk wasstuck, and when it finally flewopen it surprised him and he fellback in the mud. He didn’t care if she heard him or not. Hoistinghimself up against the bumper, henoticed the “68” license plates andcouldn’t place the county.The jack had to be placed on ahand-scooped mound of gravelrocks for stability. When the sparewas put on, he had to feel aroundin the mud to find the lug nuts. Fi-nally done, grimy as a pigwrestler, he said something notvery pleasant to her as he madehis way back to his car. In a sickly,syrupy pleasant voice, she calledback for him to have a blessednight. Yeah, right!The morning sun blindinglyglared through the windshield. Ittook several minutes for him to re-alize that he had fallen asleep inthe driver’s seat. The car wasparked in the middle of a gravelroad. His brain finally registeredthat he was still a few miles fromhome. His keys were missing; no,there they were on his dashboard.He looked down, expecting to seecaked mud, but he was no dirtierthan when he left the bar lastnight. The ache of a hangover wascoming on strong, but he had sleptoff most of the booze. He got out todo some business. There were notire tracks but his own, and theysnaked wickedly all the way backdown the road. Some strange oldlady ... “68” plates?He slowly, carefully continuedhome, thankful that he was stillalive to give a lame excuse.
Cursed night?
Guest Editorial
by Bill Kunkle
One of the things South Dakotais famous for is its honey, thatsweet stuff people have relishedfor thousands of years. Thatsweet, thick fluid produced bybees from the nectar of flowersand sweet clover, and wild flowersas well, is one of four of the bestin the world.Chris and Terry Baldwin of Belvidere, South Dakota, are oneof the most prominant honey pro-ducers in the area. They havebeen in business for 18 years andcall their product “South Beekota,Pure South Dakota Honey,Golden Valley Apiaries, LLC”.They have about 18 hives in fivedifferent West River SouthDakota coutnies.Like many “snowbirds,” thebees move to Texas for the winter.Other things that make SouthDakota sweet is the
 Pioneer Re-view’s
photographs of Philip HighSchool girls, the prose of reporterslike Sonia Nemec, whose longstory in the paper’s September12th edition that brought manymemories for us, for a girl calledKelly, and the sweeping patternsof the prairie.The small towns here are notrelics of a bygone era, rather theyare demonstrations of a differentform of modernity. Philip is acommunity that has transformedinto a landscape for development,investment and commercial gain.The evidence of this is seen everyweek in the
 Pioneer Review.
 Andwhenever I go back, I’m im-pressed by the ties of kinship andfaith.As a photographer, I find peacein a quiet moment anywhere, butconnect with the people and theelemental forces of life in WestRiver South Dakota. In somesmall, laughing way, I am a childagain here.
Prairie Designs Studio
Prairie Designs Floral Studio celebrated the impending fall season with acraft class and a fall open house, September 16-17. There were a varietyof fall and Christmas permanent botanical arrangements, live African vio-lets and orchids, as well as a selection of merchandise. Crafters were in-structed in a hands-on class on how to create their own classic harvestcornucopia to last throughout the season and for many years to come.Treats and visits with friends rounded out the event. Shown is Elke Baxter,owner and operator of the business.
Courtesy photo
The South Dakota Rodeo Asso-ciation wrapped up its season. Year-end standings as of Septem-ber 23 are as follows
Bareback Riding:
1. Chance Englebert,Burdock; 2. Mark Kenyon, Hayti; 3. LonnyLesmeister, Rapid City; 4. Shane O'Connell,Rapid City; 5. Joe Wilson, Long Valley; 6.Ryan Burkinshaw; 7. Stetson Murphy,Rapid City; 8. Andrew Hall, Wagner; 9.Cheyenne Seymour, Gillette, Wyo.; 10.Brody Kronberg, Bison; 11. Levi Collins, HotSprings
Barrel Racing:
1. Shelby Vinson, Wor-thing; 2. Kailee Webb, Isabel; 3. LacyCowan, Highmore; 4. Kaylee Gallino,Wasta; 5. Hallie Fulton, Miller; 6. KristiSteffes, Vale; 7. Wanda Brown, Edgemont;8. Courtney Whitman, Sturgis; 9. KrystalMarone, Isabel; 10. Courtney Birkholtz, Wil-low Lake; 11. Tanya Talsma, Iona; 12. KatieLensegrav, Interior; 13. Melodi Christensen,Kennebec; 14. Colbee Mohr, Timber Lake;15. Brooke Steckelberg, Chamberlain; 16.Carole Hollers, Sturgis; 17. Megan Leddy, Virgil; 18. ReAnn Crane, Whitewood; 19.Debra Bixler, Hitchcock; 20. Lisa Bruley,Willow Lake 
Breakaway Roping:
1. Laura Hunt,Ridgeview; 2. Jenny Belkham, Blunt; 3.Kaylee Nelson, Dickinson, N.D.; 4. JoeyPainter, Buffalo; 5. Jacque Murray, Isabel;6. Syerra Christensen, Kennebec; 7. BaileyPeterson, Parade; 8. Megan Steiger, Mo-bridge; 9. Jana Jasper, St. Charles; 10.Cassy Woodward, Dupree; 11. ElizabethBaker, Box Elder; 12. Webb; 13. Fulton 14.Toree Gunn, Wasta; 15. Trisha Price, Faith;16. Jamie Britton, Buffalo; 17. BrendaWhite, Oelrichs; 18. Hollers; 19. Patty JoBuress, Isabel; 20. Dori Hollenbeck, Winner
Bull Riding
1. Tyson Donovan, Sturgis;2. Taygen Schuelke, Newell; 3. Jared Schae-fer, Leola; 4. Allen Auer, Whitewood; 5. JoeyKoupal, Dante; 6. Ian Jacobs, Faith; 7. ChrisKuemper, Delmont; 8. Clint Nelson, Philip
Calf Roping:
1. Trey Young, Dupree; 2.Troy Wilcox, Red Owl; 3. Colton Musick,Pierre; 4. Treg Schaack, Edgemont; 5. JaceMelvin, Ft. Pierre; 6. Dallas Louden, Martin;7. Matt Peters, Hot Springs; 8. Jamie Wolf,Pierre; 9. Justin Scofield, Volga; 10. RexTreeby, Hecla; 11. Jess Woodward, Dupree;12. Kourt Starr, Dupree; 13. Daine Mc-Nenny, Sturgis; 14. Chad Pelster, BelleFourche; 15. Owen Fagerhaug, Plankinton;16. Calder Johnston, Elm Springs; 17. LeviHapney, Quinn; 18. Carson Musick, Pierre;19. Brent Belkham, Blunt; 20. TravisCowan, Highmore
Goat Tying:
1. Lacey Tech, Fairfax; 2.Marone; 3. Katie Doll, Prairie City; 4. KristiBirkeland, Dupree; 5. Fulton; 6. Katy Miller,Faith; 7. Chelsey Kelly, Dupree; 8. ShaynaMiller, Faith; 9. Tarin Hupp, Huron; 10.Shandel Yordy, Martin; 11. Stacy Doll,Prairie City; 12. Price; 13. Lensegrav; 14.Britton; 14. Lexy Williams, Hettinger, N.D.;15. Courtney Dahlgren, Timber Lake; 16. Abby Jo Eckstaine, Kennebec; 17. Kelsey Arthur, Fairfax; 18. Painter
Mixed Team Roping:
1. Baker; 2. Trina Arneson, Enning; 3. Lorita Nelson, Philip; 4.Brooke Nelson, Philip; 5. White; 6. K. Nel-son; 7. Ashley Price, Faith; 8. S. Chris-tensen; 9. Painter; 10. Lacey Jo March, HotSprings; 11. Hunt; 12. Hanna Brown, Faith13. T. Price,; 14. Jasper; 15. Crane 16.Denise Nelson, Midland; 17. Whitney Knip-pling, Chamberlain; 18. Cassie Foster, Lem-mon; 19. Jolene Loiseau, Colman; 20. AlisaMcGrath, Belle Fourche 
Saddle Bronc Riding:
1. Shorty Gar-rett, Dupree; 2. Wyatt Kammerer, Philip; 3.Travis Schroth, Buffalo Gap; 4. EricGewecke, Red Owl; 5. Kaden Deal, Dupree;6. Ty Kennedy, Philip; 7. Eric Addison, Ca-puta; 8. K.C. Longbrake, Eagle Butte; 9.Lane Stirling, Buffalo; 10; Jay Longbrake,Dupree; 11. Marty Hebb, Cherry Creek; 12.Shadow Jensen, Martin; 13. Kash Deal,Dupree; 14. Kyle Hapney, Harrold; 15. TateLongbrake; 16. Schuelke; 17. Dillon Schroth,Buffalo Gap; 19. Tyrell Bachman, Faith; 19.Seth Longbrake, Howes, 20. Shilo Donner,Morristown 
Sr. Men’s Breakaway:
1. Steve Klein,Sioux Falls; 2. J.B. Lord, Sturgis; 3. ChuckNelson, Hartford; 4. Billy Gallino, Wasta; 5.John Hoven, McLaughlin; 6. Scott Lammers,Hermosa; 7. Terry McPherson, Piedmont; 8.John Dean, Platte; 9. Kirk Ford, Huron; 10.Delbert Cobb, Red Owl; 11. Clifford Tibbs,Ft. Pierre; 12. Bryce Sigman, Sturgis; 13.Lennis Fagerhaug, Wessington Springs; 14.Bob Burke, Sundance, Wyo.; 15. Dana Sip-pel, Pierpont; 16. Tom Williams, Faith; 17.Jerry Sharp, Long Valley; 18. LynnWilliams, Faith; 19. Mike Nelson, Philip; 20.Gary Simon, Timber Lake
Steer Wrestling:
1. J. Lord; 2. SamOlson, Buffalo; 3. Clint Nelson; 4. CaseyOlson, Prairie City; 5. Jerod Schwarting,White River; 6. L. Hapney, 7. Tom Hunt,Eagle Butte; 8. Wilcox; 9. J. Melvin; 10. E.Lord; 11. Wyatt Schaack, Wall; 12. TateCowan, Ft. Pierre; 13. Mike Wiedman, St.Charles; 14. Johnston; 15. Tye Hale, Faith;16. J.D. Johnson, Dupree; 17. BlakeWilliams, Piedmont; 18. J.J. Hunt,Ridgeview; 19. Evan Thyberg, Hartford; 20.Dean Moncur, Sturgis 
Team Penning:
1. Tom Varilek, Geddes/Klein/Mick Varilek, Geddes; 2. ClintonOlinger, Plankinton/Katie Anderson, Plank-inton/Randall Olson, Harrisburg; 3. RobertDevitt, Harrisburg/Jamie Kuiper, Canton/Gerald Sorenson, Canton; 4. Gary Garbe/Morgan Tebay/Rick Tebay, all of Alpena; 5.Sara Teeslink, Kimball/Doni Zeller, Forest-burg; 6. Terry Trower, Dell Rapids/Joe Skib-inski, Sioux Falls/Chuck Nelson; 7. BartBlum, Reliance/Mary Pat Fawcett, Colome;8. Jason Friz, Sissteton; 9. Chad Herrboldt,Sisseton; 10. Collin Borgmann/LindsayBorg-mann/Paul Borgmann, all of WhiteLake; 11. Steve Deschepper,Chancellor/Elizabeth Reurink, Lennox/JayReurink, Lennox; 12. Harold Fischer/DanaNelson/Michelle Johnson, all of Vermillion;13. Warren Kiehn, Chamberlain; 14. TomJones, Viborg/Terry McCutcheon, Brook-ings/Dean; 15. Carson Olinger, Plankinton;16. Ronald South, Jr., Wessington Springs;17. Nick Coulter, Montrose/Larry Fossum,Hartford/Dani Miller, Montrose; 18. SuzetteFanning, Elk Point
Team Roping - Header:
1. E. Lord; 2.Tucker Dale, Timber Lake; 3. Tyrell Moody;4. J. Lord; 5. Colton Musick; 6. L. Hapney;7. Wilcox; 8. Devin McGrath; 9. Clay Edgar,Oral; 10. McPherson; 11. Jared Odens,Letcher; 12. Jake Nelson, Creighton; 13. R.Treeby; 14. Kevin Schmidt, Box Elder; 15.Jr. Dees, Aurora; 16. Connor McNenny; 17.Shaun Ruland, Wall; 18. Brett Wilcox; 19.Scott White, Oelrcihs; 20 Jensen
Team Roping - Heeler:
1. Jade Nelson,Midland; 2. Rory Brown, Edgemont; 3. L.Lord; 4. Paul Griemsmann, Piedmont; 5.Carson Musick; 6. Dalton Richter, Quinn; 7.Melvin Arneson, Enning; 8. M. Peters; 9.Billy Myers, St. Onge; 10. Emit Valnes,Eden; 11. Jeff Nelson, Philip; 12. Jesse Dale,Timber Lake; 13. Jade Schmidt, Box Elder;14. Matt Zancanella, Aurora; 15. D. Mc-Nenny; 16. Clint Cobb, Red Owl; 17. EliotHight, White River; 18. Dustin Schaefer,South Shore; 19. L. Williams, Faith; 20.Cash Hetzel, Lemmon 
Men’s All-Around:
1. J. Lord; 2. E. Lord;3. T. Wilcox; 4. Klein; 5. Colton Musick; 6. L.Hapney; 7. J. Melvin; 8. Peters; 9. CarsonMusick; 10. Chuck Nelson; 11. McPherson;12. Gallino; 13. Treeby; 14. Schuelke; 15.Clint Nelson; 16. Wilson; 17. D. McNenny;18. Johnston; 19. Dean 20. Wiedman
Women’s All-Around:
1. Webb; 2.Baker; 3. Fulton; 4. L. Hunt; 5. Painter; 6.
 S.D. Rodeo Association year-end standings
K. Nelson; 7. S. Christensen 8. Marone; 9.Jasper; 10. Peterson; 11. B. White; 12. T.Price; 13. K. Doll; 14. Woodward; 15. H.Brown; 16. B. Nelson; 17. K. Miller; 18.Lensegrav 19. Hollers; 20. Hollenbeck 
Mens Rookie:
1. T. Schaack; 2. TateCowan,; 3. Jensen; 4. W. Schaack; 5. Mur-phy; 6. J. Schmidt; 7. Dees; 8. C. McNenny;9. Kash Deal; 10. Jacobs; 11. Jason Hapney,Harrold; 12. Thyberg; 13. Cash Hetzel; 13.Colby Hetzel, Lemmon; 14. Skibinski; 15.Bachman; 16. Ty Ollerich, Hartford; 17.Hoyt Kraeger, Miller; 18. Tucker McDaniel,Midland; 19. Kuemper 
 Womens Rookie:
1. Vinson ; 2. K.Miller; 3. Lensegrav; 4. Anderson; 5. S.Miller; 6. Birkholtz; 7. Tanya Talsma, Iona;8. Jill Jandreau, Kimball; 9. Katie Jo Mor-gan, Valentine, Neb.; 10. Brooke Steckel-berg, Chamberlain; 11. Teeslink; 12. Foster;13. Molly Winckler, Brandon; 14. LexyWilliams; 15. E. Reurink; 16. Tana Bonnet,Rapid City; 17. S. Doll; 18. Brandy JoMarch, Hot Springs; 19. Dahlgren 20. Whit-ney Sprunk, Hermosa
The SDRA Finals are slated forOctober 18-20 in Rapid City at theJames Kjerstad Event Center.
Doing Things Right
While recently conducting sun-flower surveys quite a distancefrom my office, I stopped in afarmyard to ask where I mightfind sunflower fields in the area.The farmer/rancher was veryhelpful and asked if I would lethim know what I came up withfor a yield estimate as he had agood percentage of them con-tracted.As we visited, the topic of pri-vate crop consultants came upand he highly complimented theagronomist who monitored hisfields on a weekly basis and pro-vided recommendations. He madethe statement that his wheatyields had doubled since he hadhired his crop consultant. He hadpurchased a newer model rowcrop planter for that season andwas confident that his seed place-ment and spacing was greatly im-proved.He also relayed a couple of rec-ommendations that he had re-fused to follow during the droughtof 2012, because he thought hiscrop had such low yield potentialand he resisted putting any moremoney into a crop that he had lit-tle hopes for.At harvest time, the weeds hehad received the recommendationto spray were in the best area of the field, but the yield in that partof the field was the lowest, and hewas sure it was due to the weedshe hadn’t sprayed. In a nutshell,this producer said that without adoubt, the money he pays for cropconsulting is well worth it. As hiswife said, “if you’re not going to dowhat they recommend, why didyou hire them?”This is a tremendous testa-ment to the crop consulting firmand the agronomists they have onstaff, as well as evidence that fol-lowing good production practicespays off. This is also a testamentto South Dakota State University,where his agronomist received hiscollege education.Hiring crop consulting servicesis not for every farmer, but doesseem to be becoming more com-mon. As farms become larger, sodo the demands on the farm man-agers’ time and expertise. Thereseems to be an endless array of weeds, herbicide options, insectpests, diseases, fertilizer prod-ucts, production practices andother things a farm managerneeds to know in order to stay ontop of their game.Some farmers are very good atkeeping up with the latest infor-mation and feel comfortablescouting fields and making deci-sions, while others prefer to hiresomeone to do this for them.Whether you hire your agronomyservices or prefer to go on yourown, stay informed by attendingthat chemical, seed or Extensionmeeting that’s offered. You’ll al-most certainly learn somethingyou can use. Even if you hire acrop consultant, being informedhelps you ask intelligent ques-tions. The bottom line; doingthings right can pay big divi-dends.
10/8/2013 – Drought Risk Man-agement Workshop, 9:00 amMDT, The Nature Conservancy’sWhitney Preserve, Hot Springs10/9/2013 – Drought Risk Man-agement Workshop, 9:00 amMDT, SDSU Extension Center,Lemmon10/10/2013 – Drought RiskManagement Workshop, 9:00 amCDT, Lucy’s, Gettysburg10/11/2013 – Drought RiskManagement Workshop, 9:00 amCDT, SDSU Extension Center,Winner
Bob Fanning. Field SpecialistWinner Regional Extension Center
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Rural Livin’
September 26, 2013 • Pioneer Review
Thursday:Partly cloudy. Highof 75F. Winds from the WNWat 5 to 10 mph. Chance ofrain 20%. Thursday Night:Mostly cloudy with thunder-storms and a chance of rain. Low of 45F.Winds from the North at 10 to 15 mph.Friday:Overcast in themorning, then mostlycloudy. High of 63F.Winds from the North at10 to 15 mph. FridayNight:Overcast. Low of 41F. Windsfrom the NNW at 10 to 15 mph.Saturday:Overcast in themorning, then partlycloudy. High of 70F.Winds from the NW at10 to 15 mph. SaturdayNight:Clear. Low of 39F. Winds fromthe WSW at 5 to 15 mph.Sunday: Clear. Highof 79F. Windsfrom the West at10 to 15 mph.Sunday Night:Clear. Low of 46F. Winds fromthe WSW at 5 to 10 mph.Monday:Clear. Highof 86F. Windsfrom the West at 5to 10 mph. Mon-day Night:Clear.Low of 41F. Winds from theWNW at 5 to 10 mph.Tuesday:Clear.High of 81F.Winds from theNW at 5 to 10mph. TuesdayNight:Clear. Low of 43F.Winds less than 5 mph.
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The South Dakota Timed Event Youth Rodeo Championships wereheld Saturday and Sunday, Au-gust 31 and September 1, at theSouth Dakota State Fair.Taylor Engesser; Spearfish; won All-Around Champion with 57points and Horse of the Champi-onship. Reserve All-AroundChampion was Carlee Johnston;Elm Springs. with 45 points.
First Go
: 1. Reis Bruley 2.74; 2.Katie Lensegrav 2.78; 3. Reece Wientjes3.01; 4. Courtney Dahlgren 3.24; 5. JD Kir-wan 3.33; 6. Rylee Jo Rutten 3.53; 7. BaileyTibbs 3.69; 8. Sterling Gehrke 3.70; 9. Wy-atte Andersen 4.02; 10. Karlee Peterson4.23.
Steer Wrestling
- (First Go) - 1st- EvanThyberg 4.35; 2. Wyatt Schaack 4.45; 3.Blake Williams 4.62; 4. Jake Fulton 4.85; 5.Eli Lord 5.35; 6. Wyatt Fulton 5.65; 7.Nolan Richie 6.30; 8. Teil Glaus 6.55; 9.Brady Wakefield 7.83; 10. Caden Packer8.29. 
Barrel Racing
: 1. Taylor Engesser15.22; 2. Remi Wientjes 15.63; 3. KatieLensegrav 15.77; 4. Kristi Steffes 15.86; 5.Brandi Jo Cwach 15.89; 6. Shayla Taton15.96; 7. Carlee Johnston 15.97; 8. MorganJansich 16.01; 9. Allie Simons 16.02; 10.Courtney Birkholtz 16.14. 
Calf Roping
: 1. Eli Lord 12.49; 2. NolanRichie 12.58; 3. Jake Fulton 13.19; 4. LaneBlasius 13.24; 5. Prestyn Novak 13.79; 6.Wyatt Fulton 13.96; 7. Caden Packer 13.97;8. Wyatt Schaack 14.91; 9. Sterling Gehrke15.38; 10. Carson Johnston 15.66. 
Goat Tying
: 1. Carlee Johnston 7.32; 2.Taylor Engesser 7.58; 3. Tawny Barry 7.77;4. Becca Lythgoe 7.87; 5. Kaycee Monnens7.88; 6. Karlee Peterson 7.92; 7. Tarin Hupp8.14; 8. Kristi Steffes 8.23; 9. Tracy Ellig8.27; 10. Sidney Carey 8.43. 
Team Roping
: 1. Brady Wakefield; Seth Andersen 6.90; 2. Rylee Jo Rutten; ReidRutten 8.36; 3. Brock Belkham; KoleLatham 8.92; 4. Kaitlyn Latham; Reis Bru-ley 8.93; 5. Reece Wientjes; Nolan Richie12.57; 6. Connor McNenny; Prestyn Novak15.47; 7. Ethan Parr; JR Dees 16.03; 8.Cheyenne Severson; Moriah Glaus 16.87; 9.Lane Blasius; Carson Johnston 19.58; 10.Kassi McPherson; Brandy Jo March 21.08
Second Go
: 1. Tate Thompson 2.23; 2.Rylee Jo Rutten 2.84; 3. Kole Latham 2.89;4. Moriah Glaus 2.92; 5. Kassi McPherson2.93; 6. Kaitlyn Latham 3.11; 7. Braden Pir-rung 3.13; 8. Taylor Engesser 3.29; 9. AllieSimons 3.54; 10. Cameron Fanning 3.83 
Steer Wrestling
: 1. Carson Johnston4.75; 2. Eli Lord 4.82; 3. Prestyn Novak4.89; 4. Wyatt Schaack 5.22; 5. Wyatt Ful-ton 5.61; 6. Jake Fulton 5.71; 7. Connor Mc-Nenny 6.93; 8. Teil Glaus 6.98; 9. SeanMcPadden 7.44; 10. Cameron Fanning 7.50. 
Barrel Racing
: 1. Taylor Engesser15.08; 2. Courtney Birkholtz 15.56; 3. CassyWoodward 15.89; 4. Shayla Taton 15.931; 5.Carlee Johnston 15.935; 6. Bailey Moody15.97; 7. Katie Lensegrav 16.00; 8. MoriahGlaus 16.12; 9. Savanna Glaus 16.195; 10.Josie Blasius 16.198. 
Calf Roping
: 1. Seth Andersen 9.51; 2.Evan Thyberg 10.62; 3. Sean McPadden10.69; 4. Logan Christensen 10.71; 5. MattNelson 10.77; 6. Wyatt Schaack 10.99; 7.Sterling Gehrke 11.31; 8. Braeden Edleman12.49; 9. Brady Wakefield 12.68; 10. TeilGlaus 13.26. 
Goat Tying
: 1. Tawny Barry 7.00; 2.Carlee Johnston 7.43; 3. Karlee Peterson7.53; 4. Taylor Engesser 7.56; 5. Brandi JoCwach 7.60; 6. Kaycee Monnens 7.85; 7.Tracy Ellig 8.07; 8. Bailey Moody 8.17; 9.Becca Lythgoe 8.36; 10. Kristi Steffes 8.43. 
Team Roping
: 1. Grady Egly; JD Kir-wan 6.78; 2. Brock Belkham; Kole Latham7.92; 3. Bree Albers; Evan Thyberg 9.03; 4.Bailey Tibbs; Logan Christensen 9.80; 5.Ethan Parr; JR Dees 13.24; 6. Lee Sivert-sen; Landon Sivertsen 18.87; 7. Lake Oien;Brant Rusche 21.92; 8. MichaelBohnenkamp; Dusty Gorder 23.34; 9. JaceyHupp; Kaycee Monnens 23.75; 10. ReeceWientjes; Nolan Richie 24.94.
: 1. Rylee Jo Rutten 6.37; 2.Courtney Dahlgren 7.35; 3. Savana John-ston 8.37; 4. Wade Monnens 8.51; 5. KoleLatham 9.27; 6. Tracy Ellig 9.44; 7. JosieBlasius 9.64; 8. Sidney Carey 10.77; 9. Dal-ton Fischer 10.89; 10 Ethan Parr 11.18. 
Steer Wrestling
: 1. Wyatt Schaack9.67; 2. Eli Lord 10.17; 3. Jake Fulton 10.56;4. Wyatt Fulton 11.26; 5. Teil Glaus 13.53;6. Prestyn Novak 17.20; 7. Connor Mc-Nenny 17.95; 8. Cameron Fanning 20.12; 9.Evan Thyberg 20.59; 10. Caden Packer22.63 
Barrel Racing
: 1. Taylor Engesser30.30; 2. Courtney Birkholtz 31.70; 3. KatieLensegrav 31.78; 4. Shayla Taton 31.89; 5.Carlee Johnston 31.91; 6. Kristi Steffes32.06; 7. Cassy Woodward 32.25; 8. MorganJansich 32.36; 9. Allie Simons 32.391; 10.Moriah Glaus 32.396. 
Calf Roping
: 1. Wyatt Schaack 25.90; 2.Sterling Gehrke 26.69; 3. Matt Nelson28.50; 4. Caden Packer 29.34; 5. CarsonJohnston 30.03; 6. Cody Packer 30.16; 7.Connor McNenny 32.35; 8. Nolan Richie33.13; 9. Reece Wientjes 33.55; 10. LoganChristensen 34.96. 
Goat Tying
: 1. Carlee Johnston 14.75;2. Tawny Barry 14.77; 3. Taylor Engesser15.14; 4. Karlee Peterson 15.45; 5. KayceeMonnens 15.72; 6. Brandi Jo Cwach 16.11;7. Becca Lythgoe 16.23; 8. Tracy Ellig 16.34;9. Tarin Hupp 16.61; 10. Kristi Steffes16.66. 
Team Roping
: 1. Brock Belkham; KoleLatham 16.84; 2. Ethan Parr; JR Dees29.27; 3. Bree Albers; Evan Thyberg 32.28;4. Brady Wakefield; Seth Andersen 33.33;5. Reece Wientjes; Nolan Richie 37.51; 6.Lee Siversten; Landon Sivertsen 40.16; 7.Connor McNenny; Prestyn Novak 44.05; 8.Teil Glaus; Savanna Glaus 48.65; 9. KassiMcPherson; Brandy Jo March 54.75; 10.Brandi Jo Cwach; Cy Christensen 57.83.
 S.D. timed events youthrodeo championship results
Winners of 2013, from left, Carlee Johnston, Kole Latham, Taylor Engesser, Brock Belkham, Rylee Jo Rutten andWyatt Schaack.
Del Bartels
Range Day in the Badlands
The Philip seventh grade students participated in the annual Range Day in the Badlands. Kim Bouman, their scienceinstructor, and Shelia Trask, with the Haakon County Conservation District, chaperoned the students. The day’sactivities, sponsored by the Jackson County Conservation District, were held on the Gene Williams ranch near In-terior. Williams’ ranch has been used for the past eight to 10 years because he is active in the JCCD and wantedthe kids to learn about the land. Students learned about soil content, what makes sinkholes, where the rocks orig-inated from, plants native to that area, the amount of grazing grass needed by one cow, animals located aroundthere, and fossils of other animals from years before. Shown, back row, from left are Wynn Schaack, Cylver Lurz,Cappie West, Morgan Cantrell, Sam Fillingim, Carson Hamill, Brice Hanson and Wade Kroetch. Middle row:Khalen Martin, Jewel Jones, Kari Kanable, Kelsey Hand, Brittney Park, Jasmine Ferguson, Aitanna Nadala andBrandon McLaughlin. Front: Sage Gabriel, Pedro Dennis, Kaitlyn Fosheim, Lane Williams, John Daly, Lane Kochers-berger and Corbin Kramer.
Courtesy photo
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